Flowers on wedding table

Serving and decoration of wedding table - aan important stage in the preparation of the celebration, which requires a confident approach and a delicate taste. No flowers on the wedding table can not do any one serving, because they are an inherent part of the newlyweds. With a variety of floral arrangements, banquet furniture common instantaneously transformed into a festive, giving the whole room a special atmosphere. For the wedding is used as a classic fresh flowers and artificial.

Advice on how to decorate the wedding the groom and the bride's table

Picking flowers on the wedding table, you need to consider several factors:

  • shape, size of the table;
  • tablecloths color;
  • a variety of color compositions;
  • general decoration of the banquet hall;
  • the quality of the selected colors;
  • Honeymoon tastes.

Be sure to take into account the color, the shape of the bouquetbride, who will stand near the newlyweds. If the bouquet is decorated with colored ribbons, tulle lace or other decorations, it is also worth to decorate and flowers on the table. Do not choose the bouquets with a pronounced flavor, because the combination of floral scents with a meal is not always pleasant. All plants must be fresh to be showered elements do not fall into the plates of food.

Honeymoon table should be special

Colours according to the Interior

An important component of wedding table decorationsis the choice of colors. Strict prohibitions or policy that does not exist. The main guidance in selecting wedding colors should be the taste of a young couple, season, wedding bridal bouquet or basic color palette of the banquet hall. The main thing is to choose a color loved heroes of the occasion. For any choice is not too far to deviate from the color palette of the interior, which will be a holiday.

If you're still unable to choose a priorityshade - no big deal. You can use more than one base color and more. It should only remember the sense of measures - all should be tasteful. Particular attention should bring the bride and groom table, flowers and low desirable to arrange so that they covered their faces newlyweds. Wedding compositions usually consist of several types of flowers and greenery, in harmony with each other.

Good idea wedding table decoration

Additional decorative elements

In addition to the floral arrangement ispay attention to draping wedding furniture fabrics. Through a combination of transparent, dense flowing fabrics create a unique ambiance of the room. The collection of silk, velvet, satin wedding banquet will give comfort, mood and mental harmony. When you create a beautiful triumph of the important role played by the exclusive dishes and utensils, to be artfully combined with the wedding design.

Flowers on the table newlyweds go perfectly withcandles, decorative napkins, fruit, dry spikelets. Florists glasses decorate bridal buds colors, lace, strings of pearls, ribbons. The traditional bottle of champagne is also decorated with lace, bandage tape and put in special baskets of fresh or artificial flowers. Decorated with a set of glasses and two bottles of champagne left in the memory of the newlyweds, as a relic.

Making glasses newlyweds fresh flowers

Recommendations on how to arrange the wedding composition

Wedding floristry - is an art. The selected colors must be harmoniously distributed among the guests, depending on the shape and size of the furniture. If the tables are round and are designed for multiple people, the only one set in the middle of the bouquet. Also allowed to place three small round bowl with water, which will float a flower. Honeymooners are usually placed separately, and their pomp, so different decoration. Better near the newlyweds looked selection of colors of roses, lilies and roses in the form of a flat oval composition.

If the table is rectangular and is designed for largenumber of guests, then it is placed a few floral arrangements of the same color and shape. For example, in the center exhibited higher bouquets and the edge - low. It is also a play on color: the edges are light compositions, and, closer to the center, they darken. As for large flowers, they are arranged apart at a distance of four guests.

For the round table will be enough one composition

Ideas for decorating the guest table with fresh flowers

Here are some original ideas for decorating wedding tables for guests:

  • Gerbera is always popular withnewlyweds, so will be a perfect decoration for a wedding banquet. To create a composition need bright gerbera, ornamental grass, glass vase, pebbles. This decor perfectly placed in the center of the table and the guest will not be a hindrance to dialogue invitees.
  • Roses - a win-win at any banquet. White, tea, pink roses in bud vases, or floating in the water, all create an atmosphere of love and celebration. An additional decoration will be silk ribbons, airy organza, pearl beads, and napkin rings to decorate miniature rosebuds.
    The compositions with live roses
  • Wedding trend of recent years - the simplicity andnaturalness, so the actual herbal decor at a wedding. Grass, moss, leaves that are placed in a vase with water, create a unique atmosphere of natural freshness.
    Herb decoration

Options for placement of floral compositions on the table

When you create a desktop compositions existOne important rule:. Flowers should not be higher than 65 cm and less than 25 cm The work is done with a minimum of contrasts and concisely looks bright among the festive dishes. Live plants do not have to lie in dirty dishes and tablecloth. There are several convenient options for placement of floral compositions:

  1. The extended composition, which exhibited one.
  2. Flowers in vases are set high by 2 units.
  3. Low table flowers range from 1 to 1.5 m from each other.
  4. If the tables are arranged "Christmas tree", that look beautiful bouquets at the ends of the low.
  5. When placing furniture banquet with the letter "T" looks perfect sloping floral arrangement at the end at the entrance to the hall.

Photo collection of original design ideas

A great way to cut costs on wedding -decorate this wedding table flowers yourself. Saturate banquet solemnity and create romantic infusion easily. We picked up some original ideas for wedding table decoration flower garlands. We hope that any of them you like, and you take it to your review.

Candles in combination with gentle buds

Yellow daffodils decorate any space