Wedding in green color

Wedding an unforgettable event in the life of each pair,so many newlyweds, wanting to stand out from the general trends do not traditionally white wedding, and color. For the springtime there is nothing more appropriate than a wedding in the green color. Cheerful color reminiscent of spring, lush grass, the first flowers, and it always pleases. Excellent mood guests provided a wedding, and the bride to the groom will look original.

The value of green color

Lime color of spring, which means that itassociated with the awakening of nature after winter cold. From the point of view of psychology called lime color of hope, mark its beneficial effect on the psyche of people: it improves mood, pleasing to the eye. Interestingly, in the tales of the color most often found in elf costumes, nymphs, fairies. It is believed that this color is chosen by people who know how to enjoy every moment of life.

Dresses the bride and groom green color

The bride's dress green color is not very goodoption for a spring wedding, except exceptionally refined models. The bride can get lost among the surrounding greenery, and it must be constantly at the center of attention of the wedding. To create a gentle, romantic image of your choice on the air the white dress with bright green elements. So, the dress can go green shoes, jewelry with natural or artificial stones.

The groom will look harmonious light suit, vest green color and the same tie. Take care of pale green buttonhole that can tell us about their own wedding style.

Light green dress newlyweds


clothing ideas for witnesses and guests

If the bride does not risk to wear a celebrationlime-colored dress, but prefer white, then the bridesmaids wearing green outfits. Against the background of the bride looks beautiful delicate flower among lush greenery. Men can be a classic black and white suit to put on a greenish shirt. But even with the usual white shirt lime tie will overlap perfectly with the dresses of girls.

Though considered a leading holiday colorgreen, witnesses clothing and visitors should not have to be all the same color. Good dilute it yellow or white color, filling out their individual parts of clothing.

Footwear select the same color as the dress, or a bit darker.

Clothes for the witnesses and guests light green wedding

Not only buy a wedding beautiful dress, you stillpick him matching accessories. To do this, you need to have a delicate taste, a sense of proportion. The photo shows examples of wedding accessories in green color, which not only spoil the look of your elegant dress, but also beneficial to supplement it.

Wedding accessories in light green colors


The bride's bouquet

To compile a festive bouquet for the bride to use the green and white colors:

  • Hellebore. Pretty neat bush, consists of small inflorescences. This flower will create a great volume for round wedding bouquet.
  • Tulips. Very beautiful flowers gentle green hue, saturation change from the bottom to the edges of petals.
  • Roses. Green rose rare flower, but the flower shops can buy unusual fabulous bouquet. The bride is simply the personification of gentleness.
  • Calla lilies, orchids. Exotic flowers for the original, unpredictable girl. Bunch of green and white calla lilies reminiscent of the air cloud.
  • Gladiolus. These majestic flowers rare flowers will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Chrysanthemums. They also come in green, but here you need not to be late, disrupt them, as they do not fully blossomed and become yellow.

Lime bridal bouquet

Invitations and cards for guests

Any wedding begins with the invitationpostcards. Presenting the guest card, you present your wedding style, you talk about the dress code. At the wedding in a light green color, it is desirable to choose the appropriate color cards. Often they are decorated with colorful ribbons, buttons, ribbons, openwork lace.

Invitation cards in light green colors

Cards for guests, in which they find their place at the table, you can make an original, attaching them to the green apple or setting the pots with grass.

Cards for wedding guests light green

A wedding cake

Cake for wedding in green color can begreenish fully decorated with elements of other colors, or white with light green trim. At the request of the newlyweds, he made color not only outside but also inside. Light green wedding inspires the masters for manufacture of these masterpieces of confectionary art, delicious desserts, such as shown in the photo.

Lime Wedding Cake

Decorating wedding hall in green color

Lime color is best combined withblack and white, so the best solution would be the decoration of the banquet hall decorated these colors. Most honeymooners opt classics: white room and light green accents tablecloths, napkins, utensils. Effectively looks as black utensils and napkins on a light green tablecloth. The hall is made of live greenery, garlands of natural flowers, floral curtains.

Draped white satin decorated with chairsbright green bows. The room also drape a light green and white cloth satin, chiffon, tulle. On the tables would be good to place the vases with floral arrangements, green apples. Each dish is decorated with greenery all means.

Making light green banquet hall


In our video clearly shows how to properly execute a ballroom.

Making a wedding convoy

For machines used decorations green ribbon,the edges edged another contrasting color, they look more fun than plain. For honeymooners machine mounted decorative gold or silver rings, and their base matches the color of the young leaves. Also for the decoration of a wedding convoy used butterfly, flower garlands, balloons, transparent fabrics in white and light green colors.

Car decoration for wedding cortege light green

The combination of green color with other colors

Lime color is one of the universal, hecombined with a large palette of colors: white, black, purple, pink, yellow, red, blue, blue. Any combination of these options make both colors brighter and more spectacular.