Alternative wedding arch

In recent years, very often at weddingWedding ceremonies are used arches, they are also installed in the banquet hall. The same composition can be transferred from the street into the restaurant or vice versa. But you always want something new, bright and different, not as much as everyone else. What is the alternative to the wedding arch will look stylish, beautiful and most importantly - festive? Consider the different options for replacing the classic decor options.

What can replace the classic wedding arch

The design, which is located behindnewlywed couple during the ceremony or banquet, called the wedding arch. It creates a beautiful backdrop for photos and the event. This issue is receiving attention because the arch - the main place that often all look. Whatever form did not have a wedding arch (heart, oval, circle or rectangle), from that the name does not change. If you want to see at the event it was something else as the main decoration, implement their ideas.

Replace arch can any decor - elementsbeautiful furniture, flowers and sculptures, original frame. Individual attention, functional decoration, such as a fireplace or a fountain, they will produce a sensation at all guests. Some couples use a very large letters, joining them in the words of love or young names. Consider various garlands, which will be placed not only on the main table, but also with visitors.


This often becomes the ideal backgroundaddition to the format of the restaurant, but it is not appropriate there. Analyze the selected facility for the wedding. If it is made of wood, it contains notes home, and then fireplace is realistic will complement the interior. If the restaurant is decorated for a wedding in the Japanese, Russian style, the change is a wedding arch is not relevant. A fireplace will not create a full image, it is better to complement the other elements of the interior. If the wedding takes place in the winter, a great effect will be to create beautiful carpets.

Fireplace instead of the classic arch for wedding


Wedding - this is a big and bold step into the unknownthe future, a new round of relations. The symbol of the celebration can be an open door, which is located behind the newlyweds. It will serve not only the element of the decor, but will be used in part of the scenario. For example, the groom will lead the bride to the wedding dance through this accessory to mark the beginning of a new life. Do not be afraid to experiment not only with himself decor, but also with the use of beautiful items in the competitions.

This door must necessarily be unusualdecorate. No one will recommend to choose options for armored celebration. On the contrary, it may be an old worn wooden door, but painted in soft pastel tones. It is advisable to decorate a live or artificial flowers and other accessories from the home interior, balloons, ribbons. Any addition to the door should look and organically fit into the overall style of holiday.

Doors instead of a wedding arch

elements of furniture

This decor will be combined organically anda fireplace, and a door. It is important that these were no ordinary headset or cabinets, bought in a store. Furniture for wedding decoration should be special - pastel colors for your wedding style, original design and unimaginable accessories. If you put a chair fitted by a knitted cloth - it will look great, but not so on a simple leather version.

Chairs, curtains or blinds, painting - allyou can use it as a wedding decor. Create Suite incredible behind panels of simple things, and it will be an unforgettable experience not only for them but also for all the guests. Here a small idea for decoration: create a window to a bright future, which will become a symbol of new life, complement the interior of flowers in pots and small birds in cages.

Furniture for wedding arch replacement

Living sculptures

People, beautifully dressed and painted in silveror gold, can be an ideal complement to the wedding celebration. Often these living sculptures mimic lurking Adam and Eve with their hands raised, smiling cleverly, attracting guests for photos, or simply complement the interior of the ceremony. Such a choice would be ideal if the wedding theme - Mediterranean or Roman. Sculpture as a historical value at a wedding party acquires a slightly different format and can entertain guests.

Living sculpture at a wedding instead of arches

Giant letters

large letters are often usedfor photo shoots. Newlyweds and their choosing to replace the wedding arch, this idea has its positive side. The letters are made of cardboard, fabric, metal, plastic or other material, they can symbolize different words. This wedding decor is important that all the accessories were adorned with flowers or other elements. Let it will not be just letters and unusual characters. Words and phrases that are often used to create the background:

  1. LOVE.
  2. LOVE IS.
  3. YOU & I.
  4. Honeymoon Last.
  5. The names of the spouses.

Large letters for the wedding ceremony on the background

Decorative fountain

Water always attracts soNewlyweds sometimes choose it for the background to get attention. Decorative fountain can be integrated into the building itself, which is carried out registration of marriage, event, or installed separately. Very interesting way to design the fountain with the help of illumination, colors, and satin ribbons. If it is not clear water to flow, and color - this accessory will attract attention of all the guests.

Decorative fountain for a wedding celebration

Wedding gazebo

This romantic attribute for the exit ceremonyand to design a wedding the newlyweds so complex to implement, but it looks very impressive. It is used when the selected triumph in nature (so-called open air). Gazebo in this case is not just decoration, but functional and product - will shelter from the rain, save the wind. Permission to place in her wedding cake, cap-cake or other sweets to add elegance to the interior.

Wedding gazebo instead of arches

Garland or fabric color

This idea is very like the needle women,who want to make a decoration for a wedding with their own hands and will decorate it yourself. For celebrations fabricate large, colorful ball garlands, decorating them with paper, cloth flowers. Place the product obtained over the table newlyweds and guest rows. It will look spectacular combination of several styles in the same decor. It may be falling down with paper garland down the satin ribbons, and if you want to use a cloth, soft lighting is the perfect complement.

Flower garland or tissue in the arch replacements

Photos alternatives wedding arch

Consider already implemented ideas todesign your wedding unique design. Choose from those which like the most, and add something of their own. If classic wedding arch for your event does not need, think of something unique. Look at a few options on how to replace the standard formats unreal wedding table accessories that can create the perfect decor.

What can replace the wedding arch - photos