How to decorate the entrance to the wedding

After a successful marriage proposal,young couple starts planning the wedding. For months they spend in the event planning and recruitment of personnel required, the search of holiday destinations and wedding dresses, defining the menu design and a banquet. And when there is little time, there comes a time to decide on how to decorate the entrance to the wedding. It should not be put off by then, it is better to consider the details of decor rooms in advance.

Decoration of the entrance of the bride to purchase their own hands

If you want to create a festive, funthe mood of the groom in the morning, take care of the traditional entertainment - the bride price. This ritual takes place on the way to your house, so you should think about the details of how to decorate the entrance to the wedding. For looking at the wall, people do not pay attention to wiped the paint and the windows did not seem to him small and sad, you need to correct accents.

Identify the main problems of the entrance,disguise them by making invisible, switch the attention of the guests and groom on the dignity of the room. For example, peeling paint on the walls is easy to cover with a beautiful cloth, ribbons, focuses attention on the steps of the net. If the problem is in the entrance to the field, it is better to cover the carpet or pave a path of petals. Note groom on a ladder, decorating her nevychurnymi decor. Believe me, if you try, so you'll have to create a joyful mood all invited.

When decorating the porch, consider the waypassing to you, including elevator, front entrance, playground near the apartment, and not just the entrance stairs. The initial steps of the groom should do, breathless from the beauty that will increase the time closer to you. Do not forget that you select must match the decor of the main wedding color. The colorful, too bright wedding decorations entrance or at the entrance to the private home does not fit into a gentle, romantic celebration.


Having decided to make the main emphasis on the entrance floor,Consider several wedding options. Scarlet rose petals express the passion, pink - tenderness, white - trust and purity. If you have a creative wedding, the original entrance door will look images and inscriptions made by spray stencils. By the gentle, sensuous celebration pick up the glowing, bright cloth on the floor (lace, mesh). Fix it candlesticks. posted origami figure fit for a luxurious wedding, covered with shiny paint.

Decor bride's entrance floor


If your house has no elevator, in the weddingthe decoration of the entrance to the stairs show all their imagination, realizing the desire, rather than the standard scheme. Do you like the tradition of bride price? Then, on the steps of the entrance must be the wishes of the game, quests, tasks, which are able to meet the bridegroom. If you want your lover to you rising was in full anticipation, you should come up with a romantic side. Use candles in the entrance, flower arrangements in pots, soft tissue, paper decorations hanging on the railing of a joint photograph.

Decor stairs on the way to the bride's apartment


On the walls of the entrance, place the general picture,if you have not done so on the railing. So the bride will be able to recall places and locations mentioned in the pictures. If the wedding will take place in the game version, you think about where to find big stickers posters «Love is ...». Original garland in the shape of hearts, spheres, triangles colors of your wedding will look great, masking the wrong color of the walls entrance. Secure them to the ceiling on the scotch.

Wall Decor bride's entrance


The last obstacle to the groom - the doorsBride. They should be the final feature in this difficult journey of the morning on the porch. Harmonious, elegant, laconic look wedding floral wreaths. Use the best plants that unseasonably wedding and fit into the main theme color. If you choose artificial flowers, then the bridal wreath will last you a long time. The original decision will be the inscription "I agree", "your half." Flower bouquets in pots - a great idea for boho or environmentally friendly wedding.

Decorating the front door to the bride's house

The best ideas for design and decoration with photos

To make your entrance unique,exquisite work of art, is not necessary to employ decorators, florists and wedding organizers. You can be a great designer themselves. If you are afraid, you do not have time to decorate the staircase physically, ask for help from the bridesmaids. The main criterion - the creation of jewelry with love and a part of his soul. Going up to you, the groom must feel that you are waiting for him before the wedding.

The options for the realization of a lot of wedding austere. Even with minimal budget is easy to create a story in the entrance of the wedding day. You will need a tape, scissors and paper, from which it will need to create three-dimensional installation in the form of balloons, flowers, geometric garlands. Or use the wedding balloons. If your budget allows, do not miss the sight of fresh flowers - they are beautiful in any entryway.

Ribbons and bows

Walking down the aisle in a magnificent wedding dress, richfeast awaits you in the best day of his life? Then the morning before the wedding should be at least large-scale and volume. Using ribbons for decoration always give such an effect. Dark red bows "Marsala" wine shade suitable for weddings. Pale pink ribbons along the walls and railings porch - a great start tenderest ceremony. Small bows ivory or champagne color to fit perfectly in the sun porch windows. Complete the front door to the apartment or the house of the bride wreath with a bow, made in the wedding color theme.

Making an entrance bride bows and ribbons


Weddings are beyond the scope of traditional ornamentsstandard red and white balls. This is the "last century." If the wedding agency will offer you the idea of ​​decorating the entrance balloons, do not give up until you submit the final picture. The main advantage of this option is a modest budget and a grand view.

Balloons released not only corrosive, brightcolors and delicate shades. Light pink, peach, ivory, mint, burgundy, emerald, blue sea ... and it's not the entire list. The original decision of the wedding will be filled with balloons in the form of sequins or secret notes groom-tips, how to quickly solve puzzles with the redemption of the bride. Small airships are made with a cloth and mounted on a thread from the ceiling entrance. The baskets are added to toys, flowers that the groom presents his bride.

Decor porch future wife balloons


Flower arrangements in the stairwell - extraordinary,stylish, really. Any florist will gladly do wonders for you. If you find it easier to entrust the matter to the master, then do so. Brides who are ideological inspirers, constantly learn new elements of creativity, you need to try yourself as a florist for the first time, using the entrance room. Flower bouquets, installation, single buds - all easy to put into decorative vases, jars, pots, boxes, and other devices that are on hand.

Decoration of the entrance of the bride with flowers

Shawls and garlands

If you like bright wedding solutions, thenshawls and garlands suit to decorate the entrance. Pushes away from the main theme color. Take handkerchiefs, which the union will create a smooth gradient, tie one on a rope - a beautiful wedding background in the doorway ready. Garlands are made using paper, cardboard, fabric obedient, old wallpaper, magazines. We need to take a suitable material, cut out of it the same geometric shapes, strung on a thread, hung on the slips.

Choose your material easily: if you have a vintage wedding, the floral wallpaper with peony fit better than others. Your choice - a celebration in the style of the film "The Great Gatsby"? Use gold glitter or paint over the paper circles. If your wedding coincides with the day of love, or the main theme wedding - some flower or fruit, you will surely find a wallpaper with a pattern.

entrance decor bride garlands