Wedding in pink and white

All newlyweds dream of a unique,memorable wedding. Huge popular celebration in the style of the Renaissance, but they require the bride and groom a lot of energy, and their cost is high. Equally interesting could be a wedding in a certain color. It is best suited for this gentle, romantic pink colors, which symbolize love and affection. The advantage of these shades is a good combination with the traditional white wedding, which in any case it will be necessary to use, otherwise the holiday will turn into a "glamorous madness."

The image of the bride and groom in a white and pink

Selecting the celebration in a pink color scheme in the first place withit seems to dress the bride. Many designers create dresses, shades of which may vary from gentle, suitable for the taste of many brides, to bright, designed for those who like to break stereotypes. If you chose the wedding dress is white, it is decorated with pink accessories - belt, handbag, jewelry. On the basis of compliance along, steals and makeup bride.

Men tend to choose as a dresscostumes traditional colors. Equally well will look dark and light colors clothes. In such cases, grooms pick in pink shirt only or any accessories: boutonniere, breast scarves, ties. But part of the newlyweds do not depart from the wedding colors. Under the pink suit they pick up a white shirt, and accessories in these outfits use more vivid colors.

Color accents newlyweds images

The dress code for the guests

Surely you've seen on TV wedding whereall participants are dressed in the same style like dresses sewed a tailor. It is not hard to do. When sending invitations to the wedding, the newlyweds addition to the date and place to report suspected dress code. It is not necessary to specify the name of the classic white tie, black tie, business formal, so you only confuse people.

The best option would be a detailed description, inWhat style or color scheme the couple would like to see the guests. The easiest dress code for the wedding pink - buttonholes selection of jewelry for men and women, the corresponding basic color tones. A more stringent will be the color of dresses and neckties or shirts. About the dress code should be notified in advance. How is it more severe, the more time should be given to guests to prepare.

The dress code for guests at selected colors

Ideas wedding decoration in soft pink tones

If the wedding ceremony will be held onnature, do not deviate from the colors of the holiday. Arch and the path to it is better to make a pink and chairs guests, vases, flowers - white. Originally will look pointers created from the paper with your hands and decorated with flowers or pictures of the newlyweds. They will be useful for orientation in place.

Use an idea, do not lose theirCharming, who came from the west. Ask young children to scatter rose petals before the newlyweds, the bride's train of support, bring the pads with rings. With this tradition at the wedding, go cute pictures. A lot of positive emotions among the guests and is just a lot of impressions on the children entrusted to them get justice.

For the wedding was like a fairy tale, wherethe couple appear in the role of the prince and princess wedding procession pick pink. If possible, an interesting solution would be to rent horses and carriages for wedding color, decorated with white accessories. Otherwise, you can decorate with pink flowers, balloons or temporary airbrush white car.

Ideas for wedding decoration pink

Invitations for the guests

Invitation cards for wedding guests -It is a kind of business card of the future events. Beautifully designed invitation will create the perfect mood of the guests well in advance of the ceremony. Their order in the printing, performing in a pink color scheme. Sometimes decor invitations using embossed letters and pictures or further decorate them with ribbons, sequins, feathers, turning into a kind of work of art. Another idea is to create a unique invitation cards - use photo collage or honeymooners.

Wedding Invitations in gentle tones

Decorating banquet hall

Organizing a wedding in white and pink color, it is importantcompetently decorate the banquet hall. One must have a sense of proportion, to design space could not faded, or, conversely, not eclipsed all around. Catching interior decoration, consider all the nuances that may subsequently affect the event. For example, with the help of decor you can hide the shortcomings premises - low ceiling, dark scenery, the presence of columns.

Fabric white or pink in color with the addition ofribbons adorn chairs newlyweds and guests, using satin, silk, tulle or organza. Likewise, equip the wall or arch for the newlyweds, decorating it with flowers or greenery. If you have stairs, the railing allowed vines, attaching them with pink ribbons. Doorways decorate arches, along the perimeter of the hall is decorated with natural flowers compositions. Track for young sprinkled with petals of pink and white roses. It looks good combination of helium-filled balloons, made in the same tones.

The decor of the hall in the selected color scheme

The decor festive table

Regardless of the wedding theme, tableclothsUse only white, placing them on appropriate color napkins. Veil, diluted with lace and ribbons, drape the tables, putting at the center of bouquets of white and pink flowers. In the summer decorate their baskets with berries - cherries, raspberries, currants, strawberries. With pink flowers perfectly crystal, so often used for decoration lamps, candle holders and vases made from this material. Equally look good as transparent glasses and the glasses, and in pink.

Making a festive table in gentle colors

White and pink wedding cake

As the main symbol of the upcoming sweetlife of the newlyweds, the wedding cake should blend well with the wedding color scheme. Selecting the cake is done, based on the approximate number of invited guests. By tradition, the couple bought three-tiered cakes of white or pink color, decorated with flowers and ribbons. Top figures put the bride and groom. The bride and groom can choose custom options for cakes or even make a treat of cakes. The main thing - do not forget that this is the last dish at a wedding party, and it should be worthy of complete holiday.

Pink wedding cake

The bride's bouquet

An important attribute of the bride's bouquet is. Flowers for it are selected according to the newlyweds taste way the bride and the event style. It can be rose, peony, freesia, calla lilies, orchids. Based on the color of the bride's dress is chosen, and colors of flowers. Against the background of white or pale pink dress will look good bouquet of bright colors or bright buds, decorated with patches of green, large leaves. With the wedding dress of saturated colors will blend in colors bright colors.

The bride's bouquet

Accessories in pink style wedding

Composing newlyweds images for White Rosewedding, it is important to choose the right accessories. For example, the bride will not prevent an elegant handbag. As accessories you can use an umbrella respective colors. It will not only protect from the sun or rain, but will be a good attribute to complete the image of a bride during a photo shoot. To decorate the hair of the heroine celebration using a tiara, comb, a wreath of flowers. The main thing is that their hue combined with the wedding colors.

Color accessories for celebrations