Photos decoration wedding hall

Wedding - an important and exciting day in the lifeloving couple. On this day, everything should be perfect: the newlyweds outfit, beautiful wedding ceremony, the best restaurant and decorated room. When the preparations for the ceremony in full swing and the main issues have been resolved, it remains a dilemma about decorating the venue of the celebration. To decide on this you can by viewing photos of the wedding hall decoration and examining our management.

Decoration wedding hall


The best venue for a wedding feastThey are cafes and restaurants, where the atmosphere, view, interior and services already have a pleasant pastime. But the casual atmosphere of the hall is hardly suitable for such an important event, so these rooms are decorated with additional accessories to make it more elegant.

Accessories for the wedding hall

Nowadays there is a huge choice of optionshome decoration for the celebration. Use flowers (fresh, but sometimes used and artificial), balloons, drapery fabrics and a variety of light with lights. Often used posters, made his own.

Getting to the creation of the decor of the hall, you mustto determine what materials you want to use, and what will be the theme of the event. It is important to choose a color scheme design, and who will deal with: you or the experts in this industry. You will make the right choice, if you explore the many photo decoration of the wedding hall.

The color scheme of the wedding hall

decoration balls

Balloons - a universal method of preparing the room for the holiday. Wedding - is no exception. Here's how to use in the interior of the wedding hall:

  • For example, put a large amount of the ceiling so that they fly freely. This will create the effect of weightlessness.
    Wedding hall decorated with balloons on the ceiling
  • You can attach balloons to chairs visitors or small the weights. This will create a festive mood to all those present in the room.
    Wedding hall decorated with balloons tied to chairs
  • Arch of balloons twisted or heart will look great near the honeymooners (most importantly, that they kept the form).

    Wedding hall decorated with balloons in the form of an arch
  • Lovely figures made with balls, decoration of the hall will make a unique and memorable.
    Wedding hall decorated with balloons in the form of figures

Making flowers

It has recently become popular to useflowers in the room where the wedding banquet will be held. Usually used when decorating compositions of natural flowers, rarely occur with the use of artificial species.

Wedding hall decorated with flowers

You can use the floral arrangements at the head table for the newlyweds. An example of this design, see photo, below.

Wedding hall decorated with flower arrangements

Guests may be small bunches of living (for example, as in the photo).

Wedding hall with tables decorated with small bunches

Often flowers adorn the stairs and arches. It looks elegant and ornate.

Wedding hall with stairs and arches decorated with flowers

Making cloth

Recently it became fashionable decorationceremonial halls with a cloth. As a rule, for this purpose use the light, airy views that cascade down freely (eg, chiffon, silk, organza). Also apply and denser items (velvet, taffeta, satin), which look rich. There are times when using a fabric creates a kind of canopy over the room or made the veil.

Decoration wedding hall in the form of cloth canopies

Often found the room decor with a combination of fabrics and colors, or garlands. Especially gorgeous it looks when dim light, looks elegant and will appeal to all guests.

The decor of the wedding hall combination of fabrics and colors

Decoration wedding hall with their hands

If you have a good imagination, you can come up withbeautiful and original decoration of the wedding hall alone. To get started is to review and study possible materials with examples of design. Then decide, with the help of which you will execute, and it will need to do so. Having planned notes, gradually proceed with the case.

Independently decorate a variety of ways:

  • The easiest to use in the interior airballs, placing them around the perimeter. How to do it, and where better place - it's up to you, connect your imagination. You can also independently perform the heart of the balls.
  • You can decorate the room with the help of art posters on the walls of the tapes or paper pompons.
  • Make a decor of satin and easily without the help ofspecialists. It is necessary to choose and purchase a light airy fabrics of shade, which will be your wedding, and by mounting an option, simply attach it to the right places, beautiful material is gathered, if necessary.
  • If you have even the slightest idea of ​​the floral design, and you have a well-developed sense of beauty, you can independently produce and floral decorations.

As you can see, draw on their own is not so difficult. The main thing - the interior will be decorated as you wish. In addition, in self-decoration of the hall, you can save money on designer services.

Table decoration for young

table decorations Principles for youngin common with the main theme of the room. This may be used cloth or paper flowers decor. In the spring and summer of live floral arrangements are used more often.

Table decoration young flower

the composition can also be used, for example, as in the photo.

Decorating the table newlyweds composition of fabrics and colors

In autumn and winter balls are mainly used as decoration with flowers out of season - a very expensive proposition.

Decorating the table newlyweds balls and cloth

Guest tables

Tables for guests must be made in the samestyle as the rest of the holiday: the same materials, the same color (or colors). In this case, the guest room will look harmonious. Serving and the presence of beautiful tablecloths, fresh flowers bring a certain flavor to the overall view of the hall and create a festive atmosphere.

Decoration guest tables

Chairs for visitors

Often chairs in cafes and restaurants do not lookquite presentable or not consistent with the overall design of the room. In such cases, chairs and decorate using organza, linen and bows of satin ribbons or small flower arrangements. Popular variations of chairs looking at the photos, below.

Decoration chairs for guests

We have considered various options for registration of a wedding celebration. If you have original ideas and photos, not represented here, we will be glad to see them in the comments.