Tablets on a table at a wedding

It ended with a solemn ceremony of registrationa new young family, left behind a walk, photo shoot newlyweds. How do you want to quickly taste delicious, fragrant dishes prepared for the holiday! In order for there wedding plates on the table without any fuss to seat guests, help them find their way and to take the place where they want to see the couple. Also performed correctly and with taste, they become worthy of interior decoration.

What are the signs on the wedding table

After leading voice is heard,We invite everyone to go to the table, with guests sometimes confusion arises. Odni- most skromnye- still standing at the entrance, the rest is passed, while others tend to go first to take place far away from the young, while others get lost and do not know where to sit.

To ensure that all guests feelcomfortable, pre-think over, how would you yourself like to place them. After that, draw a plan for seating guests at the paper and hang it at the entrance, and each table equip specially made cards, which will be invited to focus in the search for his place. Production of seedling tablets will take some amount of time, but will help avoid unnecessary conflicts and grievances.

card options

Types of plates

To start, decide whether you want to dopersonalized nameplate for each guest, or simply number the tables. Both options are good, they are willing to use on special occasions. Produce labels you can with your hands from a variety of materials at hand, or choose a ready-made, referring to experts of the wedding agency.

Nursery cards for people with the name

With the numbers of tables

There is a lot of banquet halls, where the tables areseparately: ttakoe their locations imply the presence of plaques with the number. To guest knew him for a table to sit down, enter the number in his invitation card. Tables are numbered arbitrarily. For banquet halls where a common table is the letter "P", it will be advantageous to make three cards, "left", "center and" the right table. " If the room two parallel table, limit two cards: "left the table" and "the right table."

Cards with numbers predominantly tablesmade of design paper. They come in different shapes - round, oval, heart-shaped, the flags - and be sure to include clearly and accurately derived number. Fasten these cards to a special holder, and if there is any, made double, so hold yourself. Their approximate size of 9.5 cm x 15 cm.

Ideas registration numbers

The decoration of the festive table will be unusualplates with a photo of the groom with the bride and table number. Custom number plates can be attached to the existing tableware, decoration, accessories - flower vase, candle holder, a bottle of wine. This original and simple.

Creative solutions

With the names of the guests

Here, everything is very simple: Located in front of a list of all invited to the celebration, in turn are fabricated plate personalized for each guest. In its request can cause nadpis- official name, the name of the invited person. And in order to create a cheerful mood guests, manufacture cards, briefly describing the guest, for example: "My favorite sister Tanya", "Godmother Tamara", "Nephew Sasha", "Best Plumber Uncle Boris", "Kind Victor."

Ideas of decoration with the writing of the name and surname

What are the signs

Special restrictions on the production of weddingplates on the table does not exist, everyone can do their original, extraordinary, to exert maximum fancy. But there is one single requirement - compliance with the style and colors of the wedding. This is especially true of weddings performed in any particular style.

plate size

GENERAL Build plates so that they were nottoo large, too bright, cutting the eye. But make them too small, too, not worth it, otherwise they will be lost among the festive dishes. Make their optimum size, so that they are clearly visible guests, but not concentrated on all the attention.


Newlyweds want to see signs werebeautiful, original. To this end, they signed fancy font, using shadows and other visual effects. It is not necessary to do, as you artificially make it difficult to read the text, creating the problem of guests, especially those with poor eyesight. Do labels easy to read font, which is visualized from a distance.

Tablets on the wedding style

If the wedding is held in any particularstyle, design and color plates for the guests must also conform to it. Tablets contain the elements that characterize the style of holiday. For example, for a wedding in the style of travel figures with symbol table numbers are attached to the geographical map, dressed in white framed.

Case number plates

Very popular in the style of the weddingvintage. For them, the cards are made of antique any improvised means, which are at home. For example, you can make a wooden plate, decorate it with a frame carved, in the middle of a room to lay out buttons. The buttons are attached with a special adhesive.

Using vintage style

For Orange wedding suit nurserycard decorated with orange leaves or flowers. This can be application, drawing, photograph which contained an inscription with the name of the guest. With a little effort, demonstrating inventiveness, a tablet, you can easily make your own or with the help of friends.

design ideas for celebrations in color

Your family is proud needlewomen? Then they will have a suitable occasion to show their talent. For a wedding in the style of rustic execute nameplate embroidered on a round canvas figure. Also looks good number engraved on a section of a tree trunk, but here the men will have to show their skills possession of tools.

Rustic Style in the production of seedling cards

A wedding in a nautical style decor suggestsmarine accessories. For tablets can fit absolutely any items related to the sea. For example, in the middle of the dishes set up the ships, they were holders attach number plates. Or attach them to a seashell or a star, keg beer or rum.

Options for celebration in a marine style

If all of the above rules yourcards for the guests will not only be informative, but also become the subject of a kind wedding hall decor. Do not skimp on the fudge, give vent to imagination, make an effort, it is sure to be appreciated by guests. And most importantly, the festival will take place quietly, without resentment.