Wedding in pistachio color

Pistachio - soft and bright shade of green,Wedding designers are advised to use it in the manufacture of bridal dresses and accessories for festive decoration of the premises, which will be held in celebration. This color symbolizes energy, life, youth, ideal as a complementary color for the wedding, conducted in nature. Wedding in pistachio color - the choice of people who want to make it memorable for you and your guests.

Dresses the bride and groom

Designers do not recommend the use of pistachioas the main color: it should not be too much. The image of the bridal shade is used as an extra. For example, decorate the groom's suit details such as a handkerchief in the breast pocket of his jacket, tie, boutonniere.

Please note: the suit color must be combined with a touch of pistachio accessories, otherwise the outfit and its elements will not look harmonious. Unusually looks silk vest green hue, which is worn under a jacket.

Gentle newlyweds images

With regard to women's attire for the weddingPistachio color, we recommend to decorate jewelry dress, belt chosen shade. To order the dress green hue is not always acceptable, but some items can be made from fabric in light green tone. Other accessories (bags, shoes, hat) must comply with the overall image. Stylish looks makeup in shades of green, as well as jewelry that adorns her hair.

clothing ideas for guests

If you choose a green wedding, thinkover the fact that some items of clothing, accessories of guests and witnesses in line with this color palette. witnesses dress can be decorated with a satin or silk ribbon belt or an appropriate tone. Men's costumes are decorated in this case identical buttonholes (flowers).

Dress code for the witnesses and guests

Also, there is another idea, but it will require largecosts. For the witnesses and friends will approach the same outfits the right tone, but then the bride should stand on their background, choosing a white dress. Witnesses and groomsmen can wear the appropriate tone shirts.

Elements of the selected color scheme decor

Wedding accessories in shades of pistachio photo

  • The bride's bouquet. The basic tone of the bouquet - small greens with splashes of yellow, orange and white, light pink. Petals of flowers (roses, calla lilies, chrysanthemums) decorated with fine jewelry: beads, pearls.
  • Complimentary for guests decorated with the dominant color of celebration. Pick green textured paper for greeting cards or decorate them with satin ribbons, suitable for shade.
  • A wedding cake. The culmination of the wedding - cutting the birthday cake. Guests will be a great surprise to see a cake decorated with figurines, mastic pistachio color.
  • Compliments for guests. These accessories include candy boxes, pistachios, packaged in bags, pistachio pastries.
  • Glasses. Pick elegant glasses desired tone for the ceremony.
  • Ring Pillows. Selecting pads green underline good taste Suite.

The idea for the decoration of the banquet hall

Decoration wedding hall

To decorate the festive hall traditionallyused balloons that make up the composition having the form of hearts and wedding rings. The particular shape depends on the fantasy suite. If desired, it is possible to order the helium, foil, giant balloons, filled with little balls inside. Besides balls on the wedding hall is decorated with candles, ribbons and fresh flowers.

Colors in the decoration of the festive table

Since the main wedding colorselected one of the shades of green, the triumph is better to spend in nature, in the open air. In this case, the choice of the main colors of the wedding will be entirely justified.

Decoration of wedding table plays an importantrole in the decoration. For these purposes, silk ribbons, tinsel. Originally will look green tablecloth. Do not forget to pick up a napkin the right tone: the table will impress with its elegance and splendor. For a wedding menu, choose food and drink green shades to support the concept of celebration.

Color accents in the design of the tuple

Pistachio wedding: the formulation of a tuple

  • Hearts and rings on a car body. Rings - an indispensable attribute of the vehicle design, which will move the couple. To immediately create a color theme of the celebration, decorate the rings on the back of a wedding car ribbons green color.
  • Bouquets on cars. Bouquet on the hood selected in shades corresponding to the color of the main celebrations.
  • Bows and ribbons on the hood. These elements, completion decoration wedding convoy, selected in conjunction with the main color.

The combination of pistachio color with other colors

Pistachio is perfectly combined with the color of ivory(Pale beige) and white. The basic rule when selecting colors - bright shades align with rich and vivid tones of pale dilute. To colors looked harmoniously, try to trim them with special Responsibility.

The combination of primary colors with other shades

Pistachio well with brown,yellow, blue flowers. As for the black, it will be the best one for this. In addition to these colors, pistachio harmonizes with many shades of red and orange. Do not combine this with a deep blue color, purple hues. For a good example, check out the video, which shows the organization of pistachio beautiful wedding.