Wedding in yellow

Modern newlyweds organizethemed weddings, adhering to the chosen style or color scheme. If you are cheerful and want to realize on its special sunny atmosphere ceremony - a wedding in yellow for you. Try to mix in the palette are identical amber cocktail made of fun, joy and happiness.

Meaning and signs associated with the color yellow

Amber color scheme of the wedding ceremony meansjoy, joyous, wealth. In China, it is a sign of the imperial family, as the tone associated with gold and prosperity. According to national signs, ceremony, decorated in sunny shades, bring a pair of long, secured life together. Amber palette warms, creates an atmosphere of happiness and celebration looks bright, unsurpassed.

The image of the couple and guests in yellow tones

Amber color range is diverse, so itused to decorate any style of ceremony. You can use solar palette for decoration or classical theme of the ceremony. Lemon, straw, reed, sand, golden, mustard - any of these shades will create a complete image of the newlyweds, the guests, emphasizing the originality of the ceremony.

And the bride's dress shoes

the bride's wedding dress for solar

Theme events dictates the rules of dress choicebride. For weddings in yellow bride should take care of their image. If you decide not to wear to the ceremony of the solar shade dress, pay attention to the attributes. Amber jewelry on the beauty is not inferior to jewelry, and wedding dress looks flawless, elegant. Bright shoes, bolero, ribbon or belt will create festive themed image.

groom Suit

The image of the bridegroom to the wedding in shades of yellow

groom attire must be in harmony with the generalstylistics ceremony. Pick up for his clothes in beige, gray, brown, blue, black shades. For classic suit newlywed in yellow suit as parts: a bright bow tie, suspenders, shirt, socks or shoes. Bright flower boutonniere in his lapel jacket emphasize vitality event.

Dress code for the witnesses and guests

Sunny dress code wedding guests

Themed wedding requires registrationthe appropriate dress code for witnesses and guests. For them, select apparel, in harmony with the wedding dress of the bride and groom's suit. The rest of the guest has the right to wear clothing of their own taste, the only condition - the presence of yellow accessory. Prepare for guests boutonnieres, candy boxes or ribbons in your wedding color palette.

Wedding decoration ideas

For wedding decoration in amber uselive plants, natural materials, fabric, ribbons, balloons. Solar shades look great in ceremonies, decorated in the style of Provence, country, rustic, eco. Themed wedding - lemon, sunflower, sunny. If you are planning a wedding in the fall, choose a rich saffron shades of yellow. For winter ceremonies ideal plating gold glitter shades. In the spring of delicious fresh translucent shades of yellow. And in the summer - bright and expressive.

Complimentary for guests

Ideas wedding invitation design in sunny shades

Preparations for the wedding starts with the invitation. Make sure that this attribute is consistent with cheerful mood of the ceremony. The original version - invitations made of paper, folded in a roll tied with a yellow ribbon. The playful font, bright decor this attribute underline your chosen style of celebration. In the lower right corner of your invitation list the wishes regarding visitors dress code.

Jewellery banquet hall

Making a banquet hall for wedding yellow

Originally in the decoration of the wedding banquet hall inyellow style look balloons. Decorate their ceiling, window openings. Fresh flowers, ribbons, figurines themed sun shades naturally complement the overall style of the grand event. If you are planning a ceremony to nature, on a background of greens will look perfect yellow tent. Solar attributes create a cheerful mood, add smiles to your guests.

The decor festive table

Yellow color in the decoration of wedding table

For serving wedding table, choose yellowattributes. For example, with bright candy lollipops, baskets of lemons, vase with daffodils, tulips, sunflowers. Crockery with bright ornaments, plaques with the names of the guests at the table, napkins, tablecloths - all emphasize the style of your celebration. Admire the sun paints a riot can be infinite.

Yellow bridal bouquet

Bright bouquet of yellow flowers

Dazzling wedding yellowIt provides an unusual bouquet. Ideal looks floral arrangement bride and groom boutonniere made in one stylistic decision. For registration floral wedding ensemble to give preference to such colors as: gerbera, lily, chrysanthemum, sunflower, daisy, dandelion, crocus, yellow rose.

A wedding cake

Dessert in sunny colors

The main decoration of the banquet table - weddingcake. Therefore, his choice should be approached with the utmost thoroughness. For weddings in yellow pick confection decorated with interesting patterns. Place a white wedding cake, wrapping it in small cupcakes, decorated with figures of mastic. Champagne perfectly complement the wedding yellow palette.

Wedding accessories yellow style

Accessories for thematic wedding ceremony

Sunny mood of your celebration is underlinedattributes. Amber pillow for wedding rings decorated with lace, ribbons, fresh flowers will be indispensable in the official part of the wedding. This part will emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Wedding glasses, champagne bottles, decorated with bright colors, organically fit into the palette celebratory banquet. Prepare for non-small boxes we launched with sweets, tied golden years. Bonbonnière will be a memorable souvenir for guests.

The successful combination of yellow and other colors

For weddings in yellow using a combinationshades. Solar delicious palette combined with cornflower, pale blue, azure, sapphire aristocratic color. The effect of the tandem of yellow and purple in rich, warm, and the restrained and cold tones. Ash-gray color brings spiritual tone in the bright décor. Warm yellow palette combined with flawless coral, purple, ocher, orange. Add the bold colors of the wedding decoration, and you will see how the blazing colors of gorgeous color fire!


Yellow-green wedding

The combination of yellow and green colors in the weddingpalette looks natural, juicy and tender at the same time. If you are planning your wedding in the spring or summer, safely choose this combination. Natural seasonal greens - excellent background for expressive yellow. The emerald hues can act as an equal color solution and as an additional color.

Yellow and blue

Yellow-blue wedding ceremony

The tandem of yellow and blue colors look bold,bright, confident. This combination is decisive for the newlyweds. Noble blue palette emphasizes the benefit rich yellow color in the wedding decor. Depending on the selected colors, the event will be a playful and luxurious. This combination of win-win for the ceremony at the seaside in an exotic country or a snow-white yacht.

Yellow with purple

Yellow and purple wedding color gamut

Wedding in yellow-purple color - it is elegant,effectively and elegantly. Violet classic ceremony recognizable at a glance. Purple tones in combination with amber look picturesque. If you want to emphasize the sensuality of events, choose bright saturated colors - indigo, purple. To create a romantic mood, prefer lavender, lilac or amaranth color.

The combination of yellow and gray

Wedding Day in yellow and gray colors

Aristocratic Gray in tandem with solarshades - a classic wedding fashion. Silver tablecloths, porcelain tableware, candle holders, pearl satin ribbons - the attributes of a romantic, graceful wedding. Yellow accents in wedding decor adds to the fun, fresh, playful and sunny notes. Bright colors in a setting of discreet luxury grays look delicate and dreamy.

Photos weddings in yellow

Solar shades gathered in itself enthusiasm, fun,nobility, elegance, style and bohemian. Great depth and emphasize the verge yellow shiny textiles and attributes. Like solar cells this delightful tone charges festive mood all around. Weddings in cheerful shades in photos look gently and sensually or pompous and aristocratic.

Wedding in amber tones