A wedding in the style of Provence

The lovers, who at least once had visitedon the Mediterranean coast in the province of Provence, the memory will remain forever in the magical feelings, sensations and emotions that gave this region of France. Endless field with blooming lavender, simple architectural structures, hospitality of people are attracted to everyone, so the wedding in Provence style is becoming more popular. Couple planning a celebration, wish to arrange an exquisite, elegant event, where the aristocratic style and simplicity are joined together, which makes the holiday a special charm.

The wedding in the style of Provence

How to organize a wedding in the style of Provence

To arrange a wedding celebration in styleProvence is necessary to take into account and provide a lot of things, the nuances that the maximum capture the atmosphere of the French countryside, give guests an unforgettable experience during the holiday and unforgettable emotions:

First of all it is necessary to determine the place ofthe holiday. Ideal - open space, nature and fresh air, which will help to convey the atmosphere as much as possible all of Provence and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

The wedding ceremony in the style of Provence

If possible arrange a holiday in the openair is not present, should look beautiful, and most importantly, spacious and bright banquet hall. A little decorative parts, accessories - and you will be able to create «provence wedding».

The dress and the way heroes of the occasion - the bride andthe bride - should correspond to the selected category. This concerns not only clothes, but also the additional elements of the wedding dress, accessories, jewelry, hair, makeup.
Wedding in Provence style meansthe use of certain colors inherent to the region. This pastel shades - milky, light gray, beige, purple. Do not use the vivid range, this will break the magical romantic atmosphere of the holiday.
Particular attention should be paid to design of banquet halls, wedding table menu, which must be present if not native French cuisine, then treat with Provencal herbs.

Elements decor for a wedding in the style of Provence

The image of the bride

To create a full entourage necessarychoose the right accessories, clothes for the bride. First of all, maximum attention should be paid to the selection of wedding dresses, and has under it to choose the necessary accessories - shoes, jewelry, bouquet. Not the least role in creating the image of the bride plays correctly selected hairstyle and stylish make-up that matches the theme of the holiday.

The image of the bride for the wedding lavender

Wedding dress and shoes

Wedding bride dress - it's a beautiful dressfitted silhouette, which, though not differ exquisite decorations, decorative elements, but it looks romantic. For a wedding in the style of Provence inappropriate lush fashions, with a train apparel. Ideal - a long dress simple cut of light, flowing fabrics, free drop-down down and emphasizes the charm of the figure of a young girl. For this dress is perfect for the usual smooth fabric white, milky color. The decor can be used as a lace dress that will give a special charm.

Wedding Dress for olive wedding

On holiday do not buy shoes toohigh heels or stilettos, it will not be quite appropriate for the olive wedding. Beautifully will look simple elegant shoes. Color solution depends on the bride's shoe preferences and other selected accessories, and even dresses. The bride should look like a beautiful fairy emerged from the beautiful lavender fields of Provence. Tandem simplicity and elegance, harmony, luxury and "rural" ease - that's what you need to create the ideal image of the bride.

Wedding Shoes in the style of Provence

Hair and decorations

For a wedding in Provence style is betterabandon the classical high hairstyles, fully assembled hair tufts, tails. To create a stylish image of a girl from Provence is best to choose a hairstyle with her hair. Big curls will look delightful with charming romantic dress and light make-up. Suitable careless laying, large braids woven with ribbons to match the other decorations.

For registration of hairstyles can be usedlive wild flowers, wreath, satin ribbons, sometimes matched artificial flowers from foamirana, tapes, polymer clay. What is important is that all these ornaments were made in the same colors as the other accessories. They can be used muted, pastel colors that predominate in the region of Provence, from the bright colors is better to abstain.

Hairstyle for wedding style Provence

When choosing jewelry, do not buy tooshiny, bulky accessories that dress with a simple cut will look ridiculous. A great option - to find the jewelry grandmother, or someone from the family members of the older generation. Things keep history, imbued with the spirit of antiquity, and is the best suited to create a gentle, touching image of the bride in the Provence style.

The bride's bouquet

An essential attribute of the bride - a bouquet, and forolive weddings it has its own peculiarities. First of all, for the preparation of such compositions are used exclusively wildflowers, ideally, if its composition is lavender, which grows directly on the fields of Provence. But if it is difficult to get, we will approach the usual domestic plants (daisies, cornflowers), which are well used to decorate the bride's hair. The shape of the bouquet should be different maximum simplicity, for example, beautiful flowers, bunched and tied with purple satin ribbon.

Bridal bouquet in the style of Provence

groom Suit

For a wedding in Provence style will not worksuits, elegant tuxedos, field jackets. Preference is to give a simple outfit, perhaps even giving up his jacket. Do not buy too dark suits, choose shades of beige, gray, milk that is better suited to the overall wedding theme and color scheme. The shirt is better to choose purple, light purple colors with a print in a cage or strip.

Optional accessories to choose wellcontrasting colors to give a special charm, coupled with the originality of the image of the groom, to make them focus. These attributes may be, for example, suspenders, bright butterfly, or a stylish tie. Particular attention should be paid to buttonhole - it must be in harmony with the bridal bouquet, to be made in the same style, using the same colors.

Groom Wedding accessories in Provençal style

The dress code for the guests

Guests are invited to the wedding, is in advancewarn about the theme and style of the future celebrations, so that they can purchase the appropriate attire, take care of additional accessories. For the fair sex are ideal for long dresses lavender or other pastel shades are appropriate at a party in the style of Provence. Do not forget about the appropriate decorations.

Dresses girls at a wedding in the Provence style

Men will be able to breathe a sigh of relief - atwedding in the style of Provence will not have to wear so many unloved suits, ties, dress shoes. To dress them should buy a nice shirt in pastel colors (looks great when matched pairs of clothes in one color), and simple trousers. At the request can be used by other thematic attributes that will help to give a special elegance, such as a butterfly from a tissue tightening.

Attire men Provencal wedding

Ideas Your wedding in the style of Provence

To create a special romantic atmosphere,which hovers over Provence, it requires little effort. After all, the main features of this region is the wicker, wooden furniture with textile pillows and blankets, forged elements, adorn the room and summer playgrounds, interesting little things. When making a wedding do not forget about the flowers that grow in Provence abundant and about the use of muted shades. It is important to observe one rule - no frills, expensive and luxury items.

Making a wedding celebration in the style of Provence

Wedding invitations and cards for guests

Invitation cards - this is an important accessory weddingcelebration, have received the guests will learn about the upcoming grand celebration, and of visual style - on the topic of the event. To create an original invitation to the Provencal themed wedding can be used most simple paper, antique using coffee or aromatic tea. For decorative use thin rope (string) and a sprig of lavender, or necessarily wildflowers. It looks nice, and when the invitation cards for the guests are furnished in the same style.

Invitation to Provence style for a wedding

The decor of the banquet hall

To decorate the room, which will host thewedding party, you can use special items interior - made old furniture, textile tablecloths from flax help to create a special mood at the festival. Celebrations in the fresh air opens up more possibilities for design. Charmingly will look arch of flowers, which is perfect for on-site ceremony, photo session, in addition, any flower will be a true celebration decoration.

Making a banquet hall in the style of Provence

Decoration of the holiday table

To make wedding table canuse simple, banal things, which were used for decoration or to create room accessories. First of all it is a lovely, charming bouquets of simple wildflowers that will please look at throughout the day. Additionally vintage elements can be used. But the real decoration of the festive table will be amazing dishes prepared by chef's skillful hands.

Wedding table design in the style of Provence

Wedding menu in the style of the French Provence

Wedding in Provence style implies the presence ofduring the feast of dishes of French cuisine. Original, unique soups, a variety of durum cheese, ratatouille, snails - this is a small part of what can offer chef or catering company administrator. It is difficult to imagine a truly French cuisine without the use of herbs, spices, which are a necessary component of almost all dishes.

Treats French cuisine

Can not do without on holiday and cake - the mainsweet treats table. For a wedding in Provence style is characterized by the production of sweet dessert with honey and milk. To match the theme of the holiday cake, it can be externally decorated purple mastic cream. Delightfully will look like a classic white cake, decorated with sprigs of lavender.

Wedding cake Provençal style

Wedding accessories

Wedding Celebration implies a specificaccessories, small things that help make a holiday unique and memorable. For a wedding in the style of Provence require special accessories that will fit the holiday theme, creating a special mood. For example, it will look charming pillow for rings made from sprigs of lavender, the glasses can be decorated with lovely flowers and a bottle of champagne decorated of decoupage technique with the image of the nature of Provence.

Lavender pillows for rings

Bonbonniere for guests can also bethematic. For example, perfect lavender soap, a small bottle of fragrant honey cushion with Provencal herbs, vintage accessories. Such little presents will not only be useful to give pleasure during use, but it will be a pleasant reminder of the magic ceremony, drenched spirit of France, in particular Provence.

Bonbonniere in the Provence style

Video: conducting the wedding Provence

The wedding was organized in the style of Provencewill present the newlyweds and all present guests with positive emotions, a lot of joy and admiration. Using a simple, affordable accessories, cute outfits that despite the simplicity of the cause of admiration, delicious treats and joyful, touching atmosphere during the day remembered everyone who was lucky enough to attend the grand celebration. For those who want to organize a celebration olive flavored, but not yet decided, watch the video will dispel all doubts:

Photo Wedding in Provence style

Beautiful celebration in the style of Provence rememberedall for a long time, but to save the day, including the smallest details will help the photographs taken as a professional photographer, as well as invited guests. Having photos in an album with attachment accessories lovely heart, the couple will be from time to time, review the delightful pictures, remembering the happiest day of his life, and beautiful themed wedding with a French flavor in the style of Provence.