Decoration of columns for wedding

For each person wedding plays an important role,as a unique and unique event in life. Preparing for the holiday brings a lot of trouble, but great work is rewarded with bright, pleasant experiences, remaining young and guests after the wedding. To create a festive atmosphere is necessary to take care of the decorations of the banquet hall, and it is important to comply with the measure. Do not use more than two major thematic colors or load space with original accents. Unusual decoration columns will help to create the unique spirit of your celebration.

The columns decorate the wedding with their own hands

The first thing to look for whenchoosing jewelry for the wedding - a style. It must match the idea of ​​celebration, especially if the young are going to hold theme parties. Let the colors harmonize with each other, do not give preference to a very bright colors - the holiday will last a long time and my eyes are tired from excessive variegation. The artwork columns need to be addressed for the day before the wedding, not the jewelry will lose its appeal: balloons blown away, sweet decor is withered, and the plants wilt.

Drapery fabrics columns

Designers weddings believe that with the help of tissuepossible in a short time to turn unattractive room in the posh ballroom. Textiles helps to create a completely new interior in any style and color, and all defects premises will be securely hidden. Tulle, chiffon, satin, brocade - a variety of fabrics allows you to create interesting combinations of items and decorate any room. To decorate the drapery columns can be added or garlands of flowers that will bring to the interior a special touch of romance.

Decoration fabric columns

Making columns cascading flowers

Floristic composition cost newlywedsnot cheap, but will look elegant and festive. Fresh flowers not only beautifully decorated room, but also the fragrance, delighting guests with pleasant aromas. It is advisable to stay on any single variety of flowers - roses, daisies or ranunkulyusah, it depends on the style and colors of the holiday. Decorate the column should be a few hours before the beginning of the celebration, otherwise the buds lose their freshness. For greater effect, supplement them with candles and fresh green plants.

When choosing colors should take into account some of the recommendations:

  • Buds should not exude a strong smell, because not all guests can share your preferences, their fragrance is to be annoying.
  • Inflorescences should be firm and strong buds, or the petals will soon be showered on the heads of the audience, or even in their plates.
  • Do not overdo it with floral decoration,if only columns and floor vases are decorated with flowers. It is not necessary to decorate the living bud wedding cake or other dishes as often the flowers are treated with chemicals to prolong their lives.

Floral decoration of columns for wedding


Balloons - not only a popular decorationat weddings, but also on any other holidays. They are inexpensive and with proper use can transform a room. A winning combination of looks blue with white, purple with gold, red or pink with a white or silver. To decorate the columns can choose the balls of different shapes: hearts, figurines of animals, doves. Try to lighten them up to about the same size and take care of a secure attachment.

Decoration balls columns in a wedding hall

Satin ribbons hang down

With two ribbons of different colors maycreate a festive atmosphere in any room. They not only decorate the columns, but also the backs of chairs, chandelier, lamps and other home furnishings. Satin ribbons provide an opportunity to create a beautiful composition. Hang garlands from the ceiling of the ribbons and artificial flowers or dried leaves. If the center of the banquet hall hanging chandelier can fix fresh flowers around her (in the form of a wreath), which tie ribbons, stretching to the upper base of the column. So festive room will look like a tent.

Making columns satin ribbons

Photo-columns decorating ideas for wedding

The first impression of the banquet hall of the guestsIt formed already at the entrance, so do not neglect the decoration of the wedding. Columns, doors and windows, stairs railings, ceiling, walls - everything must be in harmony with each other and subject to a single style. Columns can obtyanut drapery or decorate strips network to which are pinned maritime souvenirs: seashells, figurines anchors and mermaids. If the design is dominated by flowers and plants, then attach them to the columns, adding ribbons or bows. See a selection of photos:

Ideas to decorate the columns in the wedding room