Decoration of the wedding car cloth

Wedding - a significant event, which implieslaborious and time-consuming preparatory work. To everything was perfect, the bride and groom spend a lot of time thinking through every detail of the celebration. An important stage of preparation for the wedding event - this order and decoration of the motorcade, which will travel around the city with a couple guests. Many ideas can bring the future spouses, holiday decorating cars, but the most popular - the decor of the machine with a cloth. Let's see how to make it beautiful.

Options decorations wedding car with a cloth

Decorating wedding car with a cloth - isclassic, which for many years used pairs from around the world. Explain so popular fabric decor is easy - it looks exquisite, elegant, it does not require very substantial costs and is perfect for celebrations of any style and subject matter. Making the material may seem like a simple and modest, and magnificently, pretentious. Choosing a method of fabric decoration for a wedding motorcade, it is important to consider some nuances:

If the vehicle is provided transportnow, before confirming your order, make sure that you allow yourself to decorate the car. In practice, there are cases where culprits celebrations bought wedding procession, which is impossible to fix even the usual satin ribbon of the road paint covering the vehicle body.
The couple rarely bought only onecar for yourself, so you may need more cars for the guests who come to the registrar or a walk. Good looks convoy of color (white, black or silver). Choosing the brighter colors of cars, should give preference not too pretentious decor. The abundance of "screaming" colors will look tasteless.

Decoration wedding convoy with pink cars

If the car motorcade up closefamily friends, need to be concerned about how to lead a column of classic cars restrained colors - black, white, silver. The leading position is also appropriate to give a beige, maroon, dark blue cars. The column should be organized so that all the brightest cars or cars with airbrushing were behind.
The selected design must necessarilycontrast with the color of the car. So, for dark cars more suited bright, delicate decorations and whites - bright decor items. If the newlyweds car color, range must be chosen in accordance with its shades.
Mounts all decorative details must be reliable, that when driving fast or strong wind blew off them do not, and are not blocked chauffeur review.
An excellent solution for both classical andTheme for the celebration will be the choice of retro-car, but the design of such a machine has its own characteristics. Do not decorate the cars too vivid detail, generously heaped upon him colored fabrics. The best option would be a modest décor tuple Honeymoon satin ribbons or fabric bows.

Car decoration for wedding cloth and flowers

If the future spouses have chosen a fabric inlaycars, it does not mean that you can not use other accessories to decorate the motorcade. With fabrics and ribbons composition may comprise the following elements of decor: balloons, fresh flowers, artificial plants, plastic figurines of the bride groom, rings, tiaras, pearl strands, paper garlands.

Tapes made of fabric for the hood decoration in the form of the letter V

Making car ribbons attached tothe letter V, looks elegant and refined. This option is inexpensive jewelry, but because V-shaped decor fabrics suitable even for a budget wedding, but it looks so festive design. decorated with ribbons in the form of the letter V will look good especially if you use the optional accessories - such as butterflies, flowers, floral bows. In the center of the composition can place a large wedding rings, the bride and groom figurines.

V-shaped decoration of the wedding car ribbons

Ribbons, stretched across the length of the car

Newlyweds can decorate only the hoodcar, but it looks interesting tape stretched across the length of the machine. Such decoration is particularly solemn, allows you to create beautiful, original compositions. When you register can be used conventional satin ribbons, which are mounted on both sides of the car, or large tulle fabric draped on the hood. We must see to it that the decorative items not covered windshield. As an added decoration bride and groom can use fresh flowers, figurines.

Decorating wedding car with a cloth over the entire length

Decor roof lush tulle and tulle

Such fabrics like tulle and tulle adorning the roofwedding cars, air look, easy, gentle. This is an easy and sure way to create a beautiful festive decoration on wedding transport, which spent a little money and effort. For example, the couple can put tulle tulle or on the roof, and the top hoist decorative diadem. So design will resemble the headdress of the bride. Near the makeshift "veil" may be hat groom.

Decoration wedding convoy tulle with tulle

Veil, stretched diagonally on the hood

Laconic decoration wedding convoy veilcovered with diagonal hood, looks elegant, it highlights the exquisite taste of heroes of the occasion. Usually used for such decoration translucent materials - tulle or tulle that prosobirayutsya in the windshield. On-site assembly of the fabric the bride and groom can put any accessory. For example, a small floral arrangement, butterflies or other decor items. Fix the decoration is easy to keep his bonnet.

Decorating wedding car veil diagonally

Car decoration bows made of fabric

Bow - a decorative detail that alwaysassociated with the holiday and fun. They are well suited for decorating wedding cars. Bantu can be decorated with the car's hood, roof, or bumper. As decoration, will look great many small bows or one large. Complement the sleek decor bows located on the door handles of cars.

Decorating cars bride and groom bows

Lesson for decorating cloth machines with their own hands

Newlyweds may apply for registrationwedding convoy in a special agency or decorate the car with their hands. The second option would cost the groom with the bride cheaper, allows to realize their own fantasies. Heroes movie to contrast with the dark shade of purple used cars and purple cloth, artificial flowers. The original decision was binding on the bumper cars unusual device for the creation of soap bubbles.

Photo Machines for the wedding, decorated with cloth

To create the perfect wedding decorthe car, the couple should explore ideas that have already been implemented earlier. With fabric design often combines decoration machines balloons, flowers, figurines and statuettes, sequins, beads. See a selection of photos from the original decoration wedding convoy fabrics and pick your perfect option.

Cloth decoration of wedding cars