Wedding in peas

Traditional, classic weddingfor some brides and grooms seem boring. They are trying to make to the celebration of his life brightness, unusual, dynamic. In search of such decisions, many have resorted to the thematic activities. Wedding in peas - a great way to make your wedding day memorable, bright. Thanks defiantly prints, which will be used in the clothes the couple and the decoration of the event, the day will be able to fill the atmosphere of fun and joy.

Pea motif in wedding decoration

What color for a wedding polka dot choose?

Opt for peas, do not be afraidexperiment. Get away from the usual white image of a bride, fill your wedding colors. Stylish looks black peas on a white background. This glamorous print will set the tone for the event in the retro style or "dudes". Do you want to present on your holiday black? Then look at the bright colors: all shades of red, green, yellow or blue - what you need for a youth wedding. The choice of colors is diverse and depends only on your personal preferences.

The choice of colors for the wedding

Those who are not ready for bright experiments, but wantsdiversify their celebration, it is recommended to pay attention to white peas. Delicate translucent fabric, complemented by satin white circles, romantic look. Use of such a material not only for the bride dresses, but also for the decoration of the banquet hall, to continue the theme of the wedding.

Wedding images of the bride and groom

The stated theme of the holiday is to be tracedon outfits newlyweds. The bride who prefers a classic style, it is recommended to choose a dress with a print of white pea. If you do not want to put on the whole peas, then add an image thematically help veils, gloves, a bag with a similar ornament. Women who are not afraid experiments, like shoes with colored design and manicure, complete with bright circles small.

The image of the bride and groom with pea ornament

On the groom's wedding dress theme of "polka dots" canattend a few wardrobe items. Interesting and original bow tie, cufflinks with peas, handkerchief to his breast pocket, made in the same style will be an excellent complement to an elegant suit. More support pea style holiday will be able to help with the shirt that has a thematic pattern.

The dress code for the guests

Sending invitations to your weddingguests report the theme of the event. Sami card must be carried out taking into account the stated style celebration. Dedicate a separate line description of the dress code for the guests. Not all of them will want to or be able to fully clothed in outfits with pea print. But small details of clothes (gloves, hats, scarves lapel, belt and shoes) with ornament necessarily have to attend.

Dress code for the polka-dot theme wedding

Ideas for the design of the wedding ceremony in the peas

By organizing a themed wedding, you shouldcarefully consider every detail of the celebration. Not only honeymooners outfits and guests must indicate the style event. Gorokhov print must be filled every wedding attribute to create the right atmosphere, set the tone for the holiday. At registration, use a combination of drawing with peas and plain fabrics.

Decorating banquet hall

Traditionally, a banquet hall on the occasion of the weddingdecorate fabric, floral arrangements, balloons. The first step is to determine the main color of the holiday. What color is polka dots on dresses of the bride and groom, who will be the main tone. Especially popular with honeymooners print with red pepper on a white background. Opted for this color when decorating the banquet hall used red parts: bright balls, fabric draping.

Decorating wedding hall with polka dots

The seats on the chairs for guests decorated capesfabric with ornament. Composing floral arrangements to decorate the hall, you must take into account the selected color scheme. Funny and beautiful bouquets look white with accents of bright contrasting small flowers. Maximum use in the decoration of the room with fabric peas, making it gentle light drapery.

Decoration of the holiday table

The original tablecloth with peas perfectly fitin the subject of wedding decor. When making the festive table, note that pea motif perfectly with the pattern zig-zag and stripe. This will significantly increase the number of decoration options. Complement image dots bows of satin ribbons and floral compositions restrained style. Do not overdo it with the use of saturated prints. Just a few details will suffice to support the holiday theme.

Decorate the holiday table pea ornament

When you can all serving a celebratory banquetTables are served in the classical-style white and only newlyweds table and a rack for Candy Bar decorate peas. Paper napkins with motif, original dishes, decorated with peas, serving rings for tissue napkins with print, paper garlands, menus for guests with painted bright peas - all this and much more will make the wedding party stylish and cute.

Accessories for wedding polka dots

Choosing accessories for themed weddings,you must pay attention to every detail. The more accessories with peas you find or create their own hands, the more stylish, fashionable come your celebration. Every detail has to be impregnated with a holiday theme. The bride should pick out the accessories, according to the style of celebration: the garter on the leg with a satin ribbon, decorated with ornaments, hair clip with a suitable print.

You are free to make a pillow forrings. Obsheyte her ribbons and fabric with polka dots. In the same decor decorate with candles, wine glasses. Use paper confetti. Instead of the traditional rose petals that showered the spouses at the exit of the registrar, give guests crackers with colored confetti. For the wedding photo shoot fabricate three-dimensional fabric or paper letters in peas. These accessories will fill your holiday fun.

Wedding accessories in peas

Wedding cake with polka dots

When choosing a wedding cake for a theme you do notWe have to limit yourself. Literally any dessert and pastries are perfect for celebrations in peas. Prefer your favorite delicacies and cakes. Notify confectioner about topics celebration. Let selected obtyanet cake he liked cooking putty color, over which strike pattern with polka dots.

Original wedding cakes for the wedding polka dots

Photo of a beautiful weddings in peas

Make your wedding memorable andoriginal. Add bright prints and paints. Use polka dot pattern to decorate the banquet hall, a wedding convoy. To emphasize the theme of the festival will help to dress the bridesmaids in the bright circle. For the photo shoot with the wedding pictures came out particularly colorful, use fine dots accessories: umbrellas, large letters, trimmed with cloth pea motif. Get inspired to create unforgettable wedding with the help of photo collections below.

Print polka dot design for wedding