Wedding in brown

Brown nice warm color thatIt symbolizes durability, stability, ability to overcome challenges, solve problems, not trying to get recognition of society, to demonstrate the merits, so it is perfect for a wedding. This shade evokes pleasant images of a delicious hot tea, sweet cocoa, strong coffee, spicy cinnamon, chocolate sweets. Wedding in brown is a beautiful celebration, creating an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, hot hearth.

Dresses the bride and groom brown

Unusual, elegant brown scale looksinterestingly, it gives the image of nobility. It includes all kinds of shades: beige, chocolate, dark chocolate, the color of coffee with cream, chestnut, mahogany hue and many others. A few ideas for the bride and groom outfits:

  • Female image. Modern women often refuse white dress in favor of colors that they are more suitable: the dress can be fully executed in shades of brown or have a few relevant details. This light cloak, belt or ribbon, elegant embroidery, beautiful bows. Brown may be jewelry, shoes, flowers, ribbon on the bouquet. With brown details fabric blends cream colored ivory.
  • Male image. Stylish chocolate suit looks great, it gives the man stateliness, sophistication. Optionally, choose an outfit according to this brown colors can be only one vest, stylish tie, pocket handkerchief, elements boutonnieres, leather shoes. Well look cufflinks with precious or semi-precious stones such as brown, opal, onyx, rauchtopaz, amber.

Brown outfits heroes of the occasion

clothing ideas for witnesses and guests

Dress code celebrations can include outfits guestsselected in natural shades of brown and other warm colors that blend with it softly yellow, in any case, not acidic, cream, white, other light warm colors. This will create a unique atmosphere of celebration, which is sure to capture the photo, video. The main thing, remember a dress code all guests should notify at least one month, so that they have time to prepare.

Dresses bridesmaids brown shade

Dresses bridesmaids should be sewn from the same fabric as the dress decorations culprits celebrations.

Wedding accessories in brown tones Photo

Brown wedding organization includescareful selection of wedding accessories, it is desirable that all elements were united not only the palette but also the materials, of which one type of accessory set (for example, invitations and nursery card of the same board). Banquet table decorations, festive food, nursery cards, invitation cards for visitors, honeymooners glasses and other decorative elements, all these components must be perfectly in harmony.

Brown accessories for decorating wedding

The bride's bouquet

Bouquet important wedding accessory questiondecorations which are not less important than the decor of all the banquet hall. Moreover, if there are some in the bouquet of flowers, plants, the same elements to decorate the entire space. Brown color in the bridal bouquet is all kinds of flowers, trees, dry twigs, cones, or pretty ribbon. Also brown color will blend perfectly with the brighter parts of green leaves, red buds, most importantly to create a song correctly.

Brown bouquets

Invitations and cards for guests

Nursery cards, invitations Bridecan do it yourself or order an agency that has been creating unique cards. It is best to come up with the design, along with the performer, to a greater or who was not repeated. However, armed with the decorative elements, using girlfriends and free time, the bride very well cope with the task of creating such jewelry.

Watch the video for the simple production of seedling of cards that can be repeated in brown:

A wedding cake

Cutting the wedding cake incomparable homepart of the solemn feast. Brown is perfect for partial decoration treats or creating delicious dessert entirely in shades of brown. To highlight the celebration comfort, marzipan cake will decorate the ribbons, chocolate stains, vibrant colors. For table decoration perfect cake sweet cupcakes, which will be convenient to transfer guests. More watch this feast on the last photo:

Brown cake at the wedding feast

Decorating wedding hall in brown style

Brown is perfect for fashionRustic wedding celebration direction. Translated it as rustic, natural style involves the use of wooden furniture, natural fabrics, hay, burlap, kraft paper, old grandmother's things. A few ideas to help you find the inspiration to come up with its own special style of decoration of the hall for the wedding:

  • Tissue. Light, beautiful brown drapery from various tissues, tablecloths, chair covers are perfect for decoration of the wedding. It can be as expensive fabrics organza, silk and stylized rustic burlap, chintz. Rude fabric combined with beautiful wild flowers create a fun mood of celebration, surprise guests.

Rough burlap for decoration brown celebration
  • Elements of decor table and flat wood, dry branches, cones, empty bottles and other wildflowers.
  • To emphasize comfort measures as tablecloths can be a plaid cloth, reminiscent of the warm winter blanket.
  • Balloons cheap and cheerful way to decorate a room.

Brown accessories for decorating wedding banquet hall

Making a wedding convoy

For wedding brown perfectclassic old model cars. If this failed to get popular limousine or other vehicle will decorate the ribbons coffee, beige and delicate yellow, cream color. Do not go without rings on the car, which will carry the future spouses to the registry office.

Brown car for wedding

The combination of brown with other colors

Brown goes well with manyshades. For weddings, decorated with soothing colors, you can use any kind of color light, and for couples who want to place bright accents, a perfect combination of brown with blue, orange, coral, red, turquoise, purple.

Brown wedding a beautiful event, whichIt becomes a symbol of warmth and solidarity relations bride and groom. Cozy holiday certainly unforgettable experience at the heroes of the occasion, as well as all the guests present.