Wedding in green

Making wedding in shades of green andIt begins with the selection of colors palette, the atmosphere of the celebration. What will it be: soft touching and filled with bright colors? Select the newlyweds. Wedding in the green features and unusual. Green attends every wedding accessories or attribute: number plates for guests or personal cards, decorations for chairs and flower arrangements, cake or invitations to the ceremony.

The value of green

Traditionally, green - the color of lightness,natural, virgin nature and purity, symbolizes youth, vitality. All shades of green - from light green to deep emerald - prefer balanced, calm people, it is easy to cope with life's problems. It's about you? Then boldly Make the wedding in shades of green, which will open your pair let to a bright happy future.

The greatest strength in light green hue,connecting the living natural nature perky and solar bursts. Light green wedding is associated with the freshness of spring, of new life, a good mood, a desire for a joyful future. Harder looks dark greens, perfectly in harmony with the white wedding dress. This is a sign of stability, ground forces, coming from the most of Mother Nature. Bridal couple, surrounded by noble emerald shades, looks elegant, restrained, but not dry stiffness.

The images of the bride and groom at a wedding in a green style

Newlyweds do not always like the traditionalceremony, including the white wedding dress. Dress with light turquoise or pistachio color, complemented by accessories in shades of green, it looks original, peculiar. Open shoes and jewelry suitable tone of the leaves create the image of a forest nymph, involving the fabulous dance of their girlfriends. The groom does not necessarily wear a green suit, in such colors can be only a tie and boutonniere.

Wedding image in green

Dresses for wedding guests in the green

Attention to the wedding ceremony attractedgirlfriend and friends of the newlyweds. The color of dresses for girls picked up in strict accordance with the basic hue decor. The bridesmaids should complement her image in their appearance, accessories, jewelry, make-up. Guests in costumes of blue, purple, pink, coral, black, yellow colors will create the desired coloristic accents.

Friends of the groom can wear a shirt or tiecolor green, tie wide sashes grassy shade. The solemnity of the bride's entourage will give butterflies a neck decoration male half. The other guests not necessarily comply with the "green" dress code, otherwise congestion will be a common sense of color. Their appearance should be in harmony with the style of celebration.

Dresses wedding guests on the green

Ideas wedding design in shades of green

The strength of the spring of life, "natural" way veryattractive. Spring brings with it a richness and contrast, an herb is ideal as the main color of the wedding ceremony. This shade was honorable in medieval bride, he was regarded as a symbol of female power. Selection of accessories for Suite of fresh flowers create floral original decision.

Complimentary for guests

Fancy invitation to a celebration with greendecor - an integral part of the theme wedding. They make the original classic or traditional. Attached to the usual postcards decorative succulent leaves or flowers easily support the natural style of the wedding. Interesting tickets in different shapes and colors. For example, an invitation in the form of leaves of plants, cut from green paper, will delight guests with its originality.

Classic invitation cards, decoratedsatin ribbon of green color, suitable for elegant celebrations. They are best combined with yellow or white ornaments, blue or purple. It all depends on what you need to create an atmosphere at the ceremony. Green - it is always the arrival of spring, no harm will be on the invitation card decoration, symbolizing the arrival of birds. Looks nice decoration is, if it is made of glossy paper.

Wedding Invitations in green

Jewellery banquet hall

Tables are well decorated wedding hallgreen tablecloths, flower arrangements, candles. Do not forget napkins, cutlery suitable shades. Garland balls herbaceous tones, diluted white and color products to add accents will look festive in the area of ​​the newlyweds. Especially brightly on the green background looks red heart tinfoil.

Bar rack banquet hall for weddingsdecorate compositions "ball in the ball", with flowers, ribbons. The decor of the walls should be in harmony with the general color ensemble, not merge, but exquisitely shade it. There are appropriate flower pendant compositions that emphasize the wall lights. When making a room be sure to use live greenery. The skilful arrangement of outdoor plants decorated pots will create the effect of the spring in the Botanical garden, visually erase the wall.

Spring wedding ceremony in greendictates specific design approach. Additional colors for design - pastel beige, pink subtle shades. Effectively look twigs with young leaves that accentuate the early spring, the breath of a new life, and fragrant lilies of the valley, placed in vases on the tables of guests area, honeymooners. Elegant daffodils and tulips accentuate the chosen color.

Decorating banquet hall in shades of green

The decor festive table

Desktop decoration of baskets of kiwi, apples orlimes, treats of the wedding menu advantageous to look at the background of white or beige shades tablecloths. "Green Group" support Cocktails Mojito, with mint jelly molds. No decor wedding holiday table is complete without flowers. In addition to floral arrangements suitable unusual decorations in the form of scattered between glasses of delicate petals or leaves of young plants. Lace, ribbons, festive candles will be the main elements of fine table decoration.

Tables at the wedding will be decorated beautifully arranged fruitgreen and yellow colors, the fruit of the carving. This art form came from the east, where the prized refined luxury fine threads. Masters carve masterpieces from fruits and vegetables that are eaten with pleasure guests. This refinement will attract the attention of children, adults, will become the center of the best-dinner frames wedding photo shoot.

Variants of registration of festive table on a green wedding

Green wedding bouquet

The charming bride with flowers in a green schemeromantic, gentle, spring-fresh. Natural whether plants are collected in a bouquet or artificial fruits or herbs - everything looks delicious, original. Creative selection of plants for flower arrangement will brighten the bride to show their personality and mood. The bride herself may guide the process of drawing up its bouquet, selecting flowers, in harmony with the wedding dress.

Find herbal elements for the compositiongreen scale is difficult, but the effort is to make, to realize his vision. Herbaceous shades buds really find in any flower shop. Roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids added to the composition apples, limes, herbs, succulent leaves will form the basis of a unique bouquet for the bride to the celebration day.

Green floral arrangement for the bride

Wedding cake in green style

The culmination of the celebrations - a confectionary masterpieceHoneymoon. The cake at the wedding draws particular attention to the guests. It supports the concept of a holiday in a different color, shades, is fully consistent with the style. Birthday cake in the green range is incredibly original, beautiful, pleasant to all, without exception, the guests and the newlyweds. It can be not only culinary delights but also the original decoration of the banquet hall.

Wedding Cakes green hue

Confectioners and designers use differentparaphernalia for decorating wedding goodies: green marzipan mass, beautiful ornaments of cream and sugar stucco figures of the newlyweds. Newlyweds will have to choose the appropriate style of the product. What will you choose: green cake style Ombre or treat in a classic embodiment, in a simple and elegant form, without unnecessary decorative elements or expertly made exotic masterpiece?

Wedding accessories for green wedding

The bright and fresh spring colors will decorate the celebration,create an atmosphere of extraordinary holiday. Green Wedding actual spring, summer. In winter, the plant is not so appropriate decorations. The color palette includes over fifty variants of green tones. Spring is best to use light green delicate shades of summer - bright vibrant autumn - deep dark olive. Such paints are refreshing, but each tone looks differently.

The main festivities accessories - Invitations,flowers, banquet cards, decorations for cars, rooms, bows, pillow rings, small touches. Everywhere stick with the selected style and color. Originally look Wedding card in the form of craft or mini-trees in pots, small pillow for rings with grass design. It's nice and cute candy boxes look for people with green trim.

Wedding accessories in which prevailleaves, grass, moss, live plants, are relevant for the triumph of the green. They complement the photo shoot the newlyweds on the background of spring and summer landscape with an abundance of green, emerald shades. Refined luxury natural beauty of the world can not be compared with anything in its richness and power. Natural motifs always win.

Accessories for the wedding of natural shades

Combinations of green with other colors

Natural herbs goes well with white and withall shades of the rainbow. Imagine a bright clearing, studded with a variety of colors. On it there is harmony and order, even combined incongruous. Beautiful bright and juicy purple-red flowers, framed bursting with greenery, gentle pastel range is in balance with the bright green light shades.

Red and green gamma suitable for wintercelebrations, enhance the positive mood of the guests. In the suit of the groom and bride's dress will look spectacularly small red accents that will add contrast and brightness of the image. Instead of the red for the original finish is perfect for rich maroon, more calm and balanced.

White-green range is ideal for traditionalcolors dress the bride and groom, but fine decor herbal natural shades give them flavor. Yellow blotches, like the sun's rays spring day, add colorful touches to the primary colors of celebration. Warm pastel lemon or gaudy colors will give a special charm to the wedding ensemble. Noble combination of greenish color with a golden tone perfect for lovers of luxury and refinement.

Pale pink and light beige shades complementits special romantic vintage wedding in the green range. The tranquility and serenity of the bride, vzhivshis in the image of a beautiful shepherdess with medieval paintings, guests will remember for a long time. The naturalness and congestion bright colors - pink forte green wedding. Choose a design for any celebration colors, displaying their individuality and vision of the world.

Photo Wedding in green

Close to the natural color of celebration alwaysattractive and diverse. Harmony and natural wedding in shades of green - is the result of a long search and return to the origins. Pushing aside the pressure of civilization on a holiday the couple will be able to merge into a single ensemble with nature. The images and green wedding design eliminated stiffness, there is no need to comply with strict traditional rituals - green and natural dictate the rules. Feel these images, seeing the photo selection below.

Photo Wedding in green