Ceiling decoration for a wedding

When planning a wedding the newlyweds trytake into account all the nuances that the holiday was a success. Especially it concerns the decoration of the room in which the celebration will be held, as a general impression about the holiday on the wedding guests will take shape and from his appearance. Decorating room, the couple did not overlook the ceiling, which is decorated on the basis of the style of celebration, financial capacity and taste Suite.

What you need to consider when placing a ceiling on wedding

To arrange a wedding room ceiling, so that it was all a stylish addition celebratory picture, you need to consider:

  1. The size of the room.
  2. ceiling height.
  3. Mounting option.
  4. Style event.

Often the owners of banquet halls and restaurantsare allowed to decorate their premises only those decorative elements, which are easy to remove, so the couple is likely to have to settle for simple décor. Also, when decorating the ceiling space should take into account the style of the wedding, for example, if the celebration will take place in a retro style, it is not necessary to decorate a room in the style of a Russian village.

Variants of the ceiling decoration for a wedding

Decoration of the hall for the wedding can be stylishaccent or make a triumph of bad taste, if young overdo it with the details. The decoration of the ceiling must be chosen elements combined with each other in texture, color and style. If several small parts, it is necessary to add one or two major emphasis. Let decorations only cite the overall style of the wedding, and do not overload it. We offer a choice of light, air and festive wedding decoration options ceiling.

Decoration ceiling ribbons

If you decorate the ceiling of ordinary satinribbons - it will look stylish and incredibly beautiful, and most importantly - inexpensive decor will cost the couple. Tape is easy to assemble in a shed or leave dangle from the ceiling, pick up in one color or suspended by the color of the rainbow. Any of the above options will transform for the wedding room, making it bright and festive.

Feeds on the ceiling wedding hall looks original

Paper lanterns

Increasingly, the couple decorate wedding paperflashlights. This trendy decor decorate not only the ceiling - they decorate a wedding arch, chairs, tables or make luminous garlands. Paper lanterns easily do with his hands in different colors and sizes. Originally look at the wedding of circular elements, two or three colors that correspond to the overall scheme of the celebration. Paper lanterns look great on their own, but if they are supplemented with ribbons, balloons and fresh flowers, the room will look even more festive.

Paper lanterns - a great decoration for wedding

Drapery fabric ceiling

Fabrics has long been successfully used in the decorationinterior. The ceiling on the wedding are often decorated with fabrics, different in color, pattern, texture and the ability to transmit light. As a rule, drape it tight or transparent cloth, starting from the center and ending close to the edge. And with the paintings hanging space of the room visually divided into several zones, separating the banquet table of the dance hall.

The ceiling is made of fabric give romance wedding celebration

Decorating Colours

For the decoration of the hall, where a banquet will be held onabout marriage, can serve as a live and artificial flowers of different sizes. They are chosen according to the bride's bouquet design with the style of her gown or in harmony with each other and with the wedding palette. The decoration of the ceiling is often used flower garlands made of artificial flowers, or live buds, beautifully mounted on the chandeliers.

Flowers - a common ceiling decoration of the wedding hall

Paper pompoms and garlands

Options to use paper pompoms on toproom set. For example, hanging them at different heights, or to use the options. differ in size and color. Original and unusual look a garland of paper pom-poms hanging on a thread. Multi-colored pompoms are a great accessory for wedding photos, the bright part of the table top, chairs and walls of the banquet hall.

Paper pompoms on the ceiling will be the wedding decor

Air balloons

The most popular wedding decoration of the hall -helium-filled balloons, which tend upwards. Very impressive look single balloons floating over the heads of those present, and if they tie and place in the center, you get a beautiful cloud. Great idea for a wedding - air garland created from colored balls, which pulled a thread on a symmetrical distance from each other.

Balloons - a beautiful sight at the wedding

Decorative stickers

Vinyl stickers - stylish and relevant detailto decorate the banquet hall. They will make the wedding a bright and memorable. On sale there are a lot of original and unusual decorative stickers can transform any room into a work of art. Classic Wedding Fashion - is luminous stickers that add room romance and fairy magic.

Vinyl stickers add individual style ceiling

ceiling decor Rules for wedding

The secret of the transformation of an ordinary room into a beautiful holiday accommodation lies in the ability to:

  • correctly match colors;
  • pick up ornaments given ceiling shape;
  • organize the space, taking into account the wishes of the newlyweds.

You can not decorate the upper part of the room, notConsidering drape the walls, the arch behind the bride and groom and other wedding items. If the balls are taken as a basis, they should prevail throughout the decoration of the banquet hall. If the selected paper garlands or floral arrangements, they should be placed throughout the room. Monodekor is not particularly relevant - in dressing rooms all two or three materials are used more frequently, balloons and flowers, fabric, ribbons and drapes.

In the course can go even the most unexpected elements,such as rattles, giving a direct allusion to the newlyweds. To happy wedding room, the bride and groom need to know exactly what they want to achieve. For example, if the sea themed wedding, then this choice is dictated not only certain materials for decoration, but also the color. So before you select items to decorate the room, the newlyweds should define the main wedding color scheme.

Photo ideas for decorating the ceiling

As a rule, decoration of the hall for a holidayspecial attention is paid to the decor of the walls. But to make the celebration more unusual and refined easily with the help of beautifully decorated ceiling. Ways to decorate it very much, and most of those that we have proposed, do not require special investments. See our Pictures of the original ideas for the decoration of your wedding celebration.

The best ideas for decorating wedding hall ceiling