Grape wedding

What could be more beautiful wedding in early autumn? This is time rich colors and the gifts of nature. Do not miss this opportunity to make your holiday a delicious, juicy and bright. The ripening under a warm autumn sun on the plantation grapes, wine barrels - details of which will create a romantic atmosphere in your celebration. Weddings abroad in France or Italy - ideal for the celebration of those who is interested in the theme of the winery. How to organize a perfect grape ceremony?

The image of the bride and groom

You need to pick up clothes for honeymoonersdetermine the specific destination wedding. The most successful option is a wedding in the style of the grape on the historic villa, next to which there is a winery. Scenic, spacious area will give you an unforgettable experience and guests, frames, emotions. The bride can choose not only the traditional white wedding dress, but the dress and shades of ivory, champagne, lavender. Having defined the main tone of colors, accessories and shoes can pick up a darker shade.

Wedding bridal bouquet - the embodiment of tasty andjuicy fantasies. It is possible to have sweet Hron green or purple grapes, white orchids, crocuses, small roses, lilacs, ranunkulyusov, Aust, gladiuolusov or freesia. An interesting solution would be flowers in a cascade design. You can supplement this floristic composition wedding rim on the hair of the vine and grape fruit.

The image of the groom should fully complybride. Standard black tuxedo just do not fit in grape celebration need fresh, bright solutions. Gray, blue color in all shades can be used to suit, white, pale pink, pale lilac - for a shirt, a bright purple - tie or butterfly. Boutonniere - a basic element, which completely reveals the theme of the wedding. Damn it to her instead of the usual artificial flower small bunch of grapes in addition to the green foliage.

Even if your wedding will not take place forabroad, on vineyards genealogy, you can still play well in this style ceremony. To do this, follow basic colors - purple, green, white. If this range is not enough for the wedding, add it in red wine, yellow or pink color, using them as accessories.

Grape images newlyweds on the wedding theme

The dress code for the guests

Strict dress code guests at the wedding should notIt is, for it is not always possible to stick with it. Stipulate the matter in advance with all the family. By submitting grape invitation for a themed wedding, you can set the color-orientation in clothes that you would like to see. For example, dresses and men's suits in gray, white colors there are many, but to ask him to add a bright purple or green accessory.

For images of the bridesmaids and the groom's buddies isa more responsible approach. These people complement the couple in the wedding photo shoot, so they have to fully comply with the grape theme. Look the same they do not have, but monochromatic gamma and similar styles will emphasize the importance of your event. Agreed with each individual grape style accessories.

Hue dresses bridesmaids should overlap withflowers bride wedding bouquet. For dark grapes suitable violet, purple clothes, and for green - light (ivory, beige, champagne) nice satin or chiffon fabric. Bunch of grape in the style should not be merged with the general way of girls on a thematic wedding. Create contrast: for the dark purple dresses pick up white, delicate flowers, and for light - a vivid floral compositions.

Druzhki can choose Suit for darker tonewedding dress the groom. Excellent will look dark blue, gray trousers, waistcoats, light shirts. If cronies want to wear jackets, then they can choose a boutonniere of white flowers, which will overlap with bouquets bridesmaids. A good accessory for pals wedding will bow tie or a purple hue with grape print.

Grape dress code for wedding guests

Complimentary for guests

The first impression the guests of your weddingIt may appear long before the ceremony. Sending invitations, you are referring to the theme of the celebration, the text indicating not only the date of the event, but also the main color, and accessories. This may not be a standard card and thematic box purple color, which is a magnet in the form of grapes, a note with prints wine barrels, winery calendar marked with the ceremony or the date that you conceive with the decorators.

Invitations to wedding Grape

Invitation for wedding guests Grapevine

The decor of the banquet hall in the style of the grape

To set the right mood aroundcelebration, you need to pick the grape themed decor. Much depends on the wedding venue. Banquet in the restaurant basement type cafe in the open countryside, grape villa will help you decide how to complement these facilities. If you do not like any option, you can order a tent, but in this case will need to decorate everything from scratch. How to decorate a wedding banquet hall to the room décor matched the style of the grape?

  • If the wedding venue - a restaurant basement type, where there are stone arches and the wine cellar atmosphere, you will need:
  1. cloth purple, white, green, pink, wine color, which in the future will become a tablecloth on the table, chair covers, curtains;
  2. wine barrels (if possible);
  3. floristic composition with grapes, which will be decorated as the ceiling and walls;
  4. additional sources of purple or lilac shade of light to give the romance and style of the grape.
  • If you have chosen for the wedding a cafe in the open, prepare:
  1. thematic fabric shades for sewing slipcovers for chairs, tablecloths on the tables, elegant tents;
  2. transparent PVC curtains to protect against wind, rain;
  3. floral decor, complete with grapes.
  • Vintage Grape villa initially possess a particular charm and atmosphere. When planning a wedding in this place, you will only need to supplement it slightly:
  1. fabrics white, purple wedding flowers to create a mood;
  2. Aust bouquets bud, lilac, ranunkulyusov, freesia, gladiolus, and grapes;
  3. light sources, if you see fit.
  • Wedding tent involves the creation of a banquetroom from scratch. The advantage of this place is that you can choose the location, with the help of decor do different from other premises. Creation, decoration of wedding banquet room is better to negotiate with professional event-decorators.

You can also refer to the costoptions for wedding decorations: balloons, paper flowers, garlands, large letters white, purple, green, pink flowers, figurines of grapes. The main thing - is appropriate to pick them up, do not overdo it with decorations grape flavored. Entrance to the wedding banquet hall can decorate woven vines with grapes, colorful, variegated colors.

Making grape banquet hall

Decorating a banquet hall for weddings Grapevine

Decoration of the holiday table

The above decor you can use,to achieve a bright and festive mood, but do not forget about the floristic composition, without which no cost, no modern wedding. Small bouquets, supplemented by artificial Grona grapes suitable for the decoration of the central zone of the guest tables and place of the newlyweds in addition to juicy fruit can decorate thematic attributes of purple, green colors.

The main rule of the festive table decorations -seasoned wedding theme, nothing more. Use your imagination or contact professional decorators for innovative solutions. On the wedding table grape may be present in the composition of traffic jams, wine bottles with wishes inside candle in the medieval-style postcard with a French or Italian design for each guest.

Wedding table decoration in the style of the grape

Festive table decor in shades of grape

Accessories for a wedding in the style of the grape

Grape wedding is characterized not so muchthe presence of the fruit of this plant as themed accessories. Picking them correctly, you will create an indescribable atmosphere at the ceremony. Use the entire wedding Printing: invitations, nursery cards, menus, numbering tables, book requests for guests. Every detail grape theme must be present. Pick the appropriate symbols, drums, tubes, rod, glass bottles for wine. Organizing a wedding, provide guests with warm plaids purple hues in the cool evening.

Grape accessories for the wedding

Themed wedding accessories on Grape

Options treats on grape wedding

newlyweds menu up with chefschoose a restaurant based on their own wishes. Be sure to consider not only the main dish at a wedding in the style of the grape, but also themed snacks, small Candy-bar. Prepare light snacks in the form of different cheeses. The original idea of ​​a wedding in the grape style can serve as a single table for its submission along with fine wines, such as "Chardonnay", "Merlot", "Muscat", "Pinot noir", "Risline", "Sauvignon Blanc" "Shiraz".

Candy-bar - a favorite sweet tooth. It is a small buffet table with desserts, which are present in the form of designer accessories jars, bottles, trays. Surprise your guests with original cupcakes with purple decor of mastic, muffins with berry jam inside, yogurts, puddings, fruit compositions and raw fruits of different varieties of grapes. At the end of the wedding all present can give candy boxes with berry-symbol of the triumph beforehand soaked in wine, coated in sugar and frozen.

Vine to the wedding feast

Treats for Grapevine wedding

Wedding cake with grapes

Depending on where to place yourgrape wedding, will choose a special place you need for the cake. If the temperature allows, a delicacy throughout the celebration will be in a prominent place, tempting visitors. The original idea to become wine barrels decorated with vines and grapes, or wooden, rustic table on which the cake will be located.

Grape theme gives you a lot of variationsDecoration master treats at the festival. The main emphasis may be juicy bunches of fruit, and as additions to pick up flower of mastic in purple, white, green, mint, bows, ribbons themed colors. The main let the cream will be white (cottage cheese, cream) cakes - biscuit, jelly.

Grape cake for a wedding

Cakes for wedding in the style of the grape

Ideas for grape fotosescii

The main attribute that will serve as inspirationfor the photographer and honeymooners - bunches of white, purple grapes. Regardless of the venue of the banquet, you can find in the neighborhood of any city small vineyards. Pick a good time (15:00 to 17:00), when the sun does not blind, and gently illuminates. Then the photos will come out warm, atmospheric, without the white glare.

Really juicy footage obtained if youpozaimstvuete French tradition - grapes trampled underfoot. Supplement this idea can different decorations - a floral arch with vines, wine barrels, candlesticks, floral compositions in shades of purple. Gorgeous photos will turn out, if you visit an old winery and wine cellars, then a wedding in the style of the grape will take place on "hurray".

Grape wedding photo shoot

Ideas for photo shoot on the vine wedding

Newlyweds on a thematic photo shoot

Bride and groom on wedding Vinogranoy