Ideas for winter use accessories photoshoot

Most couples in wedding suitthe warm season, when you can spend a holiday in the countryside. But there is a couple that are specifically waiting for the winter to get married, and frost and snow are not afraid of them. It is believed that pre-New Year's time is very romantic, and the winter wedding photo shoot on a white background goes great. Just keep in mind that the snow - a monochrome background, and that the wedding pictures were interesting, you need to select the appropriate accessories.

Accessories for winter photo shoot indoors

high-end professional will be able to createunique photos, not only on nature, but also in the room. Wedding photo shoot will not be complete if you do only outdoor shots, and no reason to be newlyweds long in the cold, especially if the family is soon expected completion. The room in which to successfully carry out a photo shoot for a wedding in the winter, a lot:

  • restaurants;
  • large shopping centers;
  • art galleries;
  • furniture stores;
  • mirrored disco hall;
  • dance hall.

Discussing plans for the wedding photo shoot, do notforget about the indoor rinks, aquariums, dolphin, planetariums. A special place - the church: in the reflection of the bride and groom candles look romantic, but for those wedding pictures better to agree with the priest. Unique photos made in the banquet hall, and so they turned interesting, you need to decorate, using accessories. As a winter wedding props used Christmas decorations, tinsel, and other Christmas accessories.

Decorative candles

The idea of ​​using for a winter weddingphotography decorative candles is not new. Photographers have long used this accessory in different ways to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. For bright photo candles decorated with colored sea salt, fresh flowers, crisp white lace, bright ribbons or other original accessories. Candles do not have to fit in with the style of the banquet hall. On the contrary, the brighter, more original, they will look, the more interesting will be the wedding pictures.

During winter photo shoot is used in candlesAs additional lighting, if not enough light in the room. The results will be very unusual, when it's winter cold, and the fire on the faces of the bride and groom flickering warm light. Just do not forget that a burning candle - it is a source of increased risk of fire, so it's better for them to use non-flammable decoration materials. Note that only plug an optional accessory and not the main element of a winter wedding, so everything should be in moderation.

Wedding decor for winter photo shoot

Blankets and knitwear for a photo at the fireplace

Photos of the fire could not be better suited forwinter wedding. Near the fire source always becomes comfortable, and with the plaid and knitted things lovers will look even more romantic. Beautiful picture - a couple without wedding clothes in bright knitted things or wrapped in a blanket, drinks champagne near the ancient fireplace. Another option - plaid splits on the floor, spread out on a rocking chair, a couple sitting on the floor, looking at each other. Photos of red plaid and knitted things will go nicely on the background of white snow of winter.

Winter wedding photos fireplace

Samovar and bright cups

If someone of your friends among the kitchenutensils have colorful samovar, the professional will make great wedding photos. Bagels on the table, bright cups and saucers and a traditional Russian samovar - all this will add national color and make recall the generosity of the Russian soul, which has been preserved until now. The photographer should properly sit newlyweds, to the hands of the deep saucer of which in the old days on the Russian tea party drinking tea a bit of sugar with sugar or jam. Hold the saucer in hand, need a special way, with the ostentatious style.

Bright accessories for wedding photos

Funny pillow in the shape of heart

With funny pillows are made of bright colorstunning photos. For example, a play on the fun with these young wedding pads: they playfully kicking colored accessories, insert them instead of the person or kept at stomach level. From pillows to easily stay on a beautiful rug or chair. Originally will look photos on the windowsill, where the bride gently embraces a beautiful pillow, looking through the window at the snow-covered winter street. Great idea - scatter cushions on the floor, sit near the original glass table on which are fruit and wine.

Decorative pillows

Accessories for the wedding photo shoot on the street

Winter photo shoot - it's a great way to notOnly lift the mood, but also to get an unusual wedding pictures. White snow gives fabulousness nature, so in any city or town there is ideal for shooting:

  • City Park,
  • snow-covered embankment,
  • a new residential area,
  • comfortable bench under a burning torch.

Winter pictures on the street made bycontrasts. In this regard, you need to think in advance, what accessories will be used for a photo shoot. In creating the right atmosphere in the outdoor wedding photography help warm mittens, scarves and sweaters, beautiful fur, sled, ski, bright and unusual fruits bouquet.

Poses a professional photographer will choose,based on the idea of ​​the photos. Talented photomaster clearly know how to express the idea of ​​the right accessories, it is advantageous to emphasize the winter mood and put the newlyweds or to put their models in winning pose. Therefore, for the bride and groom it is very important to find a professional, a true master of his craft.

Bright fruit

A distinctive feature of the winter - it is white. It would be nice to add contrast, to be used as props red apple or orange, bright orange. Bright flowers in the bride's hands, too, will create the necessary contrast. Find a small little forest or a few trees, covered with snow, with his back against one of them, holding a bright fruit. Successful winter picture will be when the lens captures more vibrant berry on the tree, for example, wild rose, viburnum, mountain ash, or hawthorn.

Winter feast on nature for the wedding photo shoot

Sleds, skates or skis

Winter - the perfect time for outdoor weddingentertainment, so skiing, sledding or skating couple will look wonderful. For maximum transmission of mood you need to first the bride and groom to provoke, and then they started to take pictures. In winter sleigh cheer easily, so a series of portraits of truth will be guaranteed! Vitality is easy to capture the moment when riding with a pair of high snow-covered hills. Delight is spectacular and emotional. We offer a few ideas for cool pictures:

  1. Play snowballs.
  2. Floundering in the snow.
  3. Run among the high drifts.

Plots for winter photo shoot

Knitted scarves, mittens or gloves

On a sunny winter day, shooting out at leastfun and dynamic, and that the white snow create bright accents, use colored knitwear: mittens, scarves, gloves. Not necessarily look for nature, trees or parks. With the right approach, too, felt an amazing winter atmosphere, but this photographer need to conduct a preliminary analysis of the street in a city landscape on the pictures to find the snow-covered.

By selecting for winter wedding photo shootwardrobe, pay attention to detail, to focus attention on accessories. For example, a fluffy scarf and eccentric mittens, knitted hat with large pompom and Russian national scarf, soft earphones and bright ugg boots perfectly cope with the task. To implement good ideas are perfect soft plush toys, which are in harmony with knitted things.

Scarf and mittens on winter wedding photo

Bouquet of cones and fir branches

In winter the bride wedding photographs with a bouquetare required to be safe and boutonniere groom in the same style. To a white wedding dress is not merged with the snow, the bride's bouquet should be bright and unusual. Well-chosen accessories perfectly complement the image and make expressive photos. For winter bouquet, choose the appropriate materials of this period: the cones, fir branches, cotton, wild rose berries. Permission is granted to a bouquet of flowers thinned and only to them should be taken carefully, because not every flower stand cold wind and freezing cold.

Bouquet - accessory for a photo shoot in the winter

Flags and signs, decorated in winter style

To a wedding picture told the wholehistory, special accessories are used at a photo shoot: flags, tables, garlands, on which were written the words. For winter shooting paint the edges of the table in the New Year style, and makes writing style: "I love you" or "When I first saw you ..." and all in the same spirit. With bright banners and tables in the wedding photo shoot is easy to beat the winter fairy tale story. In all kinds of weather are wonderful pictures, if we take it into account: the fog will beat Lovesickness and snowfall - a joyful meeting of heroes.

Bright flags and signs on a photo shoot in the winter

Ideas to create accessories with their own hands

Find interesting accessories for the weddingphoto shoot is not a problem, but also more opportunities to do cool decor newlyweds for a beautiful winter shots on their own. There are plenty of ideas for the creation of which requires a minimum of effort and time. For honeymooners the main theme - this is love, so the winter photo shoot will need hearts of different sizes, carved out of red foam, colored cardboard, made of fabric stuck together and even snow.

Accessory for the wedding photo shoot in the shape of heart

To make a successful winter photoshootpregnant bride will go to accessories such as cut paper butterflies, plaques with inscriptions or ribbons beautiful bows. Great idea - make a special make-up of the bride, for which the paint will be needed, do not cause allergies. To keep longer an image, it is covered with a clamp. Drawings or the inscriptions on the body can be very diverse:

  • butterfly on her cheek;
  • Smiley on his stomach;
  • a little kid;
  • an inscription about love.

Winter wedding photo shoot for pregnant

Favorite all newlyweds with wedding photographymustache, glasses, or lips on a stick is carried out easily, because these accessories make their own hands will not be difficult. The background for these images can serve as winter snow-covered street, and the room in which the photographer will pull a contrasting fabric. To create a mustache or lips need colored cardboard pattern desired shape, glue, wooden stick.

Accessories for the photo shoot, made with his own hands

Photo winter wedding photo shoot

Winter photo shoot fairy-tale magic,unpredictable, sparkling. Nature fascinates us in the winter severity, grandeur, tranquility, cold beauty. In winter are carried out all the creative ideas that the couple dreamed of all spring, summer and autumn, as winter opens up limitless possibilities for the wedding photo shoot. Multiply winter mood in the pictures will help contrasting accessories. Choice of accessories - this is an important moment for the winter survey, when the red, purple, blue or green in the photo looks particularly striking.

Most saturated wedding photos go,when the photographer catches the natural contrasts: a chic winter sunset, evening dawn, when one can see the amazing relationship between a white ground and a red sky. Successful and winter pictures, built on the geometry of buildings and snow-covered trees. Excellent will look red scarf tied to a tree trunk or a photo shoot the newlyweds on background of a winter field with a red cup from which steam rises from the hot beverage.

Universal background for winter wedding photo shoot- Garden furniture. It made stunning portraits and artistic photos. If the city streets not seen snow, in addition to the contrasting position of accessories will save any animals in the frame or even their tracks. Be bold, show all imagination - and unusual winter pictures you provided!

Options for photo with winter wedding

Ideas for winter scenes shooting