How to decorate a wedding table

Perhaps the main point of design weddingHall considered its decoration. After all, it kind of pay attention to the guests at the beginning of the feast. For the wedding ceremony like all those present, the couple are paying due attention to decoration of the banquet table. If you want to learn how to decorate a wedding table, then you should be familiar with the basic rules of decoration banquet for all participants. How to decorate a wedding table in a special way?

How to decorate the wedding the groom and the bride's table?

Wedding bride and groom should stand tableof the total weight of the other. Therefore, for its design should be approached creatively. Tablecloth, uniquely, should be symbolically white. Strong, straight lines that predominate in the design of the other tables, it will be fine shade cloth draped on the territory of the newlyweds. Pay attention to the tablecloth, embroidered with beads or sequins - create a special festive style!

Using a specific color scheme in the design

Flowers will be appropriate to look at the design of the room. Garnish with a bouquet of orchids, white, or multiples of roses, lilies and other wedding flowers. Do not forget that the composition of colors is necessary to put in a beautiful vase. Perhaps it should decorate with aromatic candles, decor that will match the design of the vase.

Chairs and napkins should be combined with designtable. So, on the chairs should be put on the cases, which will be combined with a tablecloth. If the tablecloth embroidered with beads, and the covers must be the same décor. It is worth mentioning that the napkins must be chosen in a contrasting color, then the composition of the territory for the meal will look harmonious.

The use of tissue in the design of the tables

A good option is preparation for spacemeal fabrics of different quality, color, size. In addition to tablecloths, it is allowed to decorate pieces of lung tissue. To beautifully decorate it, connect it to the case of your imagination and the imagination. Regarding tissue, they should be exclusively of cotton. Select exquisite jewelry and unusual lace trim.

Veterinary and color accents,

How beautifully decorate the wedding table with his hands

There is a widespread belief that unusuallyand stylishly decorate the place for a meal can only specialists suggest you familiarize yourself with the step by step instructions with accompanying pictures. With their help, you can easily decorate a place for a meal, and surprise all guests a special kind of place for a meal.


Decoration area for dining colors popular in our time. It is necessary to make some flowers, put them in pretty pots and decorate their room for a meal.

What you will need:

  • Several tulips in warm tones;
  • Five panikumov;
  • FLORAL thread and wire;
  • White cord to tie the bouquet;
  • 15 beads;
  • Organza (choose the color yourself);
  • Secateurs, scissors;
  1. Take organza width of about 40-cm, fold into two parts. Cut the fabric into four pieces. Cut strips of organza, but does not reach the fold line;
  2. Using wire collect four flowers in organza, winding the fabric into pieces of wire;
  3. Begin to make the bouquet: Place the flowers evenly with panikumami, supplement composition decorative flowers;
  4. Cut the stems of the flower shears, separate the leaves from the remnants of the bouquet;
  5. FLORAL tape, wrap the stems of flowers, tie a bow on a solid. At the ends of the tape fasten white beads.

Ideas clearance space for a feast of flowers


Decorate the table as the fruit can be usingexotic plants, as well as using conventional fruit. Arrange fruit dishes will create a harmonious composition. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the possible ways of creating decorative fruit decorations.

What you will need:

  • Different fruits: apples, oranges, pineapples, bananas, grapes, etc.
  • Pot, the shape of which you define yourself;
  • Knife;
  • Toothpicks;

Using fruit in wedding decor
  1. Standard option - to put the fruit in a deep bowl high. Choose fruits of different caliber and size, the composition looked spectacular;
  2. Next, make a pineapple basket. To do this, cut the flesh of the pineapple, cut oranges, apples, bananas in the shape of a cube. This will be the contents of the basket;
  3. Diversify place for a meal with fruit canapes, which is made from the fruit, cut into cubes. They are strung on skewers or long toothpicks, served on a wide platter.


Candles ruled wedding fashion trends is not the first year. They are able to transform any wedding ceremony! Therefore, design of territory for candles meal would be appropriate.

What you will need:

  • Candlestick for 5 candles;
  • Wide transparent bulb;
  • Candles of different length and width;
  • Stand for candles small candles;
  • Various colors small caliber;

Option decoration with candles
  1. First make the central decoration. The candlestick insert tapers. The middle of the decoration element flower garnish;
  2. Several flasks filled with a wide low candles. Complete composition beads, flowers, sequins;
  3. Small candles put in specially designed for this support. It should be placed with the edge of the table.

Photo decorated wedding tables


Decor Ideas celebratory feasts

Making banquet hall

Making wedding table - no easy matter, butinteresting. In any case, you get a kick out of this class, if he does most of the elements of decor with your own hands. After decorating and manufacture a decorative elements, you put your strength and soul, that will make your wedding unique!