Decorating wedding hall balls photo

Balloons - fun and beautiful decoration of the restaurant for the wedding. This type of decoration will please not only adults, and even children, creating all present a festive mood.

Decoration wedding hall balls - pros and cons

The undeniable advantage of this designbanquet hall is cheap. This low cost, effective solution for families that do not have more resources, but even the rich weddings rarely do without all sorts of ornaments balls. Furthermore, they look nice, nice. The only drawback - the possibility that the ball burst, it emits an unpleasant sound harsh, but it can be avoided, without inflating them too much.

The choice of colors

For the wedding hall is not suitable brightcolorful color balls that we used to see at children's parties. Decorations for the wedding should look elegant, harmonious. To do this, choose the right colors according to the wedding concept - enough two or three colors, such as pink and white, lemon or light green. If the decoration of the hall is dominated by accent color, use it for air decor.

Making room in white and gold color

Decoration conventional balls

Conventional balls are manufactured using latexmaterial - they are very cheap and are usually oval in shape. It is best to fill them with helium, so they were hovering above the ground. Such balls tie several pieces or release to the ceiling - this decoration of the hall will look amazing.

Foil balloons with helium

This type of air decor stronger latex,so they do not spoil the triumph unpleasant bursting sound. They are made in the form of a variety of shapes - hearts, flowers, letters, numbers, or even humans. Thanks to the special materials such balls look beautiful, original.

Foil balloons in the form of hearts

Balls with illumination

The creative idea for the decoration of the wedding hall - balloons illuminated. This unusual kind of just coming into fashion. glow effect creates a built-in LEDs and batteries.

Aerial scenery with illumination

Using balloons for modeling

Decorator will help make unusual ornamentsdesign space using balloons for modeling. They are oblong long "stick", tying that in a special way, the master will be able to create different figures, such as bouquets or arch, as in the photo.

Modeling in the form of flowers

Panoramic balls

One side of this embodiment is transparent, and the other is applied to the inside of the image. Hang them is necessary so that the picture was visible to guests.


Balls-samoduvy surprise of all present. Their mechanism is a special device with pumps, which are attached to the beads. At the right moment, for example, when the couple sits down in his place, someone presses the start button - all the elements are filled with air alone.

The figures and inscriptions of the balls

Classic room decorating balls - itthe creation of a variety of shapes, inscriptions. It all depends on Honeymoon fantasies and preferences - two rings can serve as decor, huge swans, crown over the heads of the bride and groom or any other elements that symbolize love couple. Inscriptions can be original or classic - with a wish of happiness young people.

The figures of swans


Balls, full chain, elegant look: they will give the solemnity of a wedding in a cheap restaurant and chic banquet hall.

rainbow arches


Garland large size for honeymooners or spin balls collected in it and stretched across the room, will be a stylish decoration for the banquet.

Garlands and arches


Balls, full arch - beautiful decorpremises for the wedding. This element can stand at the entrance, so that everyone from the doorway feel the beauty, solemnity of the event, as well as a large number of arches may be positioned around the hall on the way to the main table with the bride and groom.

Arch Honeymoon table

Ball Surprise

This jewelry item is suitable for a variety ofcompetitions for the wedding: balloons with notes, gifts inside arrange in the form of panels. another lottery winner must burst it, then get your prize.

How to decorate a wedding hall balls with his hands

The difficult task of decorating the hall for wedding help several master classes, prepared for independent work on the decorations.

Glowing balls with your hands (manual)

To create a magical composition with LEDs, you will need:

  • LEDs
  • hotmelt
  • battery
  • glue gun
  • conventional balls of any color

How to do:

  • Bend the LED wiring, attach them to a battery - positive to positive, negative to negative.
  • Additionally, secure them with glue.
  • Make the required number of LEDs in the same way.
  • Put them into a bowl, then inflate, tie.

As a result, you should have this decoration:

LED decoration

Balls of colored thread (user)

For interesting ornaments from thread you will need:

  • latex beads,
  • Knitting desired shade,
  • adhesive (it includes - 100 grams starch, 300 g of PVA glue 50 g of water)
  • cream or oil.

How to do:

  • Fill the air balloons, hang on a rod, obmazhte cream or butter.
  • Dip the threads in the adhesive base.
  • Wrap them inflated balloon, then wait until they dry up - time is about one day.
  • When the glue is dry, pierce it and come up with a place for the finished decorations.

The decor of the threads

Lesson to create a figure-swan for the wedding:

Jewellery hall colored balls will be a beautiful addition to a wedding in the evening. Air, light and beautiful - they are easy to create an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Tell us in the comments, what is the idea of ​​registration of the hall balls you liked the most.