Making wedding in nature

The best day for the newlyweds wantthe holiday was special, not like at all. There is a great desire to make the celebration memorable. Whatever the idea or come to mind - it should be discussed in the second half and implement. If you chose to open a party in the open air - then be sure to consider the account of the beautiful wedding decorations in nature, which is able to turn ordinary gatherings in an unforgettable celebration.

Particulars of the wedding in nature

Before embarking on the preparation of the celebration«Open air», is to understand what this style is so special? The main advantages of the wedding feast - is the fresh air, the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, live singing birds, a large area for the festivities. Nearby there are small flaws: the inability to predict the weather conditions, the need for additional facilities (toilets, showers, kitchen, smoking areas). After analyzing all the holiday options, you'll see for yourself - you need whether such a wedding in nature or not.

If you are still looking closely into this kind ofcelebrations, then you should pay attention to: the venue, registration, transport, organization, kitchen. These are important questions that need to be solved. Very well, if the selected location for the wedding is next to the restaurant or the estate, then the question of storage products, their preparation - leaves. When choosing a location for a wedding celebration - look around, whether it is safe, because in the warm high probability of the presence of mosquitoes, ticks.

Everyone was invited to the wedding event,It should be able to easily get home. Therefore, if the location of your choice will be far away from residential areas - it is desirable to order the driver to be constantly in the wings. He will not only bring visitors home and bring / take all that you will need in the course of on-site ceremony, banquet, and you will not have to worry if you forget something at home.

How to make a wedding on the nature of their own hands

One of the most important issues for the weddingOpen Air - its layout, this will depend on the level of the event, the mood of the groom, bride and guests. Personally beautiful holiday issue and everyone can make it not so difficult. For such a process requires a willingness, responsibility and knowledge. Keep in mind that you can decorate with nature in different ways: balloons, flowers, ribbons, fabrics, ribbons, candles, fruits, etc. It all depends on the selected style wedding.

For example, if the theme of the celebration are the fruit- The vase with oranges, lemons, kiwi are very appropriate. And hanging on a tree with colorful apples, pears, plums create a beautiful "interior". If the wedding theme - "soft," then you can use any decorative accessories in pastel colors. Very nice, if such decorations will meet in beautiful outfits newlyweds.

Balloons for wedding outdoors


One of the simplest and most common waysregistration of any wedding, not only on nature - order balloons with helium in holiday colors. In addition, you should buy an inflatable arch for the newlyweds, the composition of tables for guests - what could be easier. But it is also nice - balls of different sizes, shapes are symbolic separate areas for younger guests, staff, smoking, etc.

To a wedding outdoors with balloonssuccessful, at the end of the event will be interesting to run into the sky a lot of these accessories. This fully replace your expensive fireworks, especially if simple balls to supplement sky lanterns, which ignited and independently raised skyward. Any event can decorate with helium balloons, but if the wedding is outdoors - do not forget to tie the accessory to the branches so that they do not themselves have gone to the stars.

Fresh flowers for a wedding in nature

fresh flowers

What could be better, nicer and more beautiful presentlive flower beds? But those in the forest rarely find, and in park areas, they may be missing. The only way out to make a wedding on the nature and decorate it with fresh flowers. It's expensive, but it looks gorgeous. If you choose a wedding in the nature with accompaniment - then select resistant varieties of greenery. Decorating the table will not only young, but also: a place for visitors, clearing recreation, dancing, etc.

outdoors wedding can be decorated:

  • Roses (they will give nobility holiday)
  • Peony (plants symbolize love and prosperity)
  • Chrysanthemum (a symbol of wealth and luxury),
  • Chamomile (unobtrusive simplicity and style);
  • By any wild flowers (they create a sweet, gentle holiday format).

Making candles wedding


What could be more romantic than dinnercandlelight in the open air? And imagine if this whole wedding made format. Wonderful, is not it? If you agree with this opinion and want to give preference to the candles to decorate a wedding event in nature, then it is necessary to stock up their whole arsenal. Thick and thin, high and low, aromatic or common - all of these types of candles will be present on your holiday.

Do not put on too many tables and candlesclutter their location, because when more light is lost romance. It is better if the table for 5-10 persons is 2-4 accessory, 20 cm high and 2 cm wide. On conventional electricity also needs to take care, because the candle will not provide energy. And she needed to play instruments, to enhance the audibility of the leading and store food.

When choosing candles as decoration on weddingnature, remember that it is very easy to ignite the dry leaves on the trees. Think about safety: all must consistently located on the candlesticks, they should not be transferred from one place to another. A decoration is not recommended for use in general in the presence of a large wind or rain.

Wedding outdoor modern fabrics

soft furnishings

Textiles is able to transform the most ordinary thingsa work of art, so the natural fabric of the wedding should be present. Minimum - a beautiful tablecloths, napkins, chair covers with bows, of the track. In addition, it is worth considering fabric screens to shield certain areas, bows on the trees or bushes, "curtains" made of transparent chiffon, imitating the clouds.

If you want to decorate a wedding in naturedecorative textiles, then come to the store and try to connect different kinds of fabrics, their patterns, colors. This will help determine what kind of worth taking. Colours textiles should be light, festive, it can repeat the white or cream color bridesmaid dresses, flower bouquet in a shade, etc. Choose flowing and lightweight fabrics. It is important that they had to put hooks (otherwise the branches of trees can ruin the appearance of registration) is not possible.

Tapes for the wedding in the woods

Colored ribbons and garlands

Outdoors wedding is complete without registrationsatin ribbons. They combine well with balloons, cloth, candles or flower arrangements. The compound in combination of several kinds of jewelry is very appropriate. For a wedding in nature it is very easy to arrange a small swing (they will be used for entertaining guests and photo shoots). Think about raising animals - horses, ponies, they too can perfectly complement the wedding, especially if they also decorate with ribbons and garlands.

Most important question - what better tapeuse. For this satin suitable plastic (for colors), or other. The advantage of the first - aesthetic beauty, and the second - getting wet and resistance to fracture. In other words, if the predicted rain - to decorate wedding tents outdoors better plastic ribbons. Garlands of paper is also reserved for sunny weather, though, if a tent or an indoor playground has a canopy - they are allowed to use.

The original decoration of the wedding

If our tips on organizing a weddingnature is not enough to accurately determine with style - watch the video. Here are a couple of bold newlyweds very interesting to decorate your festive event, so delighted were not the only guests. Mass Internet visitors also looked through this movie and appreciated the organizers. But the main thing in this case - to approach the issue with creativity and unique will succeed at its best. outdoor wedding in white tent with the heavenly spheres - is the dream of many girls and boys.

Photo design ideas wedding in nature

Balls for a wedding in nature
  1. Self-made balls of yarn. There may be a very worthy ornament of any wedding celebration in nature. In order to make such an accessory, take a balloon, tie his woolen thread dipped in glue and leave to dry completely. After the ball later, with a very beautiful volume balloon. He can become a symbol of a wedding celebration.
  2. The event in the style of red roses. To decorate, use only fresh flowers, their own place in the bride's bouquet. A special addition will be the groom's accessories are made in such a bright color.
  3. Wedding on the nature in the style of the rainbow. Combine all the colors in one holiday is also possible, although it is to organize such ideas carefully. Using ribbons and garlands at the same time is very appropriate.

Photo wedding in nature