Wedding in crimson

Summer - it's time to welcome the warm, filledaromas of flowers and berries, in itself conjures up thoughts of unusual berry wedding. The color of ripe raspberries can lift the mood, give optimism. When admiring this color thing, quietly positively charged emotions. Wedding in a crimson color, this bright, juicy will be a memorable event. Young begin new to family life with a sense of sweet raspberry flavor.

raspberry wedding symbol

Dresses the bride and groom crimson

Honeymoon outfits are selected in accordance with thethe main color of the holiday. It is necessary to add to the classic white dress color elements - a belt, beads, floral decorations, lace trim, shoes.

The outfits newlyweds on a crimson wedding

Additional image of a bright stylish handbag, clutch, gentle hairpin. The combination of white and crimson looks solemn, restrained and elegant.

Optional accessories for the bride as well as on a crimson wedding

The second option - a purple dress with a low-keyaccessories that will organically complement the dress. Pick accessories for the bride a perfect mix colors, create a lovely, light, elegant look! And if you want, you can make it bold, perfect, stylish. The image of the bride should choose, given its character and temperament, then dress the most suitable girl.

Wedding dresses crimson

The choice of attire for the groom is more limited, but itIt can also look original. For classic cream three-piece suit pick up a bright pink shirt. The same tie goes well with black suit and white shirt. The highlight of the groom attire will be a bright boutonniere.

Wedding groom dress in crimson

clothing ideas for witnesses and guests

If the bride chooses a classic white for yourselfwedding dress, invite her friends to wear purple dresses in various colors. It will look among them, as the snow-white pearl among the ripe berries.

The bride with the bridesmaids at the wedding of raspberry

Witness in any case it is necessary to chooseitself corresponding color outfit. It does not have to be a whole raspberry, enough of one or more parts. The same applies to the witness - the color of the shirt or tie eloquently speak about the theme of celebration.

Attire witness at the wedding of raspberry

Wedding accessories in crimson tones

Underline color wedding orientationcan favorably chosen accessories. They should not overshadow the dress and be a spectacular addition to it. It has a value of saturation enhancement of color, the combination of it with the basics of color, properly placed accents. Therefore, carefully select colors in the preparation of a coherent composition. The huge help and good advice you get from designers professionals.

The bride's bouquet

Bouquet should surprise all its freshness,brightness. To him pick up a beautiful summer flowers - roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, carnations white, purple, coral, lilac colors. A delicious mix you get when you dilute their yellow-green sprigs of raspberries with unripe fruit.

Bouquets of crimson wedding

Invitations and cards for guests

Invitation cards for guests bright,colorfully decorated, in their mind just can imagine what is waiting for wedding guests. For spectacular card is a good idea to embroider bright pink thread, or decorate the buttons of the same color.

Invitation cards on a crimson wedding

Cards for guests pink with their names can be inserted into small bowls with ripe raspberry fruit.

Cards for the guests at the wedding of raspberry

A wedding cake

Spectacular wedding cake, decorated with riperaspberry, will become a worthy ending banquet. Options for wedding cakes a great multitude, here a huge scope for imagination. You can build a multi-storey white cake with floral ornament, figurines of the bride and groom. Cause a surge of positive emotions and a cake, tied with red ribbons.

Birthday cake on raspberry wedding

Decorating wedding hall in a crimson color

The festive decoration of the banquet hallpredominant are pink, red, and all their shades. There are plenty of ideas of how to decorate the room. One of the options - white tablecloths, napkins and utensils and a bright crimson color. Use as a decoration coral stones, hearts, stands out on a white background. Relive tablecloth made of purple and lilac satin little bows sewn not very thick.

The second option - crimson tablecloths and crockery - golden brown. Napkins are selected cream tones.

Give great-looking figures of tablesangels or other delicate figurines, bouquets of pink flowers, scented candles with the scent of raspberries, ripe fruits and berries with mint leaves in small bowls.

Hall will look elegant, extraordinary, ifdecorate chairs lush pink bows made of satin or tulle, or flower garlands. Give originality floral screens hanging in the hall. They are very nice to look at wedding photos.

Wedding room decorated in crimson tones



How to decorate a room for raspberry wedding, look at the video.

Making a wedding convoy

Newlyweds will be happy, if you are organizing their wedding crimson limousine or a similar car in retro style. Decorate them can white or light pink floral decoration, satin ribbons.

The car for the newlyweds on a crimson wedding

Cars reviews revive festive ribbons, garlands of artificial plants, decorative ribbons in pink and green colors.

Decoration of the wedding cortege on crimson

The combination of crimson color with other colors

When making a banquet hall in mind thatall the details of your wedding decor invented should not be fragmented, and make one complete song, well combined with each other. Crimson color most easily put together with white, yellow, cyan, magenta, pink, milky color.