Wedding flowers Paper

Wedding - a great holiday, which is traditionallyto decorate all sorts of decorations. Nowadays, luxury floral arrangements, many modern decorators replace original paper products. Bouquets, boutonnieres, garlands and other decorations made with colored paper, look stylish and unusual. In addition, these decorations are very easy to perform and does not require significant time or financial costs.

Tips for wedding decoration paper flowers

Paper flowers - charming decor for a wedding

For wedding decoration should be treated seriously andthoroughly. Ornaments are the basis for the formation of a solemn atmosphere at the festival. , You need to connect all their imagination to decorate a spectacular wedding. Festive decorations involves the use of various products, the appearance of which is determined by the style chosen for the wedding the newlyweds. A popular idea for the decoration of the celebration - the original decorative accents made using colored paper.

Decorations for the wedding in the form of flowers or balloons,hand made using paper received wide popularity in our days. Homemade decorative elements offer a unique opportunity to creatively arrange wedding venue, set up in the banquet hall of the romantic atmosphere and not squander the holiday budget of a young family.

Bright accents in the form of festive accessories

With such a simple and affordable material,as paper, do great things. There are many variations on the theme paper for the wedding decor. Especially popular are the bright three-dimensional flowers that adorn the arches, tables and chairs in the banquet halls. To create a beautiful lush flowers use a variety of techniques and different types of paper. When making a room such decorative elements, note that the paper is highly flammable, so artificial flowers and decorations must be at a safe distance from the candles.

The main advantage of holiday decorationsis their efficiency. Paper, even colored, dense or crinkled, is significantly cheaper than real flowers. In addition, artificial decorations will not lose its attractive appearance, during the holiday will please young and guests. Decorative handmade jewelry - it is not only very beautiful, but also symbolic.

Variants of using a color paper wedding

The original decorations in the form of paper birds

Paper - excellent material, which todaywidely used for decorations and artificial flowers for a wedding. Among the decorations, most often used in the design of the wedding celebration, isolated garlands which decorate the gazebo or banquet halls. Garlands made using paper, may be the most unimaginable forms consist of squares, circles, stars, hearts, other details. So decorate decoration aisle toward the altar and the chairs for the guests.

Paper pompoms - another interesting viewwedding decor. Light air peonies made with colored paper and hung from the ceiling, look fabulously beautiful. Such spectacular details help create a festive atmosphere in the most modest premises. Different in size and color pompons connect with each other, making a three-dimensional colorful garlands. In addition, these ornaments are often used during the wedding photo shoot. If the wedding is held outdoors in the summer, improvised paper flowers in the form of pompons decorated trees.

Paper lanterns - charming decorations for weddings

Lanterns and birds made of origami in technology,It is widely used to decorate the venue of the wedding ceremony or banquet. These decorative items help to create in the room or outside the right romantic atmosphere, decorate wedding photos. With paper and developed imagination create amazing fabulous composition. The decor of the use flags, fan, writing on paper, turntable on a stick.

As for colors, made with paper,scissors and glue, then they usually adorn the arch for the wedding ceremony. The scale of such design festival flowers are almost limitless. These flowers spectacularly combined with satin ribbons, light fabric. Interestingly will look unbelievably large peonies with buds, behind which you can hide playfully kissing young. Confetti in the form of small flowers will be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding decor.

The bride's bouquet

Interesting ideas for the bride's bouquet

A small elegant bouquet - an essential attributewedding ceremony, as well as an important element of the image of a beautiful bride. Bright lush flowers made with paper, would look particularly impressive and original. The main advantage of such an accessory - its longevity. The memory of a wonderful wedding day can keep for years to come. Many brides order in the copyright studios decor bouquets to order, but if you like to do for yourself, be sure to try the accessory using the paper yourself.

Decorative bouquets cut, using sheetsmusic books, crepe and fine colored paper, special materials for scrapbooking. To create a coherent composition, make bouquets for the bride, her bridesmaids, boutonniere for the groom, using the same paper, or in a similar color scheme. If you decide to make accessories with your hands, be sure to start do some probing.

groom boutonniere

Original boutonniere for the groom happy

Boutonniere - a small, neat sizemale enhancement, is traditionally made using several flower buds. Elegant groom boutonniere is attached to the left lapel of his jacket. The name has come to us from the French language, and the male tradition of decorating your costume colors rooted in the times of ancient Greece, where men on wedding decorations for their apparel modest floral arrangements, fragrant herbs. According to legends, small accessory protects the love the bride and groom from evil spirits.

Neat flower bouquets worn on the chestknights in medieval Europe. Decoration symbolized infinite devotion to his beloved lady owner. By the way, this accessory is worn not only on holidays, but also in everyday life. Modern wedding fashion dictates its own rules, and boutonniere of flowers lose their popularity. Decorating jacket true color is not practical, so instead of living bouquets use small paper decorations, in no way inferior to the natural beauty of the buds.

Decoration of tables and banquet hall

The spectacular design of a celebratory banquet paper flowers

To create a truly fantastic atmosphere in thewedding, you need to think carefully about the holiday decor. Jewellery made with paper, could not be better suited for the decoration of the ceremonial event, a celebratory banquet. There is a huge number of possible ways to arrange a wedding venue. Large paper balls hanging from the ceiling, can help add to your home decor a bit of bright colors. In addition, such products will be an excellent platform for a panel, which will be located behind the backs of the young.

Used as a kind of paper peoniesfor decorating sweet table and photo zone. To complete the decoration of the hall, put on a plate each guest a flower with a small note, which briefly came to thank your wedding. Flowers made of paper will be spectacular decoration of newlyweds table or birthday cake. Try to create an original composition using fruits and home-made accessories.

Manufacture of paper flowers with his own hands

The lush peonies made using paper

Charming lush peonies bright colors, as well asunbelievably gigantic help to make your wedding decoration richer and more spectacular. In this case there is no need to apply to the author's decor studio. These accessories for wedding every bride can do yourself. You only need to allocate some free time to stock the necessary materials. Below is the detailed instructions on making paper flowers for the wedding.

Materials and tools

Before you take up the creation of spectacularwedding accessories, you need to prepare materials, as well as necessary tools. To make lush peonies, you should stock up on appropriate paper. Possible to use a single material or of different colors. It is better to buy the tissue paper for packing - is ideal option. Option one sheet should be 50? 80. Sizes range at its discretion. So, you will need:

  • eight sheets of tissue paper;
  • strong thread;
  • large pair of scissors;
  • transparent fishing line or wire.

Step by step instructions with photos

  1. Fold the eight sheets of paper at each other. If you are going to use the material in different colors, try the flower Ombre style - looks very impressive. To do this, take, for example, two sheets of cream-colored, put them three pale-orange, then three bright orange.
  2. Fold all the sheets one accordion. Remember as a child you did paper fans. Let the width of the bending varies from three to eight centimeters. As a result, you should get one long strip of paper.
  3. Fold the strip in the middle, then use the thread tie the bend. Do not tie a thread very tight. Just fix the middle of the strip.
  4. The edges of the strips cut in a semicircle as shownin the photo below. When you cut the paper, hold all the sheets tightly pressed against each other. They should not disperse. If you sharpen the edges, turn out not less original and beautiful pompom.
  5. Expand each edge of the strip from the fan center. Hold the bend in the middle. Gently flatten the paper folds at folds.
  6. After this very carefully, so as not tobreak up, separate the sheets from each other - this will be the petals. First flatten one side of the band, and then the other. Shake a little product, fan it. Charming surround peony ready.


Master class "Roses from corrugated paper"

Elegant flowers made with their own hands,It looks impressive and original. This accessory will be a wonderful decoration of the wedding ceremony, as well as a celebratory banquet. This element of the decor can be an excellent material for topiary.