Decorations for the wedding of paper

The idea of ​​wedding decoration paper decoration comesnewlyweds, when they plan to achieve exquisite and romantic design, thus saving on the design of the banquet hall. Use for wedding decoration paper pompoms of different sizes, floating lanterns on the ceiling, the couple will be able to get a unique and innovative design for its celebration.

Paper decorations for wedding

Advantages of paper decoration on wedding

In preparation for the long-awaited triumph,the couple pay special attention to the decor of the institution at which the banquet will be held. Decorated room creates a festive atmosphere, transforming an ordinary room into a romantic and magical place. Modern trends in the wedding industry to undertake the decor paper. This material allows you to create unusual, luxurious and beautiful things. If you use for wedding decor paper decoration, you can be sure of an individual and unique design, which has a number of advantages:

  1. Paper considered the budget material for producing festive decorations.
  2. This design will be able to make even without prior training.
  3. With the volume of paper decorations will conceal the shortcomings premises.
  4. If you are making paper flowers, you can not worry that they will lose their appearance. Such decoration is performed for any wedding, regardless of the season.
  5. Created by design does not require special care.
  6. Paper details of decor perfectly matched for color scheme and style of your wedding.
  7. Making looks airy and light.

Options paper decorations for the wedding with their own hands

If you stick to fashion weddingtrends and plan to issue a celebration with a twist, then you need to decorate the room using paper pompons, lanterns, garlands, Zhuravliki origami. Such scenery is easy to make at home, without the help of professional florists and decorators. As a result, you will have individual and stylish decorations by hand, especially for your celebration.

Paper wedding decor

Pompons and lanterns

To decorate the arch, chairs or walls of the banquetroom young couple uses flashlights. This design will be a great attribute for the wedding photo shoot. Small lamps can connect to the long and luminous garlands hang from the ceiling, creating the effect of a starry sky. If you plan to diversify the monotonous room with bright décor, choose colorful lanterns, which will not remain without attention of the guests.

Paper lanterns for wedding

Budget option for wedding decorationsThey are pompons. Fluffy and aerial scenery make wedding stylish and beautiful. With pompons newlyweds will decorate the ceiling, arch, walls, columns banquet hall. Decorations can be placed singly or gathered in large panels, which will decorate the table for background newlyweds.

The color scheme depends on the pomponswedding hue. You can combine turquoise with white decor or make completely red. Spending 5 minutes of free time, you get the original decoration for the upcoming celebration. For the manufacture of pompons using corrugated, crepe or tissue paper. You also need to prepare scissors and wire. Step by step guide will help you make an original and neat bob:

  1. Take the paper and cut into several piecesA-4 format. As a result, you'll have a pompom diameter of about 30 cm. If you plan to create a smaller decoration, the paper must be cut into pieces of 20x20 cm.
  2. Then put the pieces of paper in front of you and fold in an accordion. Fold each side must be equal to 2 cm.
  3. The resulting accordion must be secured in the center of the wire.
  4. If you want a pompom with round edges, then folded the ends of the bellows need to cut out a semicircle.
  5. Then gently flatten the edges of an accordion, forming spherical pompon.
  6. If you plan to hang the finished decoration on the ceiling, attach it to the middle of the desired length satin ribbon.

Pompons paper for wedding

Zhuravliki origami

According to Japanese tradition, the presence ofwedding decoration in the form of cranes origami symbolizes prosperity and a happy life for a new family. Therefore, the bride and groom recommended the establishment of a paper-like decor. By making the decorations for the wedding origami technique, you are guaranteed to get a special design that positively appreciate all the guests present. To create the cranes, you will need a minimum of financial outlay for the purchase of necessary materials and some free time for creative work.

Made Origami collected in a long garlandand hung in the photo zone for guests or on the columns of the banquet hall. If the wedding is organized in nature, the cranes adorn the place of the ceremony, arch, tent, or placed on the lower branches of trees. These garlands newlyweds can also be used for a thematic wedding photo shoot.

Paper cranes origami for wedding

Invitation cards

To inform visitors about the upcoming celebration,the couple is required to spread the wedding invitations. Postcard announcing the festival, to be performed in the same style with the decorations of the banquet hall. If you prefer the original versions of invitations, it is used in the decoration of three-dimensional paper flowers, ribbons, beads. Having received such a card, guests will be intrigued by the upcoming wedding.

Invitation cards for wedding or bachelorette party

Garlands of corrugated paper

If your wedding is planned for an inexpensivebanquet hall, it will help to diversify the interior paper garlands. With such scenery plain arches, columns, windows are transformed according to the theme of celebration. Crepe paper is easy to curl, bonding and other manipulations, so you make your own decorations can. To manually create a design masterpiece for the wedding, stick to the following instructions:

  1. For a garland to be cut 10 circles, butterflies 5, 20 hearts. Size, color and shape of the pieces depends on your imagination and preferences.
  2. Then take a long fishing line or ribbon and attach all the components into one garland.
  3. Ready to Apply for decoration guest tables or wall of the banquet hall.

Garlands for the wedding

Lesson for the production of color paper

Modern couple traditional designfresh flowers are trying to replace paper decor. Using this innovative approach, the young couple will be able to get unique wedding decoration. If you plan to make your own decorations for the upcoming celebration, the wedding flowers on paper will be an excellent complement festive decoration. With the help of color can made to diversify the usual room magnificent compositions.

Pictures of the paper decorations for wedding