Gypsy Wedding in style

Often the couple wonders howfun, noisy and original way to spend a gala wedding day. There are plenty of themed celebration options, but the most fun, cheerful considered a wedding in the Gypsy style. This celebration will leave its mark in the memory of the newlyweds and guests, and the organization of the event will not be the slightest difficulty.

Gypsy Wedding in style

Wedding in such style involves a thoroughtraining, the selection of beautiful dresses, the choice of thematic music. Roma - people of celebration and fun, so the celebration should be bright, memorable and unpredictable, full of customs and games. Start training is to find a good restaurant or pub. To celebrate, choose a spacious place that was where carousing and dancing. Banquet table should be filled with meats, fruits, snacks.

Luxury room for a celebration in a gypsy style

Gypsies are paying great attention to the matchmaking. Therefore, the newlyweds should beat such an event. One of the traditions Svatovskaya - acquaintance of the groom with the bride's parents. The groom and his relatives came to the bride with a huge branch of a birch covered with a handkerchief decorated with golden coins. Instead of threads can be used a bottle of champagne, beautifully decorated with ribbons and coins. It is believed if the bride's father would open the champagne, he agreed with the choice of his daughter, and give his blessing.

No gypsy wedding is complete withoutincendiary music, guitar and dance. Therefore, you should be warned beforehand and seek good musicians, because live music - the best solution for a wedding in this style. Musicians best found with experience in weddings, knowledgeable gypsy motifs that will cheer and cheer even the most modest, reactive for guests. The ideal solution would be the choice of this Gypsy musicians who will give the atmosphere of a gypsy camp.

Musicians - a mandatory element of the Gypsy wedding

Costumes for the newlyweds and guests

If you clearly decide that you want to organizegay gypsy wedding is a mandatory step will be preparation of festive costumes, offers a warning about the required dress code. But, keep in mind that not every guest is responsible react to the request to prepare a wedding dress on. So you can prepare in advance for the gypsy shawls female, hats and shirts for men.

there are plenty of options in the modern world,how to beat the image of the bride. According to Roma tradition dress should necessarily be red, gold and white colors, which symbolize love and wealth. If you do not want to combine these colors in the dress, use any part of the accessory colors. Ideas for attire, makeup and hairstyles of the bride:

  • Classic gypsy outfit in the style of "gypsyFoundations ". The wide red skirt, white shirt free, plenty of jewelry, loose, wavy hair and bright make-up perfectly accentuate your desired image.

Classic gypsy wedding dress
  • Luxuriant white dress with red details, as well as an abundance of rhinestones, frills. Hair pins adorned with expensive, armbands and shoulder throws a bright scarf.
  • The modern interpretation of the dress in the Gypsy style. Here you can use your imagination and make their own adjustments, ideas. This may be a white light dress in the "hippie" style bandage on her hair, bright makeup, loose hair. If the wedding is celebrated in the warmer months, you should do without shoes to emphasize the idea of ​​the image.

Modern dress in the style of Gypsy

The image of the groom as multifaceted as optionsbride images. He can wear a light shirt in bright colors, dark trousers and waistcoat. Shoes should be classic, fit lacquered options. It is also a good idea to maintain the image will be: burgundy or blue velvet jacket, light shirt, dark pants. Easy unshaven - will complete the image of the groom, grow a stubble or release a small beard to be like this for a gypsy.

You are kindly requested to inform the guests aboutthe required dress code, write about it on the invitation card. You also need to pre-purchase additional items for the female and the male half of the guests. Bright scarves, skirts, vests - borrow from friends, friends, relatives, and, otherwise, such details are easy to hire.

Scenario wedding in a gypsy style

Scenario wedding in a style meansa theatrical event. Gypsy wedding last for several days, and sometimes dragged to a few weeks. It can be interesting to beat the theft of the bride, and then come up with a variety of music, dance competitions for the groom, where they can express their creativity, talent. First Dance opens the groom's family, but the bride also taking part in it.

The first dance gypsy wedding

Gypsy culture is filled with all sorts ofcustoms, traditions and ceremonies. But you do not stick to them, you should choose the most impressed you the contests, games, music. Gypsy Wedding - continuous improvisation, most importantly - fun, music, themed costumes and wonderful mood. Below are the contests that young people can be used during the celebration:

  • Dance competition for women. The bottom line is, who will perform the best gypsy dance, received the highest number of applause.
  • Competition for the best gypsy costume evening. Lead selects the best image from the originality of all present.
  • Stealing the bride gypsies, as well as its purchase of the groom.
  • The best gift to young.

Watch the video as having fun gypsy wedding:

If you are looking to spend your wedding dayoriginal, unusual, and most importantly - noisy and fun, you should choose a wedding in the style of Gypsy, which will give incredible experiences, laughter and smiles. This celebration boasts luxurious, lots of customs, as well as the brightness of wedding dresses. Gypsy Wedding - the best choice for creative, looking for new ideas couples.