Wedding in emerald

It looks fine emerald weddingceremony. The celebration is filled with generosity and positive energy of this exquisite hue. However, a wedding in the emerald color requires painstaking process of organization, where each element will be given special attention. In celebration of the emerald is not insignificant things, all the fine nuances to be considered.

Meaning emerald

If you want a wedding celebration thatwill appeal to all guests, feel free to choose the emerald as the main colors of the holiday. This deep bright tone evokes positive emotions, energizing, helps to feel kinship with nature. Wedding in the Emerald version harmonises perfectly with any time of year. This deep green symbolizes the stable prosperity and well-being, which is important for a young family.

I dress the bride and groom in the emerald color

Choosing outfits for their wedding emeraldcelebration, show originality. Experiment with accessories that make interesting accents in the dress that reflects your personality in all possible ways. There are two scenarios for the selection of wedding dresses:

  1. fully clothed in green garments;
  2. make green elegant frame for classic outfits.

Bride emerald hue will be boldand memorable experiment. If this is not required, but I want to make an impression, limit individual details of the selected color. Amazing looks bright green petticoats, which only can be seen when driving. Valid belt, embroidery, shoes, garters, inserts in a corset or bodice made in the noble shade of green.

Dresses for the young emerald wedding

The groom is recommended to choose the emerald shirttie, cufflinks, vest, scarf. Such small accents transform the outfit and make it in the spirit of the wedding color scheme. However, you can stop and to suit the exquisite shade of green, if it is suitable for your type newlyweds. Then accessories remain more reserved tone that will not pull the admiring glances of friends.

The dress code for the guests

It is difficult to make the wedding guests to put onemerald dress, and it is not required. Effectively looks witnesses, dressed in matching color outfits. Fashionable for girlfriends and boyfriends to create identical dresses and suits, which they will wear when going to a wedding. This Western tradition, is very impressive looking at us, because of its uniqueness and non-standard.

Apparel guests at the wedding of emerald color

If the budget allows, special posheyteemerald dresses his witnesses. The official part and a photo shoot with guests will look very cool and remembered everything. Bridesmaids dresses can be of different styles, but the same color, but completely identical outfits also come. Costumes for cronies of the groom do not necessarily green. Enough jacket that goes well with white, black, dark blue trousers.

Emerald wedding decoration ideas

For a wedding in the emerald colorrequire attention to detail, sense of style, love of luxury and refined taste. It is important to fold the whole picture in mind of the future celebrations to be used in the proper doses that noble shade. Start with the smallest components of the wedding: invitations, sweet dishes, decorative accessories. Then switch to a more meaningful elements - serving, for a photo shoot area, the decor of the room.

Complimentary for guests

If in addition to the color style wedding there isany theme, defeating it in the invitation. The triumph in the style of the Emerald City, for example, allows you to add notes in magical cards. Stick aristocratic style, it perfectly emphasizes the nobility of the main wedding color. Let on the invitation it will be used intricate ligature, classic patterns, beautiful uppercase text.

Emerald wedding invitations

You can decorate the cards with emerald ribbons,stones, sequins. Allow guests to visit before the wedding to feel its luxury, elegance, positive energy. However, be restrained in the decor, as it is easy to cross the face of overly adorned invitation and turning them into a frenzy shocking emerald.

Decorating banquet hall

For emerald banquet require expensiveinterior. Hall must be in natural colors, harmonizing well with the deep green. Suit white, sand, wood shades. Fully green curtains drape the walls is not required, as it will be too much. It is better to stop on the separate elements that will be concise accents.

Decorating banquet emerald wedding party

Select emerald chair covers, bows orribbons to decorate the path to the altar at the ceremony, flower vases, balloons, paper pom-poms, carpet. That's enough to wealth wedding played the main color of celebration. Arrange area for fotopozhelany, lighting on the dance floor, a dessert-cocktail of the room in a deep green color. Let some moments define the mood of celebration.

The decor festive table

Wedding in emerald green accents created. One of them acts as a festive table setting, which sets off the banquet table. Choose green napkins, glasses, tablecloth, candlesticks, stylized cups, plates. Appropriate at this table will be lime, grapes, apples, which will complement the decor of your good green sheen. Great look placers emerald stones, beads, paper figures, is conveniently located between the devices, utensils and dishes.

Festive table in emerald

The bride's bouquet

For emerald wedding floristry amazingmodest white suit. He subtly set off the colors of celebration and elegantly complement the attire of the bride. Small round bouquet of roses decorate bright green brooch large stones or beads. Stylish look emerald ribbons wrapped flowers legs, decorated with white pearls or ribbon.

Bouquet of the bride for the wedding of emerald color

Preparing for a wedding in the cold, stopon orchids, anemones, roses, ranunkulyusah. Spring-summer celebration - an occasion to treat yourself hydrangea, freesia, lilies, peonies, dahlias and chrysanthemums. Stay low average splendor bouquets that look elegant, restrained, laconic, because the emerald wedding does not tolerate anything excessive.

A wedding cake

The main celebration dessert let them eminent createConfectioners. Book emerald decor cake to become crown wedding. Icing, cream, fruit, green look great on a white baking, this combination of colors will be most successful. You can choose full green cake with a decor contrasting shade or no jewelry. Serve dessert, surrounded by emerald stones to create a resemblance to the work of the jeweler's art.

Cake for wedding emerald

Wedding accessories emerald wedding

The mood of the successful celebration cute settrivia, consider this scenario in the formation of a wedding. Let the ring Young serves on the emerald cushion, at a photo shoot waiting for a bunch of balloons suitable saturated color, candy on tables painted in the bright wrapper. Emerald can be candy boxes, menus, guest cards, gift souvenirs, butterflies waiters, leading microphone, podium lighting newlyweds.

Wedding Accessories for the wedding of emerald color

Very fresh look peacock feathers that addemerald wedding in exotic and luxury. Embellish their bouquet, hair, tables, shoes, glasses. Find the right shade for candles, cups, coasters musicians notes - delights the forethought and care. Let them do offer a greeting recorded for the wedding book in green ink, take a picture with a green parrot or try sparkling emeralds mask, then they will remember forever celebration.

Combinations with other colors of emerald

When planning a color scheme, remember compatibilityshades. Mix several shades to get the most natural and comfortable. Do not let any one additional tone pull focus, the center should always be an emerald. Noble emerald green looks good with the following tones:

  • blue,
  • golden,
  • white
  • silver,
  • orange,
  • pink,
  • mint,
  • chocolate,
  • yellow.

Video: conducting emerald wedding

Take a look at the video below, it looks like elegantwedding, made in shades of emerald. Placers colors, beads thread, air draperies create harmony, warm mood, bright atmosphere. Young used the main color for the on-site registration ceremony and banquet, dresses and accessories. Delicate combination of emerald, pink and white looks very juicy, tasty, nice. Place to celebrate the wedding of emerald matched current that does not detract from the nobility of the aristocratic tone, many people associate with the Monarchs.

Theme wedding photo shoot

Emerald Wedding require original ideas for photo shoots. Here are a few interesting options:

  • The Wizard of Oz. Need fabulous accessories, fantastic surroundings, or custom background scenery.
  • Medieval romance. It involves shooting against the background of an ancient castle, well-groomed alleys, gardens and flower beds, in carriages, on horseback, in a boat on the lake.
  • Flying surprise. Stock up on emerald air balloons inflated with helium, let it set off the blue sky. Add a cheerful mood and enthusiasm.
  • Friendly company. We need only guests in emerald dress, providing a positive atmosphere each frame.

Wedding fotossessiya in emerald