Sport wedding

Each pair of newlyweds want to stand out andchoose a style of wedding celebration, which has not yet been used. And this is possible. In a world of so many beautiful things that can be a source of inspiration. For example, a love for the sport of the future spouses and the ball as her character - a great clue to organize the wedding day. Can you imagine what this sport is the wedding? This topic has not yet been beaten, you can come up with many interesting things, and do not have to be limited to banal ceremony at the registry office. Do not think that a celebration will be held in tracksuits.

The images of the bride and groom

Beautiful white dress with a train and a veil, darkcostume with butterfly - the main components in a sports-style wedding. Drop the idea of ​​an old tracksuit, sneakers, even the stadium come smartly dressed people. Choose which sport is basic for the event - tennis, football, hockey, basketball, swimming or jogging. Write a list of accessories that are inherent in each of these styles of sport, they need to plan a wedding.

Photo session on the football field

Having defined the sport, consider whetherto maintain this trend in clothing. If so, as a shoe, select shoes, sneakers. Future husband put butterfly with painted balls, and garnish with a little boutonniere sports accessories. Accessories, dresses will be on the eyes become completely different garments, if you approach them creatively decorating.

If the bride wants to distinguish himself - it can alsoto put on shoes or prepare them as removable shoes for a photo shoot. It is desirable to intersperse outfits specific colors. For example, you can use white, black and green color of the ball for a wedding in the style of football - the lawn. When choosing a water sport, the main shades are blue, blue, white.

The dress code for the guests

Invited to the wedding of sports subjects maydoes not support your ideas and make them shoe shoes do not need to. But the team favorite, expensive girlfriends, friends, still have to wear a specific dress code. Girls can pick up a colorful high sport shoes with laces and short dresses, and for friends of the groom buy the same shoes in combination with narrowed shorts to the knees.

Sport wedding at the stadium

As a supplement to the chosen dress codepick up the appropriate accessories: rackets, balls, flags. You can make or buy special paper mustache, smiles, hearts on wooden sticks for a photo shoot, to then be happy to review photos from your sports celebration. The evening will be possible for any dress code as sports themes for weddings are not beaten.

Ideas Your wedding in the sports category

Decorate the room, prepare wedding gifts,boarding cards and action plans - all of these tasks should be included in the wedding checklist and premeditated bride or the organizer. It should be written in the script of sports wedding. For room decorations you need design paper non-classical style, accessories and related material. Consider the design ideas wedding details.

Decorating banquet hall

A place for the bride and groom to decoratespecial. It can be bright sports balls of different sizes and shapes on the glowing box, a medal for achievements or trophies. You can select and standard version - the flowers, but then decorate the interior of specific accessories. Use the balloons, matching design with a color palette of the event. You can use the bike if it is suitable for the subject.

In the hall, place big inflatable balls thatwill play the role of decoration and entertainment for guests. If you choose a sport - golf, decorate room mini-complexes with sticks. Use a prepared list of thematic accessories to choose the desired attributes of the holiday and make a special color in the decoration of the hall. Please note that guests have come to have fun, and this problem needs to be implemented even in the design.

Making table and hall

The decor festive table

In all the festive table should be plantingCard made as the ball or other sports accessory. seating plan guests may take the form of a football, or another field in which guests - players or participants and lead - referees. Be sure to make a floral-and sports composition on each guest table. Use your imagination to the maximum, in considering the design of the wedding cake, which will be the center of attention at a gala banquet.

As gifts can makestylized cookies with inscriptions and pack it in single sachets. This may be a standard candy boxes, but decorate their unusual sports accessories. Every detail festive table decoration must reflect the spirit of sport, healthy lifestyle and strength. Give guests a jar with a soft drink with the inscription of the wedding. This gift sure anyone has not yet been used.

Accessories for the wedding in the sports category

Accessories for wedding celebration will dependof sport that you make a major at the festival. Let only your bride wishes to be taken into account here. Do everything in its sole discretion, will tell how the soul and imagination. Any accessory can become a furore in the evening. Here are some options for attributes in connection with the chosen sport:

  1. Basketball. Arrange a photo session in the gym with the corresponding balls. To make the celebration a lot of basketball zagotovte inflatable accessories, sneakers, mini-ring mesh.
  2. Tennis. Small balls are a great addition to the holiday table decoration. Rackets purchase is necessary, not only for themselves but also for the guests (at least for the bridesmaids and friends). Be sure to consider the option a photo shoot on the court.
  3. Football. Great stadium with plenty of seats would be the ideal choice not only for the wedding ceremony. For the photo shoot and walk here will also be the place. Prepare for shooting socks, balls, whistles, cups.
  4. Golf. Balls with such topics will be the perfect wedding table decoration, and clubs can replace a bouquet of flowers in front of guests. Wedding on a green field with a freshly cut lawn will look great. Especially if many guests support this style, and come in a black dress with butterflies. Optional accessories to this sports wedding celebration could be beverage cans for the bride and groom.
  5. Swimming. Pool - a very unpopular idea for a wedding, few dare to plunge. But for the most risky couples honeymooners it can be a godsend. Accessories for this wedding will be swimming suits, beach balls, circles. On the table can accommodate small aquariums simulating pool.

Every bride wants to be in a beautiful weddingdress. If you select a sporty style, the classic outfit can add shaded by graceful bow (for example, blue or green) buttons. The bride is wearing a suit with a butterfly of the same material. When planning a celebration couple should independently determine exactly what will be in their images and what better accessory to use.

Photoshoot in sports style wedding

Video: wedding photo shoot sports in the stadium

If you are not yet completely inspired by thisdestination for celebration, watch the video below. Its main characters - the couple chose a sports theme for a wedding and did a photo session at the stadium. All guests have supported this idea. Although much of the dress code was not there, but a commitment to a healthier lifestyle - on the face. Get inspired, perhaps, such an idea for a wedding like you more than others.