Making wedding candles with their hands

Decoration wedding candles - the process is not easyfascinating and interesting, but also symbolic. Traditionally, the candle is considered a kind of symbol of the hearth, which is an inherent part of the ritual removal of a veil of the bride. Exquisitely decorated with candles and decorate banquet tables, creating a nice atmosphere for a romantic wedding celebration. Self-decorating such an important accessory that you will make the product innermost sense, has become a real talisman of family happiness and prosperity.

Rules for wedding candles

Wedding Candles - symbolic decoration celebration

Decorating banquet hall begins withDecoration main table of the bride and groom. Style and colors used in the design of the central places in the hall should be in harmony with the rest of the decorative attributes. Professional graphic designers release on this subject a few recommendations that will help to keep the overall style of the wedding ceremony and festive celebrations:

  • Overall design must be in harmony with candles decorating details. In other words, glasses decoration, champagne bottles, balls and table must be maintained in a single style.
  • It is necessary to consider the size of wedding items - they should not be too thin and long. it is recommended to use a low broad candle to design a family home.
  • Decorative elements on the product quality should be made so that when the combustion does not start to melt, ignite or fall off.

Necessary materials

Materials for decoration candles

Making candles - an interesting process andfascinating. With their decoration using various materials such as chains, lace, polymer clay, fabric, satin ribbon, pearls, wrapping paper, coffee, cold porcelain, shells and more. Among the most popular ways to decorate the wedding attributes isolated modeling, decoupage, painting.

How to decorate wedding candles with your own hands?

Delicate decoration candles artificial flowers

Making candles at the wedding with their own hands -ideal if you want to turn a decor item into a true symbol of marital happiness. In preparing the sketch is necessary to consider the type, size of products, and the availability of the candlestick. High candles tend to decorate banquet tables. To this end, experts advise to use a beautiful chandelier, which further decorate delicate flowers.


Satin ribbons could not be better suited forexquisite decoration candles for weddings. There are many options for decorating wedding accessories with this versatile material. The first step is to decide with the style of decoration, and then proceed to the choice of colors and a sketch. Discover a small master class on design candles using satin ribbon.

Materials and tools:

  • satin ribbon;
  • glue "Master";
  • scissors.
  • thread;
  • needle.

Stages decorations:

  1. Take satin ribbon 30 * 15, then sew it in the middle of large stitches. As a result, should get a pleated ribbon.
  2. Wrap it in a spiral candle so that the base of the product was completely wrapped in cloth.
  3. For the manufacture of cut satin fabric rosettes three square size of 5 * 5 cm square three - 8 * 8 cm, and three square - 6 * 6 cm.
  4. Fold the square diagonally, then sew exactlyfolded seam, tighten the thread. The result is a pleated leaf. With each subsequent leaf decrease the tension of the thread. Put obtained petals each other, sew them on the bottom.
  5. Pin products rosettes on the surface with an adhesive. Gentle wedding accessory is ready.



Floral arrangements - an essential decorativeattribute of any wedding. Use live buds is impractical to design candles. During the evening, the flowers will wither and become deformed due to the combustion. In this case, many cells or use artificial flowers made independently, using different materials. For example, a polymeric clay. The colors of this material decorated wedding candles in a workshop below.

Materials and tools:

  • polymer clay in two colors;
  • seven pins;
  • crystals;
  • glue;
  • nail scissors;
  • toothpick.

Stages decorations:

  1. Make a ball of polymer clay.
  2. From the droplet shape it.
  3. With nail scissors cut its top into five equal parts.
  4. Using a toothpick, make every cut of the droplets to the petal.
  5. In the middle of the resulting flower insert a pin, which is needed to secure the element on the product.
  6. By analogy make six flowers using clay of different colors. These elements send seven minutes in the oven at 130 degrees.
  7. you must connect the imagination to complete the decoration of the wedding candles. By attaching flowers to the product, as well as further decorate it with rhinestones, we get the original wedding accessories.


The maritime-style - using blue candles

Often the couple choose to design theirwedding theme of the sea. Particularly relevant this topic is getting in the summer. graphic designers offer a lot of ideas for turning the solemn ceremony in the sea tale. Use the suggestions below a small master class for registration of candles in a style to add flavor to the decor of the grand table.

Materials and tools:

  • satin ribbons of blue and white;
  • rough rope;
  • scissors;
  • Transparent bank or decorative container;
  • shells;
  • sand;
  • glue

Your Steps:

  1. Prepare all the necessary materials, tools, and a few candles in blue.
  2. For registration you will need seashells. With adhesive seal it with each other candles, tie them with ribbons, over which tie the rough rope.
  3. The transparent container pour sand and seashells.
  4. Place the jar in the resulting composition. Stylish and original decor elements ready.


Decorating style silver

For the decoration of wedding accessories (candle)choose all sorts of styles. If you are planning to arrange a wedding in silvery tones, attributes should be decorated accordingly. You can use beads, imitation pearls, imitation and ribbon of satin, decorative delicate rosettes. Check out the master classes on decorating wedding candles in the silver style, which is presented below.

Materials and tools:

  • Tape of pearl beads;
  • satin ribbon;
  • decorative satin roses;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Your Steps:

  1. By the bottom of the candle stick braid of beads, wrap it about half the product.
  2. Then tightly wrap the product on a narrow satin ribbon, leaving free his fourth. The tape secure with glue.
  3. Border tapes and ribbons decorate your glue and satin roses. Complement the decor beads. Gentle wedding accessory is ready.


Ideas wedding table decoration candles with photos

Romantic wedding table decoration

There are a lot of design options banquetFine rooms with the help of wedding attributes. Figured candles in the shape of hearts will look spectacular on the table edge, alternating with delicate bouquets. For similar decoration is also suitable low fat products. Currently, a special popular style of minimalism. Fresh and creative design of the table will look like with a lot of candles in different sizes, but not the rest of the wedding paraphernalia.

Candles and bouquets to decorate the wedding table

Roses and candles in glass candlesticks

Wedding table decorations in blue tones

Master-class on making a home

To make use of satin ribbons,rhinestones and decorative flowers. Try to do the same gentle and romantic family home for their wedding, it will be a wonderful symbol of love, happiness and prosperity in the family.