Wall of flowers for wedding

Floral walls are the perfect decoration foryour wedding. Create professional florists composition you can post as a backdrop for honeymooners desk or use the guest photo zone. If the couple are planning to organize the exit ceremony, the wall of the colors used in place of the arch. With the decor, which is attended live or artificial flowers, you get an unusual and spectacular decoration of the entire wedding. But to make this a luxury item was a success, it is important to know the rules of creation and combination of plants and their shades.

Wall Flower for wedding

Making wedding wall

After the couple decided on the spotholding of banquets, need to be concerned about the design of the room. Decor premises includes many nuances that must be considered when selecting and defining the ornaments location. The absolute favorite in the design of weddings is a wall of live or artificial flowers. Such decoration is able to accentuate the interior individuality and create a welcoming atmosphere, filling the room comfort and warmth.

Wall of white flowers for wedding

fresh flowers

Floral decor will contribute to the weddingIt will be a grand and memorable event for the newlyweds and guests present. To create a wall at a wedding with fresh flowers, plants need to pre-select who bravely survive the event. For this ideal carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies. The panel, which houses the flowers, give an unforgettable flavor throughout the celebration. Though such a decoration and is expensive, but provided with positive emotions and newlyweds and all guests present.

Natural flowers to decorate the walls of the wedding

paper flowers

Budget wedding decoration wall consideredthe use of paper flowers. This alternative is available for married couples living plants, which are limited in their financial capabilities. Though paper masterpiece and has a low cost, created with the help of decor gives the room charm, sophistication. The original composition is required to be a unique decoration of your wedding:

  • Do you want flowers on the wall looked impressive and unusual? Use a combination of juicy colors - it will provide a bright, stylish decor of the room.
  • To give the interior a lightness, professional designers recommend choosing white milk or cream shades.
  • If you use flowers to decorate the walls of the pearl paper, such a composition will overflow with magical sparkles that will create a mysterious atmosphere of the wedding.

Paper Flowers for decorating the walls to the wedding

Additional decorative elements

To wall decor flowers looked complete,Wedding florists recommend the use of additional elements. If you are planning to design to produce vivid colors, it is advantageous to supplement the background obtained using green moss, leaves, branches. Paper decorations can be combined with crystal garlands that will hang elegantly on either side of the wall. It is important to choose the right elements to help you create an unforgettable style of your wedding.

Decorations for the wedding wall

How to make a wall of paper flowers with his own hands?

Self-production of paper flowers forWall for the wedding the newlyweds significantly save the budget and individual design of the composition will help to make the celebration special and stylish. Wedding decorators recommend to make a wall of medium size. The optimal solution would be background, the parameters of which are 2 m high and 4 m in length. In order to spend a little time decor, use large flowers, as large items easier to bond with each other. For the manufacture of jewelry for the wall is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  1. One A1 format sheet of drawing paper or cardboard.
  2. Simple pencil and eraser.
  3. Scissors.
  4. PVA glue or double sided tape.

Correctly make a flower can help you step by step instructions:

  1. First, you need to draw a pattern thatIt will be the basis of all the petals. Take a thick cardboard and draw the pattern of the desired size and shape. paper color must be chosen according to the color scheme of your wedding. 6 petals need for a single flower.
  2. Each petal of the resulting put in front of you and bend the fan. Please note that accordion lines must converge in the center of the pattern.
  3. At the base of petals make a small vertical incision.
  4. Then you need to give the petal shape: two sides of the resulting notch put on each other overlap and secure with glue.
  5. Then glue together three petals.
  6. After the adhesive has dried, the remaining three patterns must also be connected together. Then glue the two resulting trefoil.
  7. Getting to the core of the formation of a poppy. For this cut a circle of two yellow and black. The diameter of the first circle should be twice the latter.
  8. Then the yellow and black circle are uniformly cut from the edges to the center. Then, using the scissor blades need to twist the ends.
  9. The resulting core carefully glue to the center of the flower.
  10. The final chord - three large leaf, which are attached under poppy petals.

After the ornaments are ready,proceed to the design of the walls. For decoration, you will need about 20 paper flowers. The combination of several shades of one color scheme will help to achieve the original design of your wedding. To get an original composition, it is recommended to use the flowers in different sizes and shapes. It is important to avoid unpleasant moments at the wedding, and to do this be sure to pay attention to reliable fastening of the assembly.

Decorating the walls of wedding paper pom-poms

If you are a design on their ownwedding, you need to know how to properly position the paper pom-poms on the wall, chairs, tables, decoration looked to harmony in the interior. When making a banquet hall with paper decorations, consider the color scheme. The right combination of colors will provide a unique composition, which will be the main decoration of your celebration.

Pictures of the beautiful wedding decoration wall

Before you order wall decor inprofessional florists, decide what style and color of your wedding will be issued. With perfectly matched jewelry you will create in the ordinary room a magical atmosphere. In order to evaluate the wall decor for weddings, offer available with a selection of photos. The images presented possible options for decorating the walls of living or artificial flowers.