Cherry wedding

With the onset of berry season original ideasvisit and organizers of weddings. Cherry wedding - it is a good find for those couples who want to add flair and make their holiday bright and memorable. Berry summer wedding theme diversifies the palette, add saturated colors - from warm maroon to green and chocolate - all in order to sustain the style of juicy cherry decor.

Where to organize a wedding in the style of a cherry

Color accents in the organization of celebrations

An important part of the festive events considereda banquet, a traditional presentation venue for the meeting is a restaurant, cafe or the deck of the ship. But in a cherry-style wedding celebration will have to leave the bustling city and out into the countryside. Themed holiday in berry season newlyweds should organize among the splendor of colors and flavors of cherry orchard. Visiting a banquet in the open air for fans of country style or a classic on the subject of juicy berries - ideal venue for celebrations.

The original script cherry wedding

Shades cherry color in the design and clothing

The idea to hold a cherry wedding itselfIt is considered an original and suitable for those who wish to organize a bright celebration. Summer berry, as a symbol of indivisible union, is often depicted in the pictures pair. The main color scheme is considered to be rich burgundy and pink shade, but if you want to add the original accents, the palette will dilute the wedding accessories of milk, chocolate and blue colors.

For the wedding ceremony cherry floral suitcomposition on high racks that are appropriate to supplement the berries. Looks nice draping white cloth and the same tone carpet for newlyweds. The original scenario involves creating a thematic banner, invitation cards in scrapbooking style signs for the guests, and even sweet table tasting cherry wine.

Arch young in the selected style

Make candy boxes of candy that theirappearance remind juicy berries and distribute to their guests. Guest Book will turn into a masterpiece, if you use the technique of hand-Maid, themed decorations (hearts, beads, ribbons), and as a basis to take a steel frame made of wire. Baskets with berries come in handy for a photo shoot, and complete triumph of the original work, if you run the glowing balls in the shape or the color of the corresponding ripe berries.

Clearance wedding in cherry color - photo

Accessories with the selected color shade

The basic idea - is to create the illusion of bloominggarden, and for this it is necessary to correct accents. Use as a basis for a better white color, which is suitable for tablecloths, furniture, utensils, cake, and on the background to emphasize the theme of the festive event with the help of the bride's bouquet, decorative elements, candles, compositions with berries, paper bags, tassels on the chairs, jars of jam .

Wedding dress young and dress code for guests

One of the key moments for"Berry" celebration will be the choice of outfits. Summer - a season of thematic celebrations when the dress code is far from strict rules, especially if you plan to hold your wedding in a natural setting. Equally harmoniously will look classic outfits, as well as the original, if we can connect them with the help of accessories with a cherry-themed celebration for the couple and guests.

The bride's dress in cherry topics

The dress code for the guests in the selected category

The bride will not have to worry much aboutchoice of attire when conducting a wedding event is planned in a classic style. Choose a snow-white dress, associated with the theme of the festival with the help of tape, edge, finishing on the corset, accessories, shoes, soaked in cherry tone. Gentle way will create, if you decorate a dress embroidered cherry, and hair accessories to add that mimic the branches of the tree.

groom Suit

The image of the groom in a given style

Even if you choose the classic version of the dress, theit will connect with a cherry-themed simple solution: attach a boutonniere, a color scheme to match or berries. More than the original image will help to create the groom cufflinks, cherries, effectively will look red or burgundy tie. Brave men can and do choose a costume of white or light pink shade or bright laces for shoes.

The image of the guests

About the dress code in the berry category Guestsmeasures should warn, pointing it in the invitation card. So they can complete their outfits with bracelets, hairpins and other accessories with a picture of ripe cherries. bridesmaid dress is recommended to choose the red color, and the groom's pals choose a butterfly of the same tone, to support the theme of the wedding.

Dishes with a cherry for the festive table

Holiday desserts with cherries

As the newlyweds and wedding guests cherryenjoy not only its bright, unusual design, idea, accessories, and tasty treats. Win-win option - a sweet table with all sorts of variations of pies, jams, pastries, cocktails, ice cream with fresh or canned fruit. Together with delicious desserts served to guests glasses with champagne, which is appropriate to put on a frozen cherry.