A wedding in Hawaiian style

One of the highlights of the celebrations, we can safelyconsider Hawaiian wedding. This auspicious day may be organized in the restaurant complex with pool, near the water or go far away to the islands and to sign on local canons on the beach. A wedding in Hawaiian style - it's beautiful, cheerfully, positively. The traditional Hawaiian celebration is sure to impress even those who are difficult to surprise.

How to organize a wedding in Hawaiian style

An important first step in organizing a weddingIt is to prepare the newlyweds complimentary for guests. They have to be colorful, with various inscriptions, prints. Ideally suited drawings on the theme of summer, bright colored stripes, romantic images, as well as other decorative elements. The wedding invitation it is necessary to clarify the subject of the celebration, as well as the need to comply with a festive dress code.

The original invitation for celebration in Hawaiian style

Organize Hawaiian Weddingson their own or take advantage of event-agency services, which will take all the trouble on himself. Hawaiian version of the celebration can be organized, even with the smallest budget, and get a lot of fun. If you have more money then arrange a huge luxurious Hawaiian holiday with dancing, fireworks will have no difficulty. It will cost a bit more expensive, but look spectacular. The options, where to this day there are many:

  • On the beach, the river. It would be suitable for such an event. It is necessary to prepare in advance for visiting vivid detail the ceremony, which will look incredible on a sandy beach. The wedding arch to decorate tropical flowers, green branches of palm trees - it is sure to add an exotic and emphasize the theme of the event.

Hawaiian stylistic wedding on the beach
  • Wedding by the pool. For such a case the young can rent a huge country villa with swimming pool and restaurant complex, pre-order good catering with Hawaiian dishes. This celebration will be like as the younger generation and the older guests. The pool water must be added a lot of rose petals, confetti, and run a huge lily.

Making wedding Hawaiian Pool Party
  • Restaurant in Hawaiian style. When choosing the venue, the couple can focus on the simplest form - restaurant. In this case, you need to beautifully arrange a place to display the essence and theme of the event. On newlyweds nice place to lay out the palm of balloons, and registered holders on the tables to make in the form of pineapple.

All colors made out in the eventlight, plain colors, colors should be combined and nicely blend in with the overall style. An abundance of cream, peach shades in combination with pink, yellow flowers will look stunning and incendiary motifs of Hawaiian music, dance make even the most modest people.

Organizing a Hawaiian wedding, you need tobe aware that this celebration will be more youth soul, so do not invite a huge number of grandparents who can not understand the subject matter of the event. Watch interesting videos on the beautiful organization of the wedding in the style of Hawaii:

Scenario wedding in Hawaiian style party

Lead takes the responsibility to createscript for your wedding. But the couple can participate in the preparation of interesting, energetic competitions. During the wedding party should play a light, pleasant music. You should pre-book dancers, musicians, invite Hawaiian dance instructor, who will show guests several master classes and will be liberated.

During the banquet will show an interesting solutionbartenders that will make colorful, exotic cocktails, amuse guests. Wedding Dance is rehearsed in advance. To dance need wedding garlands - lei, which represent love, respect. At the end of the celebration should run luxurious fireworks and paper lanterns.

Entertainment on the stylish Hawaiian wedding

The image of the bride and groom

Wedding attire for the bride and groom should notbe too fancy, this is not suitable luxuriant dress with rings and strict tuxedo. Hawaiian Wedding - is the ease, the brightness, and freedom, therefore, is to forget about the high hairstyles, high heels, and give preference to simplicity. The most daring can opt for herbal Hawaiian skirts, swimwear. Select specific outfits for Hawaiian wedding is not so hard.

Large curls or hair carefully collected,wreath of flowers - the perfect solution for the bride. The dress can be any cut, color, and some brides cost at all without it. Instead of a standard shoe should choose bright, colorful flip-flops, sandals or go barefoot for the ceremony. Makeup should be light, subdued, and his lips are allowed to select a bright shade of red, maroon and other. The main decoration for the bride will live flowers that need to be woven into a braid, hair, attach the hand.

Wedding image of the bride in a Hawaiian style

The groom can wear a bright light shorts, linenshirt. If the ceremony is held on the beach, the groom should not bother with shoes and go barefoot. groom Shorts can be plain, although colorful beach shorts look positively and colorfully. If desired, the bride may also wear on your head a garland of beautiful fresh flowers to add to their festive attire.

Options Hawaiian wedding attire for a stylish groom

An obligatory element of the wedding in Hawaii styleconsidered a garland of fresh flowers that dress the bride and groom. This centuries-old Hawaiian tradition, such weave garlands of flowers fragrant jasmine, orchids, ohia Lech, frangipani. But also in the garland can be woven feathers, shells, leaves. At the end of the wedding ceremony of the couple exchanged garlands and protects, stores them as a memory.

Guest Clothing

Guests need to be forewarned about topicsholiday, to help in the selection of costumes. Requirements for outfits no no, it should be wear light fabrics, summer sundresses, shorts. The couple should prepare in advance for each guest garlands of flowers, which they will be able to save to the memory of this beautiful day. The bridesmaids can wear a light summer dresses in different colors and beautiful crowns on her head. Groomsmen boutonnieres should fasten with bright colors.

Hawaiian dresses for guests

Beach, sun and sand - what could be better forwedding in Hawaiian style. This holiday will give extraordinary romance, warmth. But the most important thing is to know that with you loved one, and the marriage will last for many years of love, peace and harmony. Hawaiian wedding, executed by all the canons, can not disappoint the loving couple, and impressions of this beautiful day will remain for a lifetime.