Mafia-style Wedding

Prefer extraordinary wedding celebration? Gambling mood, extreme entertainment, hot atmosphere of the 30s you will provide a wedding in the style of the mafia. Strict laws Italian clans fight for a place under the sun, luxury beauty and imposing men Mafiosi pouring sounds of jazz - the success of gangster holiday is guaranteed! Organization of thematic ceremony will take time, but rest assured - your efforts are not wasted, and the participants of this action will be a long time to think about a chic wedding event.

How to organize a wedding in a mafia-style

The process of preparation of any themed wedding begins with the development of an elaborate plan. Try to consider all the details:

  • Choose a place of celebration. Italian wedding decided to celebrate outdoors. If the celebration takes place in the warmer months, organize an event in a rented farmhouse and restaurant with outdoor areas and terraces. Unusually arrange clan mafia-style wedding in a casino - a favorite institution gangsters 30s.

The style of the Italian mafia - whiskey, cigars, guns
  • Think about the future decoration of the banquet hall, casino. The emphasis for the mafia-style wedding to be done in three basic colors: white, black and red. Prepare the necessary accessories to decorate the room:
  • Wedding balloons;
  • quaker guns;
  • cases of money (type in printing banknotes with photos newlyweds that the groom will pay upon redemption of the bride);
  • deck of playing cards, casino chips would bright attribute style wedding;
  • cigars for lords mafia clans, which will emphasize the important status of the festival hosts and their guests;
  • mouthpieces for cigarette chic girls who create exquisite image of the fatal beauty.
  • Warn your guests in advance about the mafia-style forwedding. Send invitation, pointing to one feature: a dress code for all without exception. Striped three-piece suits for men, elegant dresses of flowing fabrics for women in the spirit of "Cabaret," hats, boas underlined adventurism, recklessness and thirst for luxury living distant 30s of XX century.
  • Retro cars for a wedding in a mafia-style
    • Make your choice for a wedding car. If the financial capacity allows, order in multiples of vintage cars. They will become a bright accent of style, help recreate the atmosphere of the life of mafia clans.
    • A professional photographer will capture the vicissitudes of the "union of two mafia clans" in the photo and video camera.
    • Menu banquet table at a wedding should besustained in the Italian style - pasta, olives, cheese, meat, alcoholic beverages - guests must be fed and satisfied, because the mafia godfathers do not save for happiness favorite daughters.
    • Think about wedding music accompaniment. Invite your "fruity Johnny Fontaine", corresponding to the style of the famous "Godfather". Jazz, light songs à la Cabaret will be the perfect backdrop for the mafia style. Teach with your favorite jazz dance, which will replace the traditional waltz young. Help parents learn how to dance the blues - a slow melody is perfect for wedding dance with the bride's father.
    • It remains the most important thing - to think and to choose the perfect image for the newlyweds at the wedding mafia style.

    The image of the bride and groom

    Choose harmonious images for the newlywedswedding in the spirit of the Mafia to help a couple of movies on relevant topics. Wedding dress style of bride 30s of the twentieth century, three-piece suit for the groom, hat with a turned-fields - indispensable attributes of a holiday. If the future spouse remains the standard outfit, the wedding on the selected scenario may change the wedding attire of the bride. Decide what topics mafia-style do you prefer:

    Wedding dress for bride in a mafia-style
    • Marriage of daughter of the head of the Mafia clan. If you prefer to be a "daughter of Don", the harsh rules of the Italian education oblige girls marry in a wedding dress "decent" cut. Select the model of vintage style with closed back, ruffles, as befits a humble, pious and most beloved daughter of an influential person.
    • Marriage "fighting friend" gangster. Sheath brilliant dress, bandage on his forehead with feathers and jewels, bright makeup and a ladies' gun accentuate the style and image of a bold, resolute companion.
    • Wedding Mafia leader, and pop singer. Graceful curls, laid stylish hairstyle, expensive lingerie, gold charm and expensive furs, silk, flowing through the body - all this will turn you into a star of the scene, of which he lost his head the head of the clan.
    • The solemn wedding ceremony was beautifulladies and one of the representatives of the Mafia. The golden dress with a fringed hairstyle a la Cabaret, well-chosen decorations help perevoplotitsyana wedding in luxury beauty 30s.

    Bride representatives mafia clan

    Retro images for brides

    Choosing outfits for the wedding mafia style, payattention to the vintage models. The abundance of silk, beads and rhinestones decoration typical for the time. Styles of dress preferred to choose those that emphasize the curves of the charming figures of the bride. Long skinny or short with ruffles and fringe, wedding dresses bride assume no veil and replace it with a bandage décor. Actually it looks like a little hat with a veil, attached to the carefully stacked curls her hair.

    Wedding Suit mafia style for the groom and guests

    Classic striped tuxedo, whiteshirt, vest - the traditional style of a representative of the Italian Mafia. Do not forget to purchase a wedding suspenders gangster style for the groom. A striking accessory attire representative mafia clan will hat and holster with sham weapon. Neat black butterfly, white handkerchief in the breast pocket put a stylish point when you create a wedding image fearless mafia.

    For the wedding the bride can photoshootprepare pantsuit mafia style: classic jacket, tight trousers made of cloth in a thin strip and a hat, which is an essential feature of gangsters. Pay special attention to shoes - white and black shoes (both male and female) will emphasize the selected theme wedding. The contrast of black and white clothing Suite will create the desired flavor. Long gloves to the elbow, the mouthpiece, cigars and mandatory arms put an elegant point, forming a neat way of wedding the newlyweds.

    The dress code for the guests

    Warn guests about the wedding celebration stylemandatory dress code. If young people likely to support your idea, then the older generation can be difficult. Offer to help in the selection of evening dresses for women, because men find it easier to pick up clothes - pants with a white shirt, jacket, hat and suspenders - the basic elements of the "right" costume.

    Dresses for wedding invitation style mafia

    Guests at a wedding in the style of the Italian mafia

    The dresses for women and girls invited towedding, the predominant tone will be gold, silver, black and white colors. If relatives argue waiver of compliance with the proposed dress code, prepare in advance for moms, grandmothers accessories appropriate style: bright ornaments, headbands, hair clips decorated with feathers, boas, capes and hand before the wedding ceremony in a gangster style. Charge the future wife "stock up" weapons for members of the mafia.

    Making a wedding in the style of the Italian mafia

    Armed protection for the head of a mafia clan,ceremony of "transfer from hand to hand" beloved daughter will be a bright wedding event. People with arms on the retro cars, famously travels through the streets of the city, witnesses impress action. When making use of the banquet hall scraps of old newspapers with articles about the gangster disassembly. Hang photos honeymooners, families, stylized times rampant mafia, with the words "Wanted." Vintage phones, boxes of cigars, "forbidden" alcohol on the table will be a bright accent wedding.

    Making a banquet hall in the mafia-style

    Complimentary for guests

    For invitations to the wedding in style Mafia suit:

    • Elegant card decorated with golddesigns and monograms. The history of the Italian mafia has more than one hundred years, so the claim of gentility, style and high taste of ancient clans are well founded.
    • Invitation in the form of a deck of cards, where the part of the shirt has pictures of newlyweds, will remind guests of the era of gambling and casinos.
    • Newspaper articles invitation vintage directions with the "reunification of the warring clans of the Mafia," an intriguing inscription will bring elements of daring and adventure in the style of the wedding.
    • Invitations cigar-love emphasized by certain representatives of the mafia clan in sophistication.

    Decor for a wedding invitation style mafia

    Invitations are decorated in the style of the mafia

    The decor of the banquet hall

    Consider that the traditional decoration of the Airballs room for wedding style mafia - not your option? Dispel all doubts: the combination of red, white and black balls, give the necessary darkened room surroundings, and the "ball" retro car for gangsters will be the highlight of the decor. Stylish, unusual decorate the stage, creating a "shadow theater": on a white background looks elegant black groom figures with the bride dressed gangsters, preferably with arms in their hands.

    Decoration of the wedding banquet hall in the mafia-style

    Banquet hall, decorated in the style of a mafia

    Decoration of banquet tables

    The abundance of expensive china, crystalglasses, inlaid with gold, instruments of precious metals give shade catchy celebration chic, style and a touch of wealth. White-black decor wedding tables, soft lighting fixtures, decorated with feathers, dipped young and guests in an atmosphere of luxury. A wide choice of alcoholic beverages; banknotes, cards, catchy headlines yellowed newspaper on the table underline the mafia-style holiday atmosphere.

    Decor table for a wedding in the style of the Sicilian Mafia

    Table decoration for thematic celebrations

    A wedding cake

    Multilevel sweet products in the style of the mafia will"Highlight" of the sweet table. Like cake decor element is present all the same colors of red, black and white colors. Gangster hat, air boa feathers contrast with white tiered dessert, red roses and ribbons. An interesting decoration will figure Suite Mafia with arms aimed at each other. As decoration, special attention should denominations of money from the mastic, if not the bag with the money in the form of a cake.

    Cakes for weddings in the style of the mafia

    gangster cakes

    The original cakes for a wedding in the style of the Italian mafia

    Video: conducting the wedding in the style of the mafia

    How to organize a wedding in the newly-wedsextravagant style of the Italian mafia? Bright makeup bride, sexy beauty 30s of the last century, the groom's suit and chic ... lots and lots of money and weapons. Dizzying chases, abduction of a bride with an unpredictable outcome, expensive cars, shooting and a happy ending will be the basis for the celebration in the spirit of gang wars. Light jazz melody will be the perfect backdrop. Learn bright ideas, unexpected ideas for your own wedding story you can watch our video:

    Theme wedding photo shoot

    Organize a wedding photo session in a mafia-stylehelp professional photographer. Stylish photo newlyweds on the steps of the church (the real representatives of the Italian mafia clans prefer church marriage), near the chic vintage cars, to walk through the city, surrounded by heavily armed guard will be present for the newlyweds, for many years to preserve the memory of a significant event - the wedding.

    Invite the photographer to continue the festivephotographed in the selected style to the wedding party. Do not miss to shoot episodes of the abduction of the bride, chase cars and comic shootings. Touching moments of dance "Godfather" mafia with her daughter, the first wedding of young jazz imprinted on the photo, its warmth will warm many years later. A selection of the best photos for your wedding style mafia is presented below.

    Ideas for wedding photos in mafia-style

    Ideas of how to photograph a wedding in the style of the mafia

    Newlyweds on themed wedding

    The armed men at a wedding in the style of the mafia

    The bride and groom on a thematic celebration