A wedding in the style of boho

Bohemian style originated in the late 60s under thethe influence of the desire to combine in a single image elements characteristic of many different ages and cultures: the Scottish cage, Mongolian and African ethnic motifs, European baroque ornaments Aztec. One of the latest trends - a wedding in the boho style, which give preference to many young couples. This triumph perfect in terms of the combination and selection of parts. It is the freedom, ease, creativity, flying soul, fabulous holiday for two.

The image of the bride in the style of boho

The bride at a wedding is an example of Bohoelegance, femininity, romantic and feminine. Clothes in this style creates an aura of enchanting lightness and freedom. To create an image used nonclassical boho dresses with flowing mother, floral or ethnic motives. Suit layered dresses with mesh, lace, leather, fur. Bride in boho style can safely wear a massive accessories, shoe interesting, is not characteristic for traditional weddings, shoes.

Wedding Dress

The girl who is chosen for its celebrationBoho style, can not restrain your imagination. Wedding Dress in Bohemian style - is the abundance of lace, layering, use of frills, fringes, lace. The image should prevail natural, naturalness. In detail, the decor and the dress should be a balance to all the elements of apparel in harmony with each other without causing discord.

Style Boho has several branches, soto create the image of a wedding is not forbidden to combine the bohemian glamor and vintage. Very original look images of brides who were added during the appearance of the hippie style elements with a spectacular and cheeky nonchalance. It is not excluded to use a veil, but it is not permitted to use. Classical wedding veil for Boho multimeter is better to replace a piece of lace fabric, veil, tulle, which will help to fix the comb, hairpin on the back of his head.

Wedding Dress boho style - flowing,Long, layered outfit that highlights the fragility of the female camp grace. The bottom of the garment should be free, not to interfere with the girl move. Seductive and add piquancy to the image of chiffon, lace, silk dresses that resemble underwear style. Belting a dress wide belt under the breast, decorated with ornaments and flowers.

Without the right shoes and accessories image of the brideIt will be incomplete. Connoisseurs boho style can spend a holiday barefoot. If this option is not acceptable, use wicker sandals, sandals, boots rude. Fashion jewelry a bride should be a lot, certainly original, bright, noticeable. Thin, large leather, plastic bracelets, metal rings, layered necklaces, pendants on long chains, hanging earrings - choose accessories to your liking. The image of Indian motifs can be used - feathers, fringe, suede, leather.

Attire bride's boho style

Wedding hair style boho

Boho style wedding hairstyle - disheveled,romantic curls, light negligence braids. Such stacking is easy to do yourself. This trend eliminates the rigid framework, pushing for bold experimentation, freedom of expression. For hair, always use decorations, bulky and large, artificial or fresh flowers. Acceptable use of floral wreaths with ribbons, clips, pins, bandages, combs, wide hoops with floral decor. It is interesting to look like ornaments in the form of wide lace lace that covers the entire forehead or part thereof.

Hairstyle bride boho style

The bride's bouquet

The feature of the wedding the bride's bouquet onwedding ceremony in the boho style that is necessarily bright, slightly disheveled, asymmetrical composition, assembled specifically for a particular girl. This bunch, though specifically, connects completely different plants and flowers. Just forget about the traditional roses. Instead, the best for the wedding Boho better prepare proteas, orchids, sunflowers, succulents, anthurium.

Making bride bouquet

The image of the groom in the style of boho

The image of the groom, as the bride to be playful,a little careless. In classic suits imposed strict taboo. Combine jeans, casual pants, trousers with suspenders, unbuttoned vest, shirt sleeves rolled up. On Boho wedding would be relevant long coat, casual jacket. The image of the groom successfully complement a cap, hat or beret, comfortable shoes. On the head is appropriate creative mess.

The image of the groom at a wedding Boho

Dresses for guests

At the wedding, boho dress code for the guests veryrelaxed, democratic. Give preference to any style, color, because the bohemian style free from the template does not frames. Prefer natural shades such as blue, green, yellow, red, orange. Dresses for bridesmaids - a bright sundresses, dresses, colorful shawls, colorful decoration.

Dress code for wedding guests Boho

in the style of boho chic wedding decoration

Wedding decor is based on the idea of ​​boho -a good excuse to realize the most daring experiments, try out the combination of incongruous, at first glance, things. Then welcome bright hand-Maid, the abundance of different parts, jewelry, decor. The bride has a great chance to collect girlfriends and together make the original, one-of-a-kind jewelry for wedding decoration Boho.

Invitations for the guests

Wedding Invitations Boho may beinformal, colorful, using a variety of applications jeans. Often, they are trimmed with leather ribbons tesemochkami, cords, yarns, cotton, linen, wool, embroidered with beads. Some newlyweds make do without invitation minimalist decor on the card with a sprig of flowers, twine and feathers. Use natural motifs, such as images of wildflowers.

Paper Boho wedding invitations can bedesign or regular. Fits perfectly green, sand, brown, beige cardboard, simulating the texture of natural wood. On smooth paper can make a variety of applications or draw a small funny patterns. The envelope for wedding invitations Boho is also desirable to be done manually. Take this self-colored or plaid bags, tied with bright ribbons, sealed ornaments with feathers, beads, acorns.

Boho wedding invitations

Wedding menu

It is better to give preference to the feast a buffet,abundant, but does not require sitting at a richly served tables. Freedom of movement - this component boho atmosphere at the ceremony. The menu includes rustic, simple dishes: an abundance of vegetables, fruits, meat, grilled fish, different kinds of cheese, bread. From traditional, screaming splendor, the cake should be abandoned in favor of a pancake, a few cakes with various fillings.

Wedding banquet in the boho style

wedding Decor

The decor of the wedding Boho recommendednatural fabrics, like silk, linen, chiffon, burlap, velvet, velor. Branches of the tree even decorate lanterns, bright ribbons, floral garlands. Tables and chairs must be from different sets, which applies to the choice of dishes. For serving suit stylized cups, bowls of colored ceramics and glass.

A wedding in the style of boho involves a lot of light. Therefore, use kerosene, oil lamps, lanterns, candles. In the evening, the abundance of lights looks fantastic: candlelight shimmers, shimmers, like millions of stars, down to earth. Venue Boho wedding decorate elements of ethics Gypsy, Moroccan, Indian style.

Use tapestries, carpets,metal tubes, colored ceramic or glass beads, vintage china, blankets, pillows, tablecloths. The boho style may be a combination of expensive, luxurious materials with rustic elements: faded tablecloths, embroidered cloth. Important role for floristry: give preference to wild wild flowers, complementing their feathers, ribbons, beads, other decorative details.

wedding decor in the style of boho

Wedding accessories

Bright, eye-catching, with a slight touch of antiquity mustbe bridal accessories in boho style. This combination of incongruous, vintage and classic style and modernity, which are connected with one triumph. At the wedding the newlyweds Boho is better to prefer the old vehicles, not retro limousines and conventional models. Funny inscriptions, bright patterns will add a tuple of originality.

Boho Wedding Accessories

Video: conducting the wedding in the style of boho chic

Boho combines elements rebellious hippies andexquisite bohemian styles. It combined a variety of parts that make up a single harmonious picture. Holiday in the boho style of charges easily, the feeling of freedom, unity with nature. Stylize wedding will help a wide variety of elements: animal skins, oil lamps, antique cups, woven elements from the vine, the abundance of floral arrangements. For the boho style is characterized by the rejection of the standards. Take a look at the video below on how to conduct such a wedding.

Thematic photo shoot in the style of boho chic

The place for the thematic photo shoot -fundamental point, which can set a correct direction, and ruin everything. Suit warehouses, lofts, garages, abandoned suburban buildings such as mills, barns, hunting lodges. No well-kept parks, monuments, bridges! Use the original old bed, piled with colorful cushions, put her in a field. Decoration for Boho photoshoot ready! Find a shabby door, decorate them with flowers, set up in the forest and take a million pictures.

Thinking decor for a photo shoot in the boho style is notforget about vintage suitcases, chests, figurines, vases, dream catchers, musical instruments, horns of deer, candlesticks, cloth assorted fabrics - all this will come in handy. The entire assortment of junk shop is suitable as an art object for boho wedding. Do not be afraid to exercise your imagination!

Wedding photography in the style of boho