Paper doves at a wedding

White dove - a symbol of life, the world,Updates, love and purity. Choosing accessories with pigeons for wedding, the couple emphasizes the delicate nature of their relationship, harmony in the future family. There are many ways to decorate the feast of beautiful birds: buy ceramic or wooden statues, paintings with pigeons, to issue polygraph corresponding images, but also easier and cheaper to create a symbolic doves with his own hands.

How to make a paper dove to the wedding with his own hands?

Beautiful blue you can do yourself atusing different materials - to sew felt toys in the form of birds, make cardboard figures, but the easiest way, which does not require major investments, is the production of paper birds. Pigeons (depending on the technology of) may vary in size, volume or be flat. In the case of origami, needle women need to be used only with paper scissors, but when creating clothes patterns birds will have to adopt additional glue to hold together some of the blanks.

Garland with felt on the wedding pigeons

As for the color of the paper, is idealWhite: it reflects the true meaning of the dove of peace, emphasizes the solemnity and festivity of the event. However, if desired, the culprit celebrations can create any other doves under the shade palette that is used at the wedding. It is interesting and cute looks a little Aged paper or even ordinary sheets of notebooks in a cage or strip - such doves will be combined perfectly with the holiday in style Shabby-chic, eco-friendly wedding. As a basis well suited for scrapbooking sheets, decorated by different types of patterns.

The volume of paper doves

Many girls are trying to decorate a weddingvolume doves, because they look more natural and more interesting than flat paper birds. Such pigeons get "put" on the table, make them an excellent garland, used as a seedling cards for guests. For beautiful pigeon figurines bride can use paper of white color, ivory, milk, cream, golden color - depending on the style of holiday. See detailed master class with step by step pictures of the production moving white doves of peace for the wedding.

Necessary materials

  • The printed pattern is a dove.
  • A4 paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.

Driving and stages of development

  1. Print dove pattern shown inpicture - the body and the wings separately. Carefully cut out the bird, trying to keep the edges are inaccurate parts or sharp edges. When you are ready, proceed to the creation of the volume of poultry: fold along fold lines back, as shown in the photo. Proceed carefully, so as not to crumple the paper.
  2. Fold the top of the triangle next to the tail, and then make a fold bottom to the top tail pigeon sought.
  3. Take the glue, grease the area of ​​a triangle,then gently fasten its top to the bottom part, as shown in the figure. Do the same with the top of the pigeon, glued paper in the beak and head. Make sure that the seam was smooth, and the adhesive was not visible.
  4. Cut the wings bend the workpiece along the lines offold, glue brush with the triangle on the inside of the element. Attach a piece of the future of pigeon to the body. Volume beautiful bird is ready - you can fold the wings up and down, to decorate the dove paints, beads, rhinestones.

Garland of pigeons for wedding

Garlands - are beautiful holiday decorations,area of ​​application is large. The bride can also arrange touching paper doves to his room to create a festive atmosphere, make an interesting accessory for daily photo shoot or to make larger version attribute to decorate the banquet hall. There are garlands, where doves are connected together, and jewelry, representing birds, hanging on strings. In the next master class we will look at the second option accessory that is perfect for eco-weddings.

To garland with pigeons looked festive,It should be further decorate it with flowers. The material used is white and colored paper - this diversity creates a special mood. Decorate like a garland girl can live or artificial flowers, small balloons, threads unnatural pearls.

Garland with paper doves for weddings

Necessary materials

  • Solid white threads.
  • Green wire to match the flower stems.
  • Flowers baby's breath.
  • White and colored paper.
  • Pencil with eraser.
  • Scissors.
  • Punch (awl, stationery knife).

Template and stages of development

  1. Take the baby's breath, divide into florets sprigs.
  2. Carefully wrap the stems are thin green wire - small florets should gather in a bunch. Make a loop as shown in the photo.
  3. Cascade flowers, neatly connecting wire flower arrangement on plant stalks.
  4. The hinges that are on the edges, use for mounting.
  5. Cut paper birds, as shown in the figure. To make them more festive and solemn, you can cut the pigeons with open wings. Use the hole punch to make a hole at the top of the trunk.
  6. Give a strong thread through the holes in the blanks pigeons, carefully tie.
  7. The resulting ribbon perekin'te through the garland,With the pigeons so that one bird was higher than the other, you can wrap the thread around the flower arrangement several times to secure fastening. A beautiful accessory with pigeons ready! To preserve its freshness longer, a good spray the flowers with water, wrap it in a bag and leave in the refrigerator until the moment of celebration (for a maximum of two days).

Workshop to create garlands with pigeons

Master-class on making a dove in the art of origami

Origami Art - is an ancient technique of creatinganimals, plants, and other elements of the paper. This unique method of making the pigeons will create a special atmosphere, it is perfectly normal for celebrations or for a Japanese-style wedding. You can use paper of different colors to decorate the bird room, or prefer monotonous sheets - in any event decoration will look great. Using a ruler, draw on a normal sheet of A4 square, and then act on the detailed instructions for creating pigeons.

Photo Wedding pigeons paper

Original paper doves look interestingand decorate their presence any special event. Before you make beautiful birds, the bride can explore ideas realized on registration of premises. See a selection of successful and interesting photo paper doves to help decide on the style and form of future festive accessories:

Ideas for creating pigeons for wedding