Holding a wedding in the Latin style

Hot dances for honeymoonersLatin music, exotic decor, cacti on tables, musicians with a guitar, a girl in a Brazilian carnival costumes - it was a wedding in the Latin style. If the bride and groom chose this theme celebrations, it will be a bright and fun show for all attendees. What factors should be considered in the organization of the wedding in the style of Latin? How to choose the right clothing for the holiday theme for honeymooners and wedding decor to design?

Wedding dress in the style of Latin newlyweds

Newlyweds who love the spirit of Braziliancarnivals, celebrations can choose a script style Latino festival. At this celebration would be appropriate to organize a competition for the best dance among the guests. And to choose the winners will be those invited, who will not be able to participate in a wedding carnival. Prepare lots of prizes to bestow their best dancers. And if the bride and groom beckons Liberty Island and exotic, the Cuban motifs give a wedding in the style of Latin special touch.

Images of Castro and Che Guevara posters candecorate the banquet hall, and instead of the traditional champagne cocktails will "Cuba Libre" and a variety of exotic fruits on the table. Interesting idea for a Latin wedding - it is spending it on the script based on the movie "Dirty Dancing", which the unfolding events in Cuba. Best of all with the theme of the triumph of Latin organize in hot weather on the beach or find for a holiday open space. Dancing - this is the main idea of ​​the Hispanic celebration. What should be the image of the bride and groom in the style of Latin?

The dress and shoes for the bride

On the bright wedding celebration with the themeLatin bride should be not only beautiful, but also prepared for the endless dance for the entire celebration. To do this, it needs an appropriate outfit. For a wedding the bride is not suitable style boho, but ballroom dancing outfit would be appropriate, and effectively allocate Woman at the ceremony. Its main features are the lush bottom, open back and sequins. Dress appropriate to choose traditional white or red tint, but shaped the style of Latin.

Latin American image of the bride

Beautiful shawl on the dress add imagebride exotic notes. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of shoes for the bride. In celebration of the bride have tirelessly dancing in dizzy and incendiary rhythms of salsa, merengue, tango, so the girl is better to put on a special dance barefoot. To create a Hispanic bride image suitable hairstyle-beam. A better hair adorn flower barrette, crest, or put them on a brooch. To make you want to use bright colors of lipsticks, eyeshadows and rouge.

The image of the groom

A striking image of Latin American bride beautifullyIt will be combined with the restrained style of the groom dress. Suite suitable for wedding ceremony black suit or tuxedo, patent leather shoes, a hat and a bright part of image will be colored men tie or butterfly. Perfect hairstyle for the bride to be a tail or stylishly coiffed hair.

Latin American image of the groom

Subject image of a young

Clearance wedding in the Latin style

Latin wedding theme should be ineverything from the design of invitations, attire and finishing newlyweds decorated banquet hall, tables, bride's bouquet. Be sure to invite to a celebration of musicians who perfectly plays stirring melodies of Latin America. It would be good if they will be dressed in appropriate costumes. If the wedding guests will be entertained by the dancers, who will prepare the program in Latino style, the guest can easily plunge into the wedding theme.

Invitations for the guests

Design of invitation to the wedding is performed undercelebration theme. They can be decorated with pictures of cactus, hearts, tropical flowers and national ornaments peoples of Latin America. The information in the invitation that the wedding will be held in a Latin style, will give guests the opportunity to prepare for the feast of relevant clothing. This will make it bright and cheerful celebration of carnival.

Making celebration invitation by category

The decor of the banquet hall

Wedding in Latino style is perfect forcelebration outdoors in the hot season, but if you want to organize a holiday in the restaurant. In this case, a banquet room make out in such a way to create a Latin American atmosphere. Unusual, colorful designs on tablecloths give the holiday a special touch Tropical flowers in pots, carnival garlands, flowers, succulent shades, paintings on the walls with a Brazilian or Cuban ornaments - all this is perfect for the design of the restaurant premises for celebrations.

Latin American style for the decoration of the banquet hall

For table decorations using candles-hearts,high transparent vases with flower petals or buds parts may be scattered on the tablecloth. The menu for the holiday with the theme of Latin is made easy to the guests do not overeat and had the opportunity to dance the fiery salsa, tango. A lot of fresh juices, cocktails, champagne on the tables - the hallmark of the Latin American holiday. As a gift to everyone invited to the banquet can give the newlyweds a small bag of gold coins or a stick with a musical instrument.

Bridal bouquet in bright colors

Accessories bride should overlap withcelebration style. Bridal bouquet in the Latin American style is made up of bright colors. Juicy buds crimson, burgundy, orange, purple, bright pink color, combining with each other, create an dazzlingly beautiful composition. This bouquet will emphasize the charming image of Latin American bride.

Bouquet for the bride

Video: conducting the wedding in a Latin style

How to organize a beautiful, vivid, unforgettableLatino-themed wedding with? To do this, you must put a lot of time, effort. Some tips for organizing and conducting the celebration, you'll find by reviewing the video. In it you will find interesting ideas for the design of the hall and tables. A perfect bridesmaid dress made of satin with ruffles on the skirt will show clearly what the Latin American wedding dress.

Hot dances, rhythms supportBrazilian carnival, must fulfill all the guests, but not all the guests are able to do so. Video will tell you how right on the celebration to teach Latin dance all comers, and from it you will gather for themselves many more original ideas for weddings Latin:

Theme wedding photo shoot

An important part of the wedding day is the photo sessionthe bride and groom. All newlyweds dream of capturing the happy moments of the celebration. This is not surprising, because immortalized shots solemn day the couple will reconsider his whole life together, remembering the wonderful wedding day. What are some interesting ideas for the wedding photo shoot with the theme of Latin?

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot-Latin

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