Wedding banner photo

Posters, posters, banners, garlands - it allmust have in the design of any wedding, regardless of the subject matter and the number of guests. This is not only part of the holiday decorations. Wedding banner photo zone - the perfect solution for stylish pictures. It not only creates a festive mood, but also solves the problem of scenery. What are the banners and how to choose the right option? What will be done with his own hands, and that it is better to book the professionals?

Banner Ideas for the wedding photo shoot

Wedding photo shoot necessarily included in theany modern wedding program. To make it fun, surprise guests and get stylish photos, you need to prepare the photo zone. Banners for the photoset must be high quality, and the materials, colors, lighting - comply with the conditions of the celebration (this applies to both on-site ceremonies, nature and events in enclosed spaces).

Banner for wedding

Wedding banners come in several forms. For a wedding it is possible to use all of them, the main thing that is consistent with the holiday theme (colors, fonts, materials and decorative elements should be in the same style). If the celebration decorated by a team of professionals, this problem usually does not occur. If the couple are doing everything on their own, distributing aid between friends or relatives, it is necessary to coordinate all the stages. What are wedding banners?

With names

A poster with the names of the newlyweds - traditional, notlosing popular way to design a wedding room. Such decoration is quite able to make their own. In addition to the names on the poster will look appropriate with the groom pictures bride (in the form of a love story or just a romantic or cheerful collage) or wedding symbols (rings, hearts, doves, ribbons or flowers).

Wedding banners with the names of

Make a stylish banner help to the stencils. Choose an elegant font in a suitable computer program, write the names of the letters on the printer, print, cut them out with scissors or a knife stationery. If you want large size inscription (larger than A4 size), make a printout of the printing on wide-format printers. Very large letters easily applied paint from a spray or roller.

Poster in a cartoon

Poster Cartoon always raises a smile and makesinformal wedding, brings a touch of humor and enthusiasm to the triumph of the seriousness of the newlyweds and remains present for long memory. Orders a caricature of the artist, as a rule, pictures, pose personally optional. Wedding cartoon can print any size, inserted in a frame or mounted as a banner.

Wedding banner cartoon

Press-Wall (Wall Press)

News Wall is a great resource(Canvas) stretched over a frame. These designs have traditionally been used for photo shoots of various events (presentations, press conferences, ceremonies). Modern public wedding also can not do without photoset on the background of a banner stand, making it a popular design wedding photo area. Production and installation of press-wall engaged in advertising agencies, the price depends on the size and type of construction.

Wedding news Wall placed indoorsor outside. If the photo shoot is scheduled in the evening, should order press-wall with built-in lighting. The content of the banner stand, as a rule, personal logos, names of the newlyweds, the celebration date, photo collages. The development of the layout, it is desirable to entrust the professional designer - the result will be stylish photos. Wedding news Wall decorated with thematic attributes or just the colors, fabric drapes or ribbons.

Wedding news Wall

The most successful version of the press-wall - banner on the floor,which will make photos without ugly joints, struts and other installation parts. To get the maximum quality photos before press Wall mounted spotlights (they rent out the same companies that manufacture such banners). To order press-wall preferably in advance (about a month before the celebration), to obtain a high quality stand and on time.

News Wall - not the cheapest fun,therefore, if you want to save money, order a banner without assembly / disassembly. The frame for stretching canvases have to rent, in addition, need special fasteners. If you have design skills, fabricate banner layout yourself using a graphics program on the computer, and then make a print advertising campaign or printing.

From honeymooners photos

Banner with a photo of the bride and groom - not thegood background for the photo shoot. But this poster (or, if desired, an entire gallery of images) will be a wonderful decoration of the banquet hall. Selected photos before printing, it is desirable to process in a graphical computer program to correct color, remove flaws or unnecessary parts, add or themed labels if necessary. Print out these posters on special paper or canvas banner.

Banner with a photo newlyweds

In the form of a garland

Thematic garlands - another popularwedding decorations. Such decoration is easy to perform with his own hands, in addition, its creation will not take long. Garland appropriate looks almost everywhere: on tables, chairs, wall, or ceiling, indoors or outdoors. If the bride and groom will pose with a garland in his hands, you get stylish themed photos.

As draw on the banner, garland, exceptusual for the wedding the newlyweds hearts or names? The size of a banner looks good if it is not very long, so short suit the wishes of 1-2 words ( "Love and happiness", "Together Forever", "Council and love", "Just Married"), uppercase letters the names of the bride and groom, celebration date. For a modern European-style wedding in the romantic and stylish looks inscription in English «Mr & Mrs» ( «Mr. and Mrs.").

Wedding banner garland

The material is suitable for garlands clothor thick paper. To inscriptions preserved for a long time, use a special paint (for fabric or acrylic). The colors of the letters and the background should contrast, or read a banner will be problematic. Fashionable alternative to painted garlands will be cut from paper stencil. As a pattern for cutting out suitable not only names and dates, but also the silhouettes of flowers, a dove or heart - this garland looks very romantic.

How to make a banner for the wedding with their own hands

Wedding banner with his own hands

To make a stylish wedding garland banner with the inscription, Materials needed:

  • white cardboard for the background;
  • blue cardboard (or any other contrasting) color of the substrate;
  • color printer;
  • glue stick;
  • shaped punch for processing the edges;
  • scissors, stationery knife;
  • ribbon for hanging.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Select the appropriate computer font, size andcolor for inscriptions, write and print a letter to a printer on a white cardboard. If you can not print on cardboard, use ordinary writing paper - in this case the printed blanks will need to be pasted on white cardboard (otherwise substrate will show through thin paper). Cut the pieces with letters edge in accordance with the selected size.
  2. Cut blue cardboard sheets for the substrate to the desired size (which must be greater than the workpiece white letters).
  3. Treat shaped punch substrate edge.
  4. Glue the two parts (white and blue).
  5. Knife to make each letter of the two slots for tapes. To the letters were kept in their places and did not go, the holes should be less than the width of the tape.
  6. Thread the ribbon through the letters and hang it in the right place.

How to make a wedding banner

Photo original wedding banners

Wedding banners are used not only forphoto shoot, but also as a screen, a partition or a data object (the place for congratulations, a landmark for guests). Some limitations in the design of banners is not - it all depends on Honeymoon fantasy, wedding coordinator and budget experience. Necessarily it is necessary to take into account only the theme of the event: posters and stands out from the general style will bring to naught all the efforts of the decorators. In our gallery you will find photos of wedding banners of different types and styles.

Photo wedding banners