Wedding table decor

The festive table - this is an important attributeinformal part of the wedding. And from that, he will be issued depends on the overall impression of the invited guests, and this applies not only to the abundance of original dishes. During the wedding preparations, special attention should be paid to the decor of the wedding table. It is necessary to take into account the overall style of the wedding flower decoration, layout tables. You can consult on this issue to the professionals, or do their own decor. To do this, you will be useful some tips that you will find below.

The decor in the same style wedding

Tips for wedding table decoration

When making a banquet table, it is importantadhere to certain rules. They exist in order to not overload the outer decor with unnecessary elements. It is necessary to take into account a lot of details: from the color of the tablecloth on the table and ending with the perfect serving of devices, locations seedling cards for guests. During a celebratory banquet decorations, use different types decoration: fabrics, balloons, floristry. And here are some tips to help you arrange original wedding table.

The combination of all the details on the wedding table


Textiles will help you create a great ambiance andtransform even the most ordinary-looking room design. To create a festive and pompous atmosphere at the festival using beautiful fabrics specific colors, which corresponds to the general concept of the wedding. Check out our recommendations to help you beautifully decorated banquet table with his hands using drapery textiles:

  • Tablecloth. According to wedding traditions, the subject of registration shall be white as a symbol of purity and solemnity of the event. However, if you keep a certain color scheme, it can be one of the shades of the color palette of the wedding.
  • The material for the decor. To the table for the newlyweds will be riveted the attention of many guests throughout the evening. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize, to stand out in the general interior of the banquet hall. Use luxurious chiffon, tulle, silk or rayon, drape to the side of the table cloth skirt. And if you are interested in marine style, the same "skirt" Arrange slices wavy pleated fabric (so you will imitation of the waves).
  • Textile napkins. Pay attention to the little things serving as cloth napkins for each guest. They should match the colors of parts in the general design of the wedding.
  • The decor of candles and glasses. Originally will look as a decor wedding table - candles and wine glasses, draped in cloth skirts appropriate color for a wedding.

Textile wedding table decoration

fresh flowers

Fresh flowers - the most beautiful attribute of the weddingbanquet table decorations. Deciding to use the flower arrangements in the decor, do not be afraid to combine all kinds of floral art using different colors, accessories, etc. Below you will find interesting options, how to decorate flower arrangements newlywed holiday tables and guests:

  • Traditionally, the emphasis is placed on the wedding tablenewlyweds. The central part of decorate a large bouquet of flowers, which will fall to the floor surface. The style of the composition should match the design of the bride's bouquet. If the decor in its attribute of used lace, ribbons and beads, the board composition should also look, given a variety of colors themselves.
  • Do not forget to decorate the tables for guestsIt offers vibrant colors that will match the overall style of the wedding. What matters is that the bouquets were not too bulky and high, each guest should look freely in any direction. Romantically will look composition with daisies, lilies or gerberas.
  • If the wedding celebration coincided with the New Year holidays, the relevant details in floristry banquet will be bumps, fir branches, mistletoe.
  • Make sure that the flowers that adorn the banquet tables, did not have too sharp flavor - it can interrupt the smell of food and beat the appetite of the guests.

Florist Wedding Party


If your wedding budget is not big enough,to spend the extra money for the rich decoration of fabrics and vibrant colors, it is appropriate to replace it all balloons. This wedding table decoration will be no worse than any other types of decor. Due to the balls in the same way you can keep the overall style of the wedding, using the appropriate colors. A few pertinent tips to help you tastefully decorated banquet balloons:

  • Select several combine colors for balloons in the form to the background behind the backs of the young, for example, the arch with two hearts.
  • Table Suite you can draw beautifully on the edge of two colors of balloons in several rows.
  • Instead of a large floral bouquet newlyweds on the holiday table, use two balls of white swans.
  • Use balls decoration wedding hall,are filled with helium. They can let go of the ceiling, leaving a long wavy "legs" almost to the floor or attach to the candlesticks or a bottle standing on the table. Excellent will look in the interior of the hall some elements of balloons, for example, columns, huge vases or puppets.

Decoration of wedding table with balloons

Master class on dressing table with his hands

The ideal decor for the wedding banquettables are always the flowers, so the theme of the next master class will focus on the flower arrangement with autumn theme in pumpkin pot. This original bouquet is able to add brightness and originality to any wedding celebration. Let's get started:

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Starting materials:

  • Pumpkin small.
  • Fresh flowers (great option for autumn time - it's bright red gerbera several shades).
  • Special floral foam, which is available in any flower shop.
  • Water and a knife to create the desired shape of the pumpkin pot.

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  1. It is necessary to prepare in advance floristic foam Bay its generous amount of water. This is to ensure that the flowers retain their freshness for a long time on the holiday table.
  2. Of the pumpkin with a knife, carefully remove the inside. Do this so that you have turned the pot with the right round hole.
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  3. Inside an empty gourd lay floristic foam. It would be better if the foam is split into smaller parts to it then carefully put into a pumpkin.
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  4. Then you can start fillingthe resulting pot flowers. Cut the stems of the desired length. Be careful while cutting the flowers, so in the end to give a bouquet of correct ball shape. Use the green leaves to make harmonious composition. Decor for the banquet table is ready!
    d2db9ef43f0e2f397fcc8d5443b20a0a.jpg? 595

The result of the flower arrangement of your pumpkinsure to please with its beauty, originality and colorful. Please use this idea to decorate wedding tables chic guests and honeymooners, putting pots with flowers in the middle. Such an unforgettable style and creative idea to make admire anyone who is lucky enough to see the spectacle.

Photo originally decorated table bride and groom

Table bride and groom - the main area of ​​the banquethall. This attribute of a wedding celebration to be decorated in a special way and to attract the attention of any guests. On this account, there are many impressive ideas that make more than one occasion to admire. And in order to gain additional inspiration for the imagination, check out the finished version of the beautiful decoration newlyweds table, looking at the photo below:

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