Decorating the bride apartment

The room where the bride awaits the bridegroom shalllook festive. It is just as important as the wedding palace and a café or restaurant, which will host the festivities. Decorating the bride apartment is largely dependent on the imagination of the artist, the ability to improvise and find original solutions. Create a festive mood to help wedding garlands, posters of the "marriage of love is not an obstacle!", "Here lives the Bride", balloons, flower arrangements in vases on the tables, favorite toys bride, dressed in the style of the newlyweds.

How to decorate the bride's apartment - the best ideas with photos

As the theater begins with a hanger, and decorationapartment, where he lives bride should begin with the porch. Garlands of beads, flowers, attached to the railing or wall, to make your stay at the head of the groom to understand that they are on the right path. After all, their goal - following the traditions, make bride price, take it for a trip to the registrar, where the climax of the festival happen. Time is always a little before the wedding, but for a thorough cleaning and decorating the apartment necessarily need to find resources. After the appearance of the room, where she lived the bride - is its "face".

Decoration with balloons

The most common way to create a brightfestive atmosphere - a decoration balloons room. Popular colors - white and red, indicating the tenderness and passionate love of two hearts. Arch at the entrance to the apartment - an ornament that has passed the test of time. If balloons filled with helium, they rush to the ceiling individually or in bundles. Attached to the curtains, door handles, additional balls will create a cheerful mood. A variety of shapes will make the choice. A more suitable option - kind heart.

Room Decoration bride balloons

Candles and rose petals

To create an unforgettable romanticpre-wedding atmosphere, be sure to use a small candle and rose petals. With their help, decorate the path that will take the groom to the bride's room. In the room where it will be waiting for your favorite, put candles heart as a sign that it belongs to him alone. General lighting must be switched off or be muted. Even more romantic you will achieve if additional petals to scatter throughout the room around the bride, including pieces of furniture.

room decor bride with rose petals and candles


Photographs and posters

A very interesting approach to the decoration of the room -creating with his hands photo collage in which the bride and groom are sealed from the moment they met. The geography of their meetings, time spent together will once again recall the memorable moments of their lives, which led to a common decision about starting a family. Posters with the wishes and jokes made bridesmaids will create a festive atmosphere and the fun.

bride's room decoration posters and photos

Decoration with fresh flowers

No wedding can not do without livingcolors. If the bride has a good sense of humor, you can dress up like a cactus bride and groom. The abundance of fresh flowers will never be over. In recent years, as a tribute to tradition, came the fashion for decoration hair of the bride. Delicate fragrance emanating from the flowers, will set a romantic mood. It should take care to flower arrangements decorating the bride's room, we were in a single color. This will create a general harmony of the bride image.

Fresh flowers in the room decoration young

Fresh flowers in the room decoration young

Making bulk pompons

The unusual design of pompons - You Weddingdecorations. Air volume and paper flowers, perfectly combined with helium balloons, complementing each other. Pompons will become a bright accent in the holiday apartment bride, pep. If the wedding takes place in the winter, and the cost of fresh flowers are not always afford it, affectionate, bright paper weightless balls in the form of a bouquet, will be a worthy way out when decorating the bride room.

Stylish decor bride pompoms room

Paper or luminous garlands

Add flavor to the design of the room withusing garlands paper lanterns. Their muffled, soft light is very appropriate at a time when the groom comes to the bride's apartment. It remains only beautiful place in the room the luminous tape, and at the right time to turn it on! These garlands easy to make yourself by gluing different in shape and size lampshades, putting on each bulb at a time. Romantic decoration with light give the room of mystery and charm. An additional element of decor door or walls of the room will be the ribbon garlands of paper.

Wedding decor apartment newlywed paper lanterns

Decorating the bride at home with paper garlands

Overview of jewelry for the bride's apartment

The options of decorating the room, where it will bebe bride to the groom's arrival, a lot. Choosing is the basis of the location, area and financial capabilities. Drapery doorways or walls with a cloth will add pomp passing triumph. Most wedding option - a tulle, which will look gentle and air. Guest, entered the house where the bride lives, should immediately feel a sense of celebration.

The sense of action is also important. Do not overdo it with the amount of jewelry. It should be defined in advance, in which style, which will be decorated with the bride apartment. Advance purchase necessary materials, negotiate with those who will help to decorate the room and the surrounding area.