Ideas wedding floristry for the bride's bouquet and the hall

No one can not imagine a wedding withoutcolors. In the art of decorating celebrations there is a whole area, which is called the wedding floristry. Its history dates back to ancient Rome, where the bride and groom at a wedding held in the hands of a bunch of garlic and rosemary, which is a symbol of a happy and rich family life. The modern floristry - it's not just the bride's bouquet, boutonniere and groom, flower decoration machines, banquet hall, tables, glasses, arches.

What is a wedding florist?

Ideas wedding decoration flowers

Floral decoration - separate the fragrant worldand each flower has a certain meaning. Previously, plant language studied in high society, it was considered necessary element in education. With flowers young men said to each other's feelings without saying a word. Modern wedding floristry includes several subspecies. The main direction - a bridal bouquet, boutonniere groom. The next major subspecies are flower decorations bridesmaids bride (necklaces, bracelets, wreaths or decorations in the hair).

Flora at the wedding - a decoration of flowersthe venue of the ceremony. Wedding floristic composition made of floor, table, wall and set depending on the characteristics of the room. Flowers decorate the stairs, tables, chairs, glasses, and even honeymooners. An experienced florist should know not only the features of all plants, but also the conditions of their combination, storage, modern lines of bridal jewelry.

for wedding decoration with their hands Workshops

If you can not invite for registrationwedding professional florists, you can stylishly decorate with flowers the celebration yourself. Plants used for wedding decoration of the interior, should be in harmony with the overall wedding theme. Excellent look like live and artificial flowers that decorate chandeliers, columns, ceiling, creating a beautiful garland. Alive ratseniyami adorn the more significant places: the arch, table and chairs are newlyweds, the wedding procession.

Giving preference to one or another color, the couple should consider the following nuances of modern floristry:

  • Selected flowers should not have a sharp odor, not to provoke allergic reactions of the guests, or headache.
  • For the wedding cake decorations and meals is advisable to use artificial flowers to various chemicals used to prolong the life of the plant, were not included in the meal.
  • It is better if the colors chosen for the wedding decor will be closed buds to petals and pollen from them fell on the clothes and tables.
  • It is advisable to select the floral decoration, based ontime of year. For example, the fall will look great asters, chrysanthemums, gladioli and dahlias. For a summer wedding is better to choose plants of the field, and in winter will look great bunches of rowan and pine sprigs.

Color accents in wedding floristry

Making the table bride and groom

Veterinary newlyweds table depends on the size andtype of room, number of guests and the overall color scheme of wedding. It is necessary to take into account the temperature of the room, the presence and location of heaters incandescent bulbs, because fresh flowers are sensitive to heat and can quickly fade. Tablecloth on the table newlyweds decorate several desirable flower garlands, color repeating the bridal bouquet. Often on them and scatter the petals of roses of different hues.

To the flowers do not interfere with the guests to talkbride and groom, they are arranged in vases or low lodkoobraznyh furshetkah. Revive airspace help flower balls hanging from the ceiling, and an extra touch of romance will make the petals arranged on the floor in the form of heart. The wall behind the newlyweds also decorated with plants, laid out the initials of the groom with the bride. On the window put a high vase with a variety of floral arrangements, depending on the style of the wedding and the taste preferences of the young.

Guest tables

For a wedding guest table decoration toouse low vases with flowers, the color interface with bouquets on the bridal table. Good will look and higher floristic composition, but no higher than eye level, so as not to interfere with communication guests. If the restaurant has chandeliers of various sizes, they also need you arrange fresh flowers and herbs. This will create the necessary festive atmosphere in the hall.

Very interesting themed guest floristrytables. For example, the fall will look great composition with cinnamon into a pumpkin, and in the spring season is appropriate to use a bright pink peonies combined with pale pink freesias in ceramic jugs. Complement the unexpected wedding design glass candlesticks, wicker basket with grass decor. If the wedding takes place in the winter, instead of floral decoration is better to use softwood board composition with ribbons, dried berries, pine cones and autumn are ideal for dry leaves with nuts, apples, chestnuts.

Wedding floristry hall

Making a festive table with flowers

When choosing floral arrangements for floristrywedding hall should be preferred shades that blend with the bouquet of the bride, not dissoniruya the color of her dress. It sets the direction of Floral layout of the banquet hall. Experienced florists in the design of the wedding decor premises adhere to the following trends:

  1. Parallel. When the plants and flower arrangements are arranged in rows, with observance of colors or adhering type.
  2. The form. Implemented decorating columns, arches, railings, already available in the banquet hall, or create new designs using live or artificial flowers.
  3. Formo-linear. When in use the wedding hall floor compositions, highlighting some central element.
  4. Vegetative. It involves the use of natural elements (trees, stones, berries, fruits).
  5. Decorative. It is used compositions in the form of spherical elements with the addition of a low flowing vases or trays.

Flora includes a banquet hallthe use of colors in the same style on the table, the walls, the ceiling, the wedding arch. Do not forget about the flower symbolism, because bouquets can be encrypted message for guests. But do not overload the room decorations. A large number of screaming shades of colors, complemented with balloons, glitter or other decoration, make a banquet room a colorful and tasteless.

Bridal bouquet and boutonnieres

Floristry for the bride and groom

Floristry to the wedding with his own hands - artdifficult, but the result will be stunning. Make your own bridal bouquet, showing the most of their individuality and imagination, will be able to every bride. The most important factor in the creation of floral compositions are color combinations and wedding style. For the rural theme celebration delicate wild flowers work best, but for the wedding in the royal style knight or better to focus on a lush bouquet of rare varieties of plants (lisianthus, alstroemeria, hydrangea).

With regard to color preferences, howTypically, the bride and groom choose neutral subtle shades: white, cream, pale pink, but sometimes want the bride in one bouquet combine several different colors. In this case, the pitch should be selected that are closer to the color palette to each other, for example, a cyan / blue, yellow / orange, green / light green. Contrasting bouquets also look great with the right choice of colors: yellow-blue or red-green combination will attract the eyes of guests.

There are several options for a bride's bouquet with their hands, not requiring unique knowledge:

  1. Flora on the stems. For its production need: flowers, herbs, cellophane tape. Plants gather together the stems are cut, wrapped in cellophane and ribbon.
  2. The composition on the wire. Its peculiarity is that prior to assembly, each plant is secured with wire, and the stem is cut to the desired length. Then he is going to a bouquet, and the leg is wrapped with satin ribbon.
  3. Using portbuketnitse. It is the most popular version of the floristic composition, which offers the convenience and simplicity. At the base of the foam plastic ball glued stems wrapped in satin ribbon. And in the water-wet foam pressed flower buds that should fit snugly together. To portbuketnitse not collapsed, the bride during the day it can not be thrown or put horizontally.

For images Suite intertwinedis to create a groom boutonniere require the same flowers and plants, which were used for the bride's bouquet. To make the composition, arm selected plants, scissors, pins, floral tape. Put together flowers and greenery tie ribbon, trim the stems to 8-10 centimeters and secure at the wedding of his beloved jacket. These floral compositions can be made for the bridesmaids, and even for all the invited guests, only using other combinations.

Where appropriate to use artificial flowers?

Wedding floristry Artificial plantsIt provides an excellent opportunity to create a long-lasting compositions and use them several times. The advantage of this decoration is to save finance and time, because they do not have to spend precious hours before the wedding to find fresh buds, to worry about their safety. Decorate the banquet hall with artificial flowers is better for a few days before the wedding, and they are easy to buy in advance in any specialized online store.

The double-bouquet that she will throwgirlfriend, is also better to create artificial colors. So it will remain for a long time at the girl who caught the symbol of the imminent marriage. Some newlyweds prefer to do both of wedding bouquet artificial to achieve the perfect combination with the dress or the hair or save an accessory for many years after the wedding.

Lesson for the wedding florist

Floral decorations for weddings can be bothself-colored, and created from made different in shape, color and type of plant. But that such a bold combination looked harmoniously, newlyweds should think in advance palette or to apply to a professional.

Stock trends wedding floristry 2016

Making wedding arches flowers

New items Floral decorations for weddings 2016 - isslightly disheveled composition of dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, cotton, leaves, willow twigs, wheat spikelets, which do not attract a lot of attention, but do ballroom homely. Trend of the year was the European style - floristry, expressing itself in the use of wildflowers with small inflorescences, which combine well with the large lilies, roses, calla lilies. As you can see in the photo below, in wedding fashion minimalism reigns today, but that does not look floristry colorless or stingy.

Bride with bouquet

Professionals use for wedding floristrynatural elements, for example, the buds of roses in a metal stand or orchid inside the small cage. At the peak of their popularity remains naturalness when different types of plants have the room in a chaotic manner, which creates the impression of a spring meadow. But the hottest topic Wedding floristry 2016 - this green theme, where all songs are composed entirely of deciduous plants or include green flowers. Such decoration wedding hall looks fresh, unusual and very stylish.