Creative wedding

More and more newlyweds are willing to arrangethe original place of the traditional wedding. This holiday is very different from conventional marriage. Each ceremony has its own individual characteristics, but at the same time creative wedding combines courage, shocking, imagination and originality. Some ekstremaly ready to say goodbye to the last money to organize a celebration under water or in the air.

Selecting the celebration venue

Choosing a venue for a wedding, it is worthtake into account the number of guests. If the bride and groom were invited only best friends, the ceremony will be the creative solution in a balloon. But the wedding with hundreds of guests requires a lot of space. Surprise gathered format, for example, make a celebration in the style of a film or in a retro style. You can arrange a wedding banquet in such places:

  1. On the coast.
  2. Near the swimming pool.
  3. On the boat on the high seas.
  4. The casino
  5. In the bowling club.
  6. In gym.
  7. On any island.
  8. In the circus.
  9. On the roof of high-rise buildings.
  10. The dolphinarium or aquarium.

Creative image of a bride and groom

Unusual colorful costumes the bride and groom willIt features creative wedding celebration. To make an impression, when choosing outfits, consider their harmonious combination with the overall styling of the holiday. For example, selecting a script about a specific movie, bride and groom should don the costumes of the main characters of the tape. Take the time to create full images, carefully work out the details, including hair accessories, demeanor. And then arrange a full show, which guests will surely enjoy!

If the wedding will have a specific theme,the creative attire for the bride dress will be made of bright material: scarlet, white and lush green veil, burgundy and black, etc. Choose original styles (asymmetric cut, embroidered with colored threads, batik) or manifest creativity, creating a sketch of the desired dress and ordered his tailoring in the studio. For the groom the best solution would be a suit that contrasts with the color of the bride's dress.

Creative image Suite for wedding

Custom dress code for guests

The wedding invitations specify the dress code forguests, so you will warn them in advance about the choice of clothes a certain style or color. Optionally require guests a complete coincidence. You can do more democratic - to specify that a certain part of the toilet has to be, say, turquoise or orange, as well as decoration of the banquet hall. If the bride and groom are going to hold the wedding in any particular style (masquerade, carnival), the guests are required to choose for themselves the masks and colorful accessories.

Creative outfits for wedding invitation

Ideas for creative wedding decoration

  • Instead of the traditional version of the bride and sheddinggroom rice or rose petals, choose a creative solution - soft confetti. These small colorful balls cheer up the audience, and the bride and groom do not stain the costumes.
  • Set in the venue of the wedding banquetsmall but bright candy bar. Pour into beautiful baskets and all kinds of ice-cream bowls sweets - chocolates, dried fruits, candies, jellies and pastes. This simple wedding attribute by surprise and delight guests, especially the youngest ones.
  • On the table in front of each guest can putcrossword with questions about the two of you. It invited his decision to pass the time while waiting for appetizers. Make this fun contest and assign a prize to the person who first be able to answer all the questions correctly.
  • Pre-make biscuits with the predictions - it's a wonderful and creative idea for a wedding. However, make sure that all wishes were good.

Complimentary for guests

Invitation wedding card formthe first impression visitors about the upcoming celebration. It would seem a trifle, but it draws the attention of the guests and creates their first glimpse of the upcoming event. Therefore, on the design of cards bride and groom should take the trouble, if you want to triumph was really creative. The original design of the invitation will complement the overall style of the wedding.

  • Replace the standard paper version the airball, which write the date, time and place of the wedding. Recipients will be able to see the information only if the ball deceive. Believe me, this wedding invitation will make a good impression and give a sea of ​​positive emotions.
  • Mini letters were developed by an Americancompany as a creative invitation to the wedding. The envelope is made according to standard rules, and inside, guests will find a card with details about the event and a map of the area.
  • Ancient scroll approach if you started a celebration in the style of ancient Greece or something similar. And such invitations can be done with the help of his own paper aging technology.
  • Paper CD - this creative invitation perfect complement to the wedding, the style of which is dedicated to music and dance films.
  • Kinoafisha or tickets to a movie suited to fans of cinema and other creative persons. If the number of your guests have a creative personality, then they just appreciate such invitations.

Fancy invitation to the wedding

Decor seedling cards

If a creative celebration - this is what youseek, then transplanted cards should be stylish, but not banal sheets with names. Include fantasy, bold move away from the existing rules. For example, you can fix the nursery card on skewers to be stuck in Kapan. Personalized wedding sandwiches will look unusual and definitely will please your guests!

The original solution is to fix the card to thea candy or candies. Stylish looks on a skewer card that is inserted into an apple. I get two in one - and tasty, and beautifully. You can also use other fruit instead of apples, such as pineapple, standing in the center of the table is possible to place several sticks with nursery cards. So, guests will be able to choose any location around the table, and in the case of arrangement of tables for 4-6 guests is just mark the place of a company.

Creative will look cards made ina cookie, on which are written the names of the guests glaze. This ingenious solution not hit the finances of the bride and groom, especially if you cook cakes themselves. Options seedling cards for the wedding a lot, but the easiest solution - is to attach them to the cocktail tubules, which will be placed in the glasses of every guest.

Creative nursery cards for wedding

Decorating banquet hall

It looks very impressive lighting a la starsky: beautiful wedding pictures and a pleasant surprise guests are guaranteed. You can include such coverage during any solemn moment, for example, when will the first wedding dance with the bride groom. If the wedding is scheduled for the warm season, decorate the space of flower boxes and pots (pots on hangers).

Creative wedding provides originalityin everything, even in the arrangement of tables. Why do not you make such an unusual way, for example, a snake? Cover them with stylish golden cloth - this will give the wedding glamor. Check in advance, whether to put in a room full line of tables and whether service personnel convenient to move around the room.

Turntables - fresh and creative idea forWedding decoration outdoor banquet area. Especially beautiful accessory will look when it is windy. Guests should offer to leave their wishes on the bride and groom in advance prepared a beautiful board. Forms for wedding congratulations may be in the form of heart or flower, and after filling them will need to be glued to the board.

The decor of the banquet hall for the wedding

Variants creative cake

Each pair has a common interest, whichmay be used to create a wedding cake. The bride and groom fanateyut from Shrek, like football, are engaged in collecting butterflies, snowboarding or skiing? Then the dessert can be enjoyed at the subject for a wedding. It will reflect the personality of the couple and probably get creative, memorable.

Romantic ladies should choose the style of weddingcake that reflects it. I do not think that this solution is not creative, it's not necessary to choose the classics. For example, in Europe, are gaining popularity of wedding cakes macaroon - protein and almond cakes. Why not stop at this original decision? Creative patriots will like the wedding cake pancake. It is very tasty and original.

The original cake and sweets for the wedding

The bride's bouquet

Bouquet for the bride - this is an important attribute of the wedding. That he was creative, he should come up with an unusual, interesting shape. With the help of the bouquet the bride will be able to create a stylish, original wedding image, to emphasize their individuality. However, make sure that it perfectly fits into the overall theme of the celebration. Depending on the style of wedding bouquet can be made using:

  • fruits and berries;
  • balloons;
  • seashells, sea pebbles;
  • chocolates, candies;
  • or knitted plush toys;
  • paper, cloth or tape;
  • beads, crystals, straz4
  • Christmas tree branches and toys.

Creative bouquet for the bride

for creative wedding accessories

Wedding accessories and decorations play a bigcreative role in planning the celebration. The original decision will be necklaces and wreaths created from exotic flowers, which can lead to wear on the arriving guests. Give invitees maracas, shake and tell them instead of the traditional cry of "Bitter". Do not forget to take care of the wedding bonbonniere - small nice presents for the guests. It can be boxes of biscuits and sweets, pieces of handmade soap, jars of jam.

Accessories for the creative to the wedding

Video: creative wedding sneakers

Creative Wedding Ceremony many want, butnot all dare to depart from the norms and traditions of wedding. Often, those who want to stand out, just give up a pair of wedding attributes. For example, when choosing a dress to extreme measures resorted to only occasionally. However, there are small, but very creative piece of couples who boldly violate wedding traditions adopted, changing the classic white dress outfit screaming colors and stylish classic shoes on sneakers. They take no emancipation, imagination, ability to abandon stereotypes and boring wedding ceremonies.

Creative ideas for the wedding photo shoot

Wedding - an important event, and only from youdepends, will remain there after the pleasant memories. Despite the fact that each pair after the festivities are numerous photos and video, boast of their creativity can not be many. Any young family wants to get quality, and above all original and creative images, but do not always have ideas for creative photo shoot. Here are just some:

  1. Swing. They will create a good mood and light atmosphere. Their bride and bridegroom can order individually, for example, in a rustic style. And after the swing to decorate wedding flowers or colored ribbons.
  2. Boats - the original solution for a photo shoot. With their help it is possible to create a romantic story about a couple.
  3. Umbrellas. It is the most popular wedding accessory, but in spite of the prevalence of umbrellas, they provide an opportunity to make creative photo shoot. The groom with the bride should choose bright colors that will contrast with each other.
  4. Bicycles. To become pictures adorn wedding album, bride and groom can choose beautiful place and go there with the bikes, which should be pre-colored decorate cloth or color for more creativity.

Unusual ideas for creative photo shoot newlyweds