Decor wedding chairs

Usually, the decoration of chairs, few people think about whenwedding decoration, but in vain. Beautifully decorated with seating for the newlyweds and guests will give a finished look to any banquet hall. Classic decor wedding chairs - a variety of fabric covers, but we will present your choice of different ideas. It would seem a trifle, but in the overall picture of the celebration adds a stylish highlight from which the wedding just wins.

Ideas of chairs for a wedding celebration

At the wedding, always pay attention to the stylepremises and all the small details, because they create a mood. Beautiful decor of the wedding chairs easily achievable with the minimum cost, because many of the ideas embodied in the home. For example:

  • Hand embroidered bright. Many girls know how to embroider - labor lessons in school must not pass in vain. Hand embroidery for decoration is always the ideal choice: cheap, very nice, and it's a great opportunity to show future husband what his bride needlewoman. But if you do not have time to make out all the embroidered chairs in a banquet hall, limit seating only honeymooners.

Interesting decor with hand-embroidered
  • beads Decor also an interesting idea, especiallyif the house survived the old beads and necklaces. Feel free to use them to decorate the wedding. Never mind that the beads are not the same color and size as a result of this mix will look in vintage style, and guests are sure to pay attention to this creative.

beads decor looks very gently
  • Coloured paper. Paper items that look like fans, flowers and pompoms, very stylish look on any holiday and the wedding is no exception. On the Internet there are many master-classes, how to make their own hands.

Paper fans - an economical choice for wedding decorations
  • The leaves or foliage looks especially good if the wedding ceremony is held in the open air. This design in the style of boho or rustic guests will appreciate.

The greens on the chairs - the perfect summer solution
  • Photo. Romantic, touching, soulful will look on chairs newlyweds together photo. The original idea - to attach photos of guests at each place where they will sit.


The most common design for wedding chairs usedthe cloth. Classic technique - is the same fabric covers, tied with a bow of tulle or satin. Diversity covers various drapery: ruffles, flounces, tucks. In this way, easy to hide under a beautiful cloth not quite presentable furniture. The color and texture of the fabric is adjusted for dress, bridal bouquet and other decor for a banquet hall. Distributed light colors: white, peach, beige, pink and other pastel colors.

Decorating cloth - a classic of the genre


Particularly elegant look in wedding floristryinterior, which uses different shapes and colors, plants with decorative elements. If you choose to its celebration flower decoration, the wedding will be an exclusive, because each song is unique. Flower arrangements are linear, circular shape, garlands, wreaths, candles, whole wedding arches in the shape of a heart or a semicircle, and all that is attached to the chairs of the groom, bride, invited guests.

Stylish design chairs flower arrangements

Chairs drape as the living and artificialflowers, gathered in a bouquet or in the form of capital letters newlyweds names. Typically floral arrangement on chairs or tables of the banquet hall is the same and is made in full accordance with the selected color scheme and style of the wedding celebration. The main task of flower arrangements - set up the groom, the bride and all the guests at the gala fashion, without interfering enjoy the holiday.

Bow ribbons

Turn an ordinary chair into an elegant objectwedding hall easily using very simple way: ribbons or bows. They look great on folding wooden chairs, tied at the back. Tapes used plain or colored. Especially this colorful decor looks on nature: colorful ribbons will be developed in the wind, creating an atmosphere of joy and positive emotions.

Tapes looks perfect on plastic chairs

Bows are tied on top of the covers, or simply tochair. As a rule, if the light shade cover, the bow is selected contrast. With bows easy to save on wedding decor, tying them to a chair for each guest: look to be less smart than a cover, but more mentally. As a material used for bows:

  • silk;
  • guipure;
  • chiffon;
  • organza;
  • atlas.

Plates and inscriptions

The most daring and unusual solution - the decorWedding chairs for all participants of the ceremony tablets with inscriptions. They are easy to make at home, and then attach to the backs of the chairs in the banquet hall at any time. This is the budget option of all, simply select an interesting font, background and printed on a color printer name of the guest in A4 format. I do not like the plaques with the names? Use different male and female silhouettes or line, for example, the "Prince", "Princess", "Madam", "Mr" and the like.

Signatures on chairs decorate any celebration

Master class on decorating chairs with their hands

The decor of any member of the wedding can be done independently. We offer manufacturing of their own hands lace garlands of paper napkins. To do this we need the following materials:

  • thread;
  • any pieces of tape 2x15 cm;
  • 21 pcs. lacy paper napkins for 1 chair;
  • glue gun.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Paper lace napkin fold the triangle, and then glue the 3 at the base, to get the amount.
  2. For standard seats have enough paper flowers 7, through which the base skip thread. On both ends of the garland must remain a loop of thread that will cling to the back.
  3. Attach the paper flowers on a chair and decorate with colored ribbons. Add on a paper towel to each plate for a harmonious combination of decor.

Photo collection of original jewelry chairs

In addition to flowers, ribbons, textiles, lace, bowsthere are a lot of original ideas to decorate a wedding interior. Among them: garlands of fruit, lace, tulle, palm branches, decorative handkerchiefs, colored cushions. We picked up a photo of the best ideas, we believe that you might be interested. Watch and enjoy!

Apple garland for the autumn wedding

Organza make any item by air

Huge red bows impress

Vase with Flowers - unusual and stylish

Options draperies and chair decorations

Create a harmonious and complete clearancewedding decor is impossible without all the elements of the banquet hall. Professional designer decor A. Mehedova school wants to share options jewelry and draperies for wedding chairs: