Wedding in coral color

Coral color born mixing the three shadesred, orange and pink. Since ancient times, he was respected, considered a talisman, which is able to save a wandering traveler, save lives and health. This unusual color was a symbol of immortality, eternal life, and the girl's purity. The Sumerians believed that it brings luck. Wedding in a coral color is suitable for couples who truly love, romantic and tenderly cared for each other, believe in the beautiful long relationship.

Dresses the bride and groom in a coral color

The original coral color is perfectto dress for the wedding. On the basis of saturation, it can take different moods to be light, cool, soft or bright, playful, spectacular. Coral rich palette of shades is a popular salmon color, purple-pink, pearl magenta and many others. Ideas for male and female image for the wedding in a coral color:

  • Male image. Not every man will agree to try on the coral, but brave young people are happy to put on a suit. It can be fully or coral color, this color will be in the details: vest future spouse, neat tie, boutonniere, bow tie, pocket handkerchief, to cufflinks. Coral also likes to look great texture fabric with coral-cell on a white background. It will be interesting to look jacket of color and stylish bright pants.

Coral suit for the groom
  • Female image. Women often choose this color is ideal beautiful half of humanity. Delicate coral emphasize the romantic, peaceful nature, a bright red-orange tint suitable girl emotional, bold. Wedding dress looks great in this full color, and if it is present as one of the parts contrasting belt, bows, embroidery. Additional image of beautiful bouquet, pink decoration on the delicate maiden neck, shoes, picked them manicure.

Models dresses for bride's coral tones

clothing ideas for witnesses and guests

Theme wedding coral delicate flowersgood when all participants are trying to choose clothes appropriate palette. For this to happen, in advance (about a month or more) should send the invitations, you need to identify where the dress code is a light suit with coral details.

Supplement may be relevant invitationcards, which are printed on different shades of color suitable to your wedding. Then guests can buy interesting decorations and decorate their image.

Dresses bridesmaids coral color

As for the bridesmaids, witnesses, theirto warn before and dress up in those colors, which are present at the heroes of the occasion attire. Well, if a suitable range of costumes are sewn to order this will help avoid a situation where the choice of colors in self-girlfriends are too different, so look inharmonious.

Wedding accessories in coral colors photo:

The original coral decorate accessoriesholiday table, and the room: the color uplifting. To everything was perfect shades need to choose wisely, each detail of the holiday should repeat another, in order to avoid unsightly discrepancies such as salmon wipes are combined with bright coral candles and do not look around. Well, if the wedding accessories ordered at one company: problems with the style will not have the elements fit together.

Decor coral shade

The bride's bouquet

Coral bride's bouquet to the wedding isthe embodiment of sensuality, tenderness, remarkable style. The flowers, which are ideal for this accessory: amaryllis, roses, Peony- roses, peonies. It is not necessary that all of them were one shade bouquet allows to use different colors of coral range. To supplement and dilute composition will turn white or pale-yellow flowers and give it brightness, freshness will help a beautiful dark-green foliage. For details, see photos of various flowers:

Bouquet coral tones

Invitations and cards for guests

Coral wedding involves adherencecommon concept throughout the entire process of preparation of the celebration, so invitations / cards need to choose the same color palette. If the couple announces the dress code for the wedding itself card it can be made to the scheme, which is suitable for dresses wedding guests this will help them not to puzzle over the shade. Nursery cards second important point in style, they must repeat the invitation.

Watch the video, which shows how to make the nursery card by yourself. Creative imagination to create their own unique style, or use ready-made idea, using a palette of coral:

A wedding cake

Wedding cake chic dessert that strikesimagination. Modern pastry can create real masterpieces of sugar, flour, fruit, flowers. Coral palette popular in creating beautiful desserts for the wedding. Versions chic birthday cake:

  • Cake-gradient. This style of decoration dessert gained widespread in recent years and it is clear why looks amazing.
  • Cake decorated with fresh flowers. Light, airy, beautiful, sweet as the bride herself.
  • Marzipan decorations. Performed by experienced hands, they can look like a work of art.
  • Cake cupcakes, beautiful, delicious and convenient solution for a banquet table.

Cake in pink colors

Decorating wedding hall in the style of a coral

Before you plan what items willHome decoration of wedding and celebration, should decide on the shade that will be dominant. This can be a delicate, pale pink color, which creates a romantic atmosphere air, or a bright coral red accents which will be pleasing to the eye, lift the mood of the audience. Perhaps the skillful combination of several shades of coral. Several major ways to decorate the room:

Ideas to decorate the tables in shades of coral
  • The cloth: tape, drapes, napkins, chair covers, bows, curtains, tablecloths all details to decorate the magnificent banquet hall wedding color. It is important to observe harmony, dilute basic shade other, more neutral colors of white, beige, lemon.
  • Candles. On the white tablecloth coral candle become a cozy decoration that will appeal to the audience.
  • Flowers. Plants decorating the room must comply with what is present in the bride's bouquet.
  • Matt balloons, filled with helium.
  • Other decorations colored bottles for flowers, drink coasters.

Making a wedding convoy

For the original wedding in a coral color,it is permissible motorcade of cars coral. Perform this for all guests accompanying the couple can be difficult, so the couple can rent the appropriate machine for yourself. Beautiful pink limousine or SUV unusual coral couple let themselves choose what is more suitable to them. Conventional machines will decorate with flowers, ribbons according to the palette of the holiday.

Original pink limos for the wedding

The combination of coral color with other colors

This color goes well with many beautiful shades, each combination is able to implement its own special atmosphere:

  • Beige, lemon, cream complements the shade, helping to create a gentle, calm environment.
  • White coral with plays on the contrast, is doing everything by air, light.
  • Turquoise gives rise to a fresh, bright combination that great sea or spring wedding.
  • Green and its shades of colors create a harmonious duet.

A wedding in a nice coral tsvetevelikolepnoethe beauty of the event, which will want to review the photos forever. Attention to detail, careful thought will help to create a range of unique composition of colors, which will be difficult to admire.

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