Wedding in mint color

Shades of mint associated with the coolness of the earlymorning, summer fresh breeze with a hint of menthol, give soft image of the bride. Peppermint is considered a neutral color, so it is used as a basic, complementing the other shades. Intense, cool tones of menthol fit brunette bride and warm, pastel - blondes. Wedding in mint color - a godsend for the newlyweds. By choosing this color for the event, you stand before others interesting, sophisticated, romantic lady.

Dresses the bride and groom in mint color

Mint wedding dress, as in the photo below -an excellent option for a holiday. The colors look delicious mint dressed as a bride, emphasizing the harmony of the image. Choosing the right style, you will demonstrate the dignity of the figure.

Mint dress - the perfect choice for any season. In summer, this color will accentuate the bride tanned skin, give the image of fragility, refinement, and in winter - add warmth, brightness.

Bride mint-colored dress

Beautiful accessories mint color, asphotos, the bride set off the freshness. If you choose a white dress, menthol details pep to your image. Beautiful veil, jewelry of turquoise, malachite, emerald, menthol shoes - all this wonderfully complement the ensemble of the bride.

Bride Mint accessories

There are many variants of dress-makingthe groom at a wedding in mint color. Classic mint-colored suit, white shirt and tie / butterfly, as in the photo. This option is ideal for weddings youth organized without further official ceremonies in nature, or retro wedding.

If the celebration is full of officialdom, for example,It assumes the presence of many dignitaries, strict adherence to the rules, for the wedding of this format will be the best choice classic black (gray) suit with the addition of various parts of menthol.

Mint groom suit

Classic groom suit good complement: tie, butterfly, breast scarf, cufflinks, as in the photo. The newlywed accessories use the same shade as the dress for the bride, then the couple will look great together. In order to achieve more harmony, take the same texture on fabric, such as satin.

Groom Mint accessories

clothing ideas for witnesses and guests

Dress code celebrations determine in advance. Dresses bridesmaids pick a style from the same cloth, then the bridesmaids stand out among the wedding guests. Alternatively, pick outfits witnesses to the same parts, such as barrettes, hair ornaments, flowers. How it will look like, look at the photos below.

Examples mint dresses bridesmaids

Costumes groom witnesses should match the color scheme of the wedding. Butterflies, jackets harmoniously fit into the style of the event, elegantly emphasizing the theme of celebration.

Examples mint groomsmen outfits

Dresses wedding guests can be mint orAccents include corresponding colors of celebration. Suite is important to decide in advance, will look like a wedding invitation that there was no excess of mint, and present images did not merge with each other.

If the bridesmaids dresses are made in pure minttone, the clothes should be invited to give other pastel shades with menthol details. For example, beige, peach, coral should be fine. Male half advisable to wear a tie or lapel mint shawl.

Wedding accessories in mint colors photo

Delicious wedding will complementmint shades accessories: cushion for rings, wishes guestbook, garter, candles, decorations on bottles of champagne, banquet cards, beautiful glasses for the newlyweds. All of this - nice little things that will give the triumph of individual character and unique atmosphere.

The bride's bouquet

Bridal bouquet must match the maincolors celebration. Use white or colored roses add Aust, verdure, amaryllis, hydrangea, eucalyptus, Bruno. Do not forget to decorate the composition of silk ribbons, lace, lace, beads.

Options mint bouquet bride

Invitations and cards for guests

Cards, invitations should be made in the color of mint. Colored paper, vintage monogram, lace and other decorations will emphasize the theme of the celebration will be very relevant to the mint wedding.

Invitations to wedding mint

A wedding cake

The cake should match the style of your wedding. Mint base beige decorations worthy choice. The taste of the product can be anything but menthol notes once again emphasize the selection of the original theme wedding destinations.

Mint Wedding Cake

Decorating wedding hall in mint color

Making a banquet hall, use textilesmint tones (tablecloths, napkins), Otten china ivory color scheme. White chair covers with bows decorate. Additional effects will give a candle with the scent of mint color, a variety of compositions of flowers, lace, ribbons the color palette of the holiday.

Making a banquet hall in mint colors

Great themed banquet hall look at the video:

Making a wedding convoy

Excellent effect will make a mint wedding procession. Book vintage cars, as in the photo, decorate them with compositions of flowers, bows, ribbons, which are used for the decoration of the holiday.

Mint wedding procession

The combination of mint colors with other colors

Menthol is well combined with white, red,blue, yellow, purple, violet, brown. Mint Green looks good with a warm, pastel shades: pale yellow, beige, chocolate, dark gray and olive.

Classic mint goes well withsand, coral, wine shades, tones of fuchsia. Blue Mint requires a cold, saturated colors, from pale blue to dark blue, violet hues, pink burgundy.

The combination of mint with other flowers for wedding

Mint wedding - wonderful Caseevent. Careful organization of banquet, attention to detail and nuances guarantee a festive mood all participants menthol parties. Elegance, freshness, vitality menthol wedding will long be remembered to you, your family and friends.