A wedding in a nautical style

Themed weddings have become verypopularity among young couples, because they allow the newly made spouses realize their fantasies. Choosing decorations for the wedding, thinking style, the bride and groom can head to surrender to the process, giving guests the opportunity to learn more about themselves, about their preferences. Wedding in marine style - is an event that fits the freedom-loving, romantic natures who like to travel, the mysterious depths of the sea and the heady fresh air. This celebration will leave many bright memories in the hearts of those present.

Nautical-themed wedding

Before you begin to think through the detailsregistration, is to get serious about the choice of location for the wedding theme. It will play an important role in creating an atmosphere helps guests to dive into the underwater world or on a pirate ship. Below it will be discussed a few places that are perfect for weddings marine style:

  • Ship or boat to the restaurant. Style celebration involves the presence of water, so the newlyweds to the guests is ideal to go on board of the ship to celebrate the joining of two hearts. Well, if I can go on a voyage and even a boat trip along the river is an unforgettable experience for all guests of the festival. There are options for removal of water transport for all tastes, the number of guests and budget.

Wedding on a boat

  • Sea shore. Sandy Beach will create a romantic atmosphere, the sound of waves of the future spouses can spend visiting registration of marriage, and then go to the guests, to celebrate a wedding on the beach under a sprawling tent or on the territory of the hotel, next to which the event takes place. If the journey to the sea will require considerable investments, which do not have young people is fine river bank.

Beautiful sea wedding decoration

  • Outdoors. Even if that is not near the sea, river or small stream, there is always the option to go with the guests on nature. Fresh air, sea themed design style will create exactly the atmosphere, which is so coveted heroes of the occasion, planning a wedding.

Marine style wedding in nature

  • A restaurant. Magnificent banquet in a restaurant - the classic version of the wedding, but it can go well. To this end, the couple will need to decorate a room in an appropriate style, and previously to find premises suitable for the wedding theme. For example, many fish restaurants already include marine decor elements: anchors, buoys, wooden steering wheels, you need only to look.

It is believed that the wedding in a nautical theme - summerholiday option, but do not give up the idea because the sea is associated mainly with the heat and the sun. Just in the winter so you need to escape from the cold, frost, snow, and warm mood of the celebration of the sea will certainly help to do it all.

Wedding on the territory of the marine theme restaurant

When selecting the place of celebration,comes the moment of creation of the unique decor of the room. Marine style includes a large number of design options, it needs to decide what the bride and groom want to see the wedding. A few interesting ways to decorate the room will help future spouses choose a theme, it is closer in spirit:

  • Romantic dream. If the heroes of the day are hoping to create a light, carefree atmosphere, it is necessary to apply the following options decorating the venue: it will look great wedding arch decorated with flowers and airy fabrics can be placed everywhere seashells, stars, standing textured thick candles. The petals of exotic plants can decorate the table and floor. Giving preference to the best natural fabrics, wooden ornaments. Colors should be gentle, but also contrasts allowed.
  • Superb fairy tale. Perhaps the sea is associated in the future with a wealth of spouses, beautiful views from the bedroom luxury mansion morning swim in the clear turquoise water, and delicious cocktails. In this case, decorating marine wedding, should give preference to the classic, traditional design: a lot of white, high-contrast blue or blue color, polished wood, polished dishes, neatly placed on tables island flowers, the splashing of the waves ...
  • Party sailors and pirate wedding. If married - the real adventurers, then at the wedding in a nautical style will be ideal to organize a fun party, where they will prevail striped motifs, Jolly Roger flags, active instrumental music, rum and champagne river. This design will be made as simple or sophisticated - it all depends on the taste of heroes of the occasion.

Accessories for marine-style wedding

Accessories play an important role in creatingatmosphere, so we recommend to future spouses to show attention to detail maritime style wedding. Depending on the motive, can be incorporated into the decor ribbons, colored fabrics, starfish, tight ropes, pearls, various plants, vines, sand. See options for marine accessories with photos:

  • Pillows for rings. Such a simple thing, few people taken to decorate, but if you're determined to follow the style of the wedding around, try to come up with an original way of their registration. The pads may be adorned with striped cloth, shells, artificial fish, as well as a support for the ring can be a real shell from pearls.

Beautiful cushion for the rings

  • Glasses and bottles of champagne. Glasses on wedding heroes of the occasion, as a rule, are different from those from which the guests drink - they are decorated with different styles. To support the festival theme, decorators or the couple themselves can decorate them in a nautical style. More simply will decorate the bottle with alcohol - it will be interesting to sheathe their respective cloth.

The original decor for the wedding bottles

  • Candlesticks. Candles - romantic accessory that creates a warm, almost intimate atmosphere. As an interesting couple of candlesticks can be used glasses with colored sand, the banks, which is a scattering of seashells. Candles adorn themselves easily colored blue sequins, beads, ribbons.

Refined style for candles

  • Transplanted card. To every guest knew where to sit during the wedding, we need seating cards, they will make interesting and original, if you use the scrolls, origami boats, marine animals.

Nursery card in sea style

  • Aquariums. An unusual way to make a wedding a wedding style is more "sea" - decorate aquariums tables with these fish. These neighbors are sure to please guests.
  • Details of a wedding convoy. Check out the car turn multi-colored ribbons, fabrics, shells, fresh flowers and even great lifeline.
  • Tablecloths, napkins and other textiles. These items of decor can be contrasted with a white or light background banquet hall, cute prints contain anchors, dolphins, whales.


The role of the invitation cards is extremely important, becausethe first thing that will tell guests about your wedding style. The options decorations invitations great multitude, the final design should depend on the printing holiday materials. About marine motifs only color postcards can talk wedding, as well as small parts painted. If you want to create an original decoration, the bride can embellish a piece of paper shells halves of white beads. Beautiful and fun way to invite guests to the wedding of the sea - to send a message in a bottle-roll.

Invitation to the wedding in a nautical style

The bride's bouquet

Bouquet culprits celebrations - an element of the dress,which attracted attention during the ceremony, and in the evening, when the bridesmaids lined up behind the bride, a moment becomes the main character of the holiday. In order to maintain the style of the event, a bouquet of good will decorate low pearls, maritime symbols, figurines inhabitants of the deep sea, white floral mesh. Unusually will look accessory fully manufactured by a variety of ocean decorations - small corals, dried starfish, pretty seashells.

Original bouquets bride

Cake in a marine style

Maritime cake for the wedding - the main positionbanquet menu. Modern pastry look like works of art, so the future spouses will be easy to implement through the cake style your wildest fantasies. This may be a multi-tiered dessert, decorated with dolphins, starfish, whales, colorful exotic fish, flowers, ropes, chains, represent a paradise island for young or pirate ship. Excellent looks convenient option treats marine wedding - cake portioned cupcakes.

Stylish wedding cake colors of the sea

What to Wear on a sea wedding guests

Wedding Style suggests the possibility of indicatinginteresting dress code. Guests will be nice to dress up in a special way on a case unusual celebration, but the need to wear dresses and suits better to specify certain types of advance in the invitation. In several colors can be selected as a dress code, for example, blue with blue and their shades. Elements of style can become a pattern or print: striped motifs, figures with the attributes of sea travel, and if you want you can give guests a completely independently consider their image.

Alternative scenario themed wedding in a nautical style

An interesting variant of sea wedding scenariostyle - the pirate party. Ideas implement such a festive program are many: for example, the bride and groom may be the most ruthless and fearless pirates in the history of sea robberies. Their union had begun flourishing family business. Hero of the occasion may be true commander of the Royal Navy, and the husband - a pirate, but, in spite of everything, they were able to be together. Support script will toastmaster.

If the future spouses sea fansdiving, the whole wedding will be decorated as a submarine or the depths of the sea. The script can be built on a serene swimming underwater, observing the life of sea creatures. Contests and entertaining quiz a wedding in a nautical theme should be related to obstacles arising in the way of a brave diver.

Photoshoot original holiday

Probably every girl from childhood dreams of becoming aprincess. So why not become a princess of the kingdom of the sea? The bride can play the role of a touching, tender mermaid, which won the beauty of man. The story of their love with romance, a little sad, but nevertheless they were able to be together. But I received a beautiful mermaid legs or a man has got a fish tail - to solve heroes of the occasion.

The salty wind in your face, strong steering wheel, compass,precisely indicating the direction - these sailors are always confident and bold look forward. Ship style of this voyage will enjoy an active, cheerful people who know how to have fun, but always know the measure. Playful images of the bride and groom, funny music, decoration of the hall ropes, life buoys, anchors, a ship wheel - an integral part of the right atmosphere wedding maritime style.

A wedding in a nautical style with his hands photo

From scratch to create a decor full activities veryit is difficult, but it is real. If funds for the purchase of ready-made products is not enough, it does not mean that the wedding in a nautical theme can not take place. Below is a small photo event, which organized their own future wife, almost all elements of the decor, working with his hands. See how interesting is the image of the bride and groom, bouquet decoration, nursery cards. a lot of work has been done, which ultimately gave the culprit celebration and guests an unforgettable wedding.

Accessories for brides in a marine style