A wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

Modern couple to design theirweddings are increasingly choosing the most unexpected extravagant ideas. Wedding in Moulin Rouge style - luxurious holiday, imbued with passion and love. celebration décor theme of the famous theater distinguished by an abundance of feathers and sequins, tart smell of perfume and expensive tobacco, using fans, boas, cylinders, tuxedos, incendiary cancan, seductive chic dresses. Getting to the wedding preparations, to determine the color palette characteristic of the selected style.

Wedding palette style Moulin Rouge

Black and red - the colors of Moulin Rouge

A red-black decoration celebration

The abundance of red in the decoration

The organization of such a wedding begins with the searchthe venue of the festival, the choice of thematic sets for its completion. To create the right atmosphere, select a style appropriate to the color palette. In the banquet hall, which will host the celebration of the wedding, should prevail mysterious, almost intimate atmosphere. Dominating colors - black and red. To celebrate the wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge, select a room with a small number of windows, preferably with a soft drape on the walls.

The image of the bride and groom in the style of Moulin Rouge

Dresses for the wedding the newlyweds Moulin Rouge

Bride and groom on a wedding theme

Appropriate dress the bride and groom can helpemphasize the celebrations given theme. Do not be guided by strict traditional boundaries when choosing a wedding dress the bride. A girl can safely give preference to not only white, but scarlet or black evening dress with corset and fluffy skirt asymmetrical. Bright make-up with clearly defined eyebrows and red lipstick will make the image of the culprit celebration spectacular, finished. Exquisite touch of playful will fly over the lip.

Hairstyle should match the selected style. Beautifully will look neatly arranged hair waves recorded on the sides using stealth. A hat or veil, long gloves, fishnet stockings in a fine, shoes with high heels are perfect for a thematic way. If it is so bright and extravagant costume bride does not like, it is necessary to pay attention to the traditional white dress, complemented by red decorative accessories.

Stylists recommend groom choose blackclassic tuxedo or suit. Among the accessories that will complement the image should be: cylinder, butterfly, stylish scarf around his neck, mouthpiece, reed. Effectively become part maroon or white rose attached to his lapel of his jacket. When choosing shoes, the young man should pay attention to the patent, highly polished black shoes.

Wedding dresses for guests

Bright suits guests in the style of Moulin Rouge

Guests at a wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

For a wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge was riddledthe spirit of the chosen theme, all participants need to support the idea of ​​the triumph of the young. The invitation for the guests be sure to specify that the festival will be the dress code. Recommend Men wear tuxedos, dinner jackets, bow cylinders. Girls can emphasize the shape fitting long dress with a plunging neckline, flirty opening leg. Remind friends on case accessory boas, hats, veils.

Clearance wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

A wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge - is the abundance of sparkling rhinestones andlush feathers expensive nightlife atmosphere, elegantly decorated in burgundy colors and French style. The chosen theme should be reflected in all components of the holiday: the decorations, menus, invitations, outfits newlyweds and guests, accessories. To make the wedding a bright and spectacular, especially Heed to finding suitable places for a banquet. Successfully selected restaurant, styled as an old theater, will help to better realize your ideas.

Invitations for the guests

Original invitation to a themed wedding

Invitation to the wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

Invitation to the wedding - a kindcard of the upcoming celebration. If you are planning to organize a themed holiday message Guest must comply with the chosen style. For the chosen subjects are ideal invitation, decorated as the entrance tickets to the theater. Developing the idea, prepare a nursery cards with the image of the red mill, each guest hand the program from the wedding scenario, executed as a retro poster club.

Decorating banquet hall

Ideas for decoration wedding hall theater

Making a banquet hall for a wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

To celebrate a wedding perfectnight club or restaurant, decorated by the Moulin Rouge. Inside the banquet hall there should be plenty of windows. Look for the interior with heavy velvet curtains, vintage leather furniture. The decoration of the hall will be a garland of colored light bulbs, luxury floor vases with fragrant flowers, themed posters, fans, candles, compositions of rhinestones and feathers, made in red-purple and black shades. For seating guests use several round tables for six to eight persons.

The decor festive table

Wedding table in the style of Moulin Rouge

Wedding table with themed

Serving banquet - not less important componentthemed wedding. When making a number of seats should be maintained style of the Moulin Rouge, expensive restaurant with exquisite French dishes on the menu, precious silverware, champagne or red wine. Arrange on the table wicker basket with fresh baguettes, a small bouquet of white and red roses. All these accents will help highlight the selected style holiday.

In drawing up the menu, keep in mind that someone fromguests can not come to taste exotic dishes of French cuisine. On the table should be the alternative, for the Slavic people familiar treats. Be sure to think through the banquet room for sweet treats: chocolate fountains, truffles, lush cakes. Cover the table with a white cloth or red, adding to its beautiful contrasting napkins. Rare wedding can do without a strong alcohol, so the table should be a place for traditional vodka.

A wedding cake

Bright wedding cakes for Moulin Rouge

Cakes for the wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

Home sweet treats any wedding -gorgeous multi-tiered cake. At the ceremony, stylized Moulin Rouge, treat key should reflect the essence of the chosen topic. Bright magnificent feast, made in red and black color scheme and adorned with all sorts of themed décor, will be a real "highlight" of the evening. Let confectioners decorate a wedding cake feathers, satin ribbons, black lace.

Video: conducting the wedding in the style of Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge - the perfect wedding design stylefor a bright creative couples that are not afraid of bold and extravagant decor outrageous. This idea permeated the fiery energy of passion, so its implementation should be very carefully approach the issue of decoration of the hall, choice of music and decorations, drawing festive script. Take a look at the video below for an example of organization of bright cheerful celebrations in the old theater style with a fun show program, "highlight" which became a thematic presentation of dancers performing a groovy dance the cancan.

Wedding themed photoshoot

Wedding, decorated in the style of Moulin Rouge,presents an excellent opportunity to spend a unique photo session. To obtain high-quality images that help for many years to store the wonderful festive evening, a responsible approach to the choice of the photographer. Footage make a series of stage-theater personnel in the spirit of old Paris, use case attributes: playing cards, lush boa cane, bowler, cigarette holders, fans.

Bright wedding photos in the style of Moulin Rouge

Wedding photo shoot in the style of Moulin Rouge

The groom on the wedding theme