The composition on the table newlyweds

Before the solemn day of the wedding the newlywedsyou need to thoroughly prepare. The groom should have a neat ironed jacket, classic trousers, highly polished shoes and a bride need only elegant snow-white dress with lace and irresistible smile. Add to the celebration of joy a touch more perfect flower arrangement on the table newlyweds. Decoration of flowers the place where the bride and groom will sit better to entrust florists.

Features table decoration for bridal

The main table at which sitbeloved, should attract admiring glances guests. What is surprising is its decoration, the more emotions will have people in the audience, and will be able to feast. Plus, sitting face to guests lovers will be photographed. Pre original decorated table will emphasize the uniqueness of moving action. Do not engage in design of a banquet hall for a week before the celebration, as plans can change dramatically, and you will lose your time.

In the main table at the newlyweds mustbe nice tall glasses (sometimes with gold or silver), two bottles of sparkling wine, beautifully arranged fresh flowers in the center. Amazing tablecloth, different from those that are on the guest tables. Possible, but not mandatory attributes to decorate the candles are considered to stand and satin ribbons with a suitable color.

The compositions of flowers

The decor of the tables can be used:

  • compositions with a variety of eye-catching colors
  • lighted candles, tablecloths and beautiful fabrics, unique set of dishes
  • beautiful precious and artificial stones
  • pyramid of fresh fruit

Options for wedding table decorations with flowers

The most common way to create beautifulcomposition on the table newlyweds - to use in a large number of flowers, such as gerbera or chrysanthemum, where they are relevant. This will require painstaking work of florists with good innovative thinking and imagination. It is necessary to combine the range of shades of fresh flowers on the table with accessories, its shape, as well as to take into account the overall design and style of the room in which will be the forthcoming celebration. It is important not to overdo it with the colors so they do not interfere with the guests, and love.

Large living, bouquets

Fresh flowers on the sides of the table and its perimeterusually surround the main decoration - in the center of the composition. As a result, the impression of the whole. If the wedding is held with hot climates, flowers are always in need of moisture. Irrigated their best with a spray gun. The easiest way to frame manufacturing fresh flowers - to combine metal and plastic, foam and a bit of wire. Such a composition on the table newlyweds maintain its perfect shape throughout the meal.

flower composition

Small bouquets in vases

Flowers in vases on the table newlyweds

Among the popular songs on the table newlyweds- Bouquets in vases of high and low. As long placed first related bouquets, and then added to the various kinds of flowers: roses, lilies and others. The main thing - to bouquets in harmony with the other colors and the overall design to the table. High deemed vases, whose height does not exceed 30 cm, they are widely used for celebrations with the number of visitors more than a hundred. For low vases are best laid flowers in the shape of a ball, it will give tenderness and improve the effect of the decor.

Flowers in rectangular supports

Rose petals, decorative stones and candles

Additional decorations to decorate the table newlyweds

Most decorators like to use forDecoration extra things that focus and increase interest in the guests small details. The décor elements, the composition of the newlyweds in the table may include a small woven basket, inside which there are large and small petals of red roses. Such braids desirable to place around the perimeter or chaotic. In the absence of baskets, decorate the table the petals one according to your imagination.

Any composition can Honeymoon tablemake more romantic, if you put a long white candle, previously strengthened their vessels, candlesticks and candelabra. An important caveat - they must be combined with other decorations on the table and serving. Medium-sized marine and / or precious stones with shells also can fit in such an event, it is better to place on the edges of the table or, alternatively, put by the bride and groom in a semicircle.

Stones with the names on the wedding table

Table decorated with candles

Master - class registration table with his hands

Composition newlyweds table does not needprofessionals design, you can decorate it yourself. You do not need special skills, it is important to a sense of harmony. Making better to start with a satin ribbons in interesting colors such as pale lavender, purple. Put on the table a plate, cutlery, glasses and white candles. In the process of decorating need tools: scissors, pliers, secateurs, wire, tape. The master class is used orchids, rose bush of pink and white roses, and eucalyptus green.

  1. First, it is necessary to arrange the glasses to take every kind of flower, connect them with each other to cut the buds for the laconic type.
  2. It has cut off buds need to add long green canes, and then a little to fix them together using wire.
    Instruments on the table
  3. Moisten a cotton wool in water and wrap it around the bouquet,so it does not withered in addition tape wrap a bouquet. All irregularities, as well as a visible cover with Scotch satin ribbon and seal, using a hot glue gun with.
    Circumcision colors scissors to bud


  4. Ready bouquet using wire to attach the glass and decorate with ribbon.
    Adding to flowers wool, Scotch tape, tape, glue
  5. For registration napkins using a purple ribbon make a ring and secure with hot glue seams. The same must be repeated with another ring is wound over the first.
  6. Sourced from two different satin ribbons rings put on a napkin.
    Bonding the two rings
  7. Create the same bouquet, as we did before, and fasten it with the pins to the napkin, threading it through.
  8. The same actions done with the chandelier, not sparing the rhinestones to decorate.
  9. At the end of the table, add the petals of roses.
    Mounting to a bouquet napkin

Fotoprimery registration table newlyweds

If the text instructions on the table for decorationyou was not enough, take a look at the pictures below. Each piece in the photo - a unique work of florists and lovers with a boundless imagination. Combining a sense of harmony and a desire to make a wedding unforgettable, you can issue the newlyweds original table that can not fail to notice the guests invited to the celebration.