Wedding in white color blue

Noble blue deservedly receivedthe title of king. This is one of the most stylish shades, which is often used in the design of the holidays. For the wedding was at once elegant and modern, you should pay attention to an interesting mix of blue and white hues, creating an original contrast and brightness of presenting the event.

Meaning of white - blue

These colors are not among the most rare inNature, are a symbol of spirituality, romance, represent wisdom, tranquility, wisdom, peace, faithfulness, endless love. White is a symbol of the beginning of a new path, purity, light, innocence. The wedding, held in a combination of colors, creates a flawless, perfect union, and opens a window into a new life, full of spirituality and understanding.

White-blue ballroom for weddings

Ideas outfits in white - blue colors

White and blue gamma - the perfect combination of colors forwedding. It is necessary not only to do the banquet hall decorated in those colors, but also a choice of attire for the bride and groom. The easiest way to pick up a suit the groom, but dress for the bride needs more attention. You can give preference to white along, supplemented blue trim - for example, bright corset, ribbon cable, crystals, petticoat. Very interesting looks option when the two colors are divided among the young - the groom wearing a dark suit and the bride - in a traditional white dress and shoes, supplemented with blue decorations.

Attire for young

For the bride and groom

The blue color is just perfect forwedding dress, because it is associated with sobriety, emphasizes the innocence of the bride. Moreover, this color is a wide choice of shades - light, dark, azure, blue, indigo, sapphire, aquamarine, etc. Choosing the right white-blue range of dresses will help to correct a figure of a young and reliably hide the little flaws.

Blue wedding dress

Beautiful and elegant look and blue silksatin wedding dresses. Attire in this color for the bride is not very popular, but wearing it, you can be sure that all eyes will go to you. Designer dresses version can be decorated with snow-white lace, sequins, embroidery diversified. To image has been completed, choose white or blue shoes.

Eli did you have doubts about the choicewedding dress radical blue tint, stop the choice on a classic white. To this outfit match the selected color scheme activities need additional decor - it can be a blue corset, embroidery, gloves, shoes, bouquet, decoration, jacket with a picture Gzhel, hair ornaments, etc. Pick an elegant clutch blue hue, sapphire earrings to create the image was complete.

The image of the bride for the blue and white wedding

It is much easier to buy a dress for the bride, but it is necessaryremember that his suit should complement the bride's dress. If you chose a young snow-white version, then you should pick up for the future spouse suit in dark blue. As Shielding elements for the groom tie can be used in white, blue and red stripes, white shirt, maroon or blue socks, black shoes. Ideal boutonniere with white flowers. With blue wedding dress will go perfectly white suit young.

Attire for the bride

for witnesses

If the bride chooses a classic crisp whitedress, then her friends fit dresses exquisite blue. Thanks to this combination, against the background of his young companions will look gentle and sweet. To Girlfriends image is not too dark, it is worth it to diversify accessories - bright shoes, bouquets, hair ornaments, handbags, gloves, jewelry.

Dresses for bridesmaids blue white wedding

It is advisable to all the friends of the groom wearing the samesuits or shirts. This holiday will be harmonious. If this option is not given possible, they should pick at least equal to the breast pocket handkerchiefs and neckties. When choosing a costume colors, you must adhere to the same principle as in the selection of colors for bridesmaids dresses. For example, the groom bright outfit and witnesses dark, and vice versa.

Groomsmen outfits for the blue white wedding

Wedding accessories (photos)

At the wedding, decorated in white and blue colors,will reign atmosphere of lightness, tenderness, spirituality, heavenly purity. But that triumph was perfect, still need to be concerned about the wedding accessories. This problem does not cause any difficulties, because the choice of a variety of little things that will help to create the perfect holiday is very wide - bridal bouquet, invitations for guests, nursery cards, pillow rings wedding procession.

Accessories white blue wedding

The bride's bouquet

If the wedding is decorated in white and blue colors,It deserves special attention the bride's bouquet, which must fully comply with the chosen style. Choosing a variety of colors of blue is very wide. This is me-nots, cornflowers, Proleski, lavender, delphinium, iris, bluebells, roses, violets, crocus, lupins. For boutonnieres fit iris, because this flower is considered to be masculine. Do not be afraid to alternate white flowers with blue, creating exciting ensembles.

Bouquet in blue and white colors

To decorate, use velvet or bouquetsatin, winding their leg colors zakalyvaya its decorative brooch. Catching up of bouquets, we must remember that it should not be merged with the dress, so look contrasting colors. For example, if the bride chose a snow-white dress, should give preference to the monotonous blue flowers, in which flowers of another color will be added. A blue-and-white bouquet perfectly combined with a white dress, complemented by blue patterns.

Very interesting and unusual wedding looksbouquet made of white peonies, complete with satin ribbon blue. There is another option - an ensemble of blue hyacinths, carnations or white hydrangeas and tulips, as well as from eustomy snow white, decorated with pearls or vintage lace. If the celebration takes place in the summer, stop the choice on the violets, crocus, delphinium, hydrangea. And for winter wedding needs frost flowers - for example, irises, roses, hibiscus, phlox.

White and blue bouquet bride


We should not forget about the most important decorationwedding table - delicious and incredibly beautiful multi-tiered cake. This is - a work of art for decoration which can be used not only figurines of the bride and groom, but also patterns of blue and colored glaze, edible flowers, stars. This cake will not go unnoticed.

The idea for the decoration of the cake

Invitations for the guests

Particularly noteworthy are the small details,which must fully comply with the specified style celebrations and be in the blue and white colors. Always be engaged in the preparation of invitation cards. Their design should be carried out with the use of deep blue tones, do not forget about the bright accent. For example, the figure, which will depict the young, can decorate with rhinestones, dried flowers, beads, silver or white patterns.

The original invitation for guests

Very interesting and stylish lookinvitation cards on a white background (if you wish you can use other colors, such as yellow, pale blue, orange or chocolate), not forgetting the additional, contrasting color. If you want to surprise your guests, follow the invitation in the form of a scroll, tied with a ribbon of blue. Also you can use as a decorative element of a variety of marine accessories - pebbles, shells.

Wedding decoration in white - blue color with photo

Do not forget to decorate the room in blue and white colors. For the decoration of banquet tables, you can use white or blue tablecloths, lace elements and complemented by satin stripes in contrasting color. On the chairs put satin covers white or blue, tied up in the form of a ribbon bow (if you use white tablecloths and covers, supplementing them in blue).

Decorating banquet hall

It is interesting and elegant decorations look sofasSmall pads blue with white patterns. On the tables you need to put blue glasses and white plates, playing on the contrast. If you decide to make a Candy Bar, supplement it with a variety of cakes, decorated with pictures of the blue cream. Determine the wedding cake for the most prominent place. Stop the choice on a multi-level culinary masterpieces, which is supplemented by a ribbon of blue (if the cake is filled with white icing).

The combination of white - blue and other shades

With white and blue shades of green and is not combinedred color, so try to use them at a minimum. It is interesting and fresh look are those with yellow tones. Do not forget the classics - black version. This range looks soaked, stylish, very beautiful. Actual and elegant tandem of White and blue with pink, silver. If you want to add some bright accent, note the orange hue, as well as turquoise, purple.

Sochatenie white-blue color with a yellow