Wedding in black

It is generally used for the decoration of the weddingany color. Now more and more popular it becomes pure black. Many were shocked by such a choice, because this color is always a symbol of mourning. But it also attracts us with its mystery, elegance, hidden sexuality. Therefore, if you place the elements of the celebration of color, guests will find your wedding extravagant. Then after the event will remain an unforgettable experience! How is organized the wedding in black?

Dresses the bride and groom in black

Inviting Black allows full swing experimenting with wedding dresses. And if you are wondering: Is it possible to put on a wedding dress black? Then here is to consider all options.

Bride-to-face is a magnificent dressasymmetric shoulder. The second arm should be fully open. Also fitting long dress made of openwork fabric, decorated with lace, creates an unsurpassed image of the bride, the rich color will accentuate the beautiful curves of the figure.

But if a girl does not want to depart from tradition andput on white wedding ceremony dress, add to the image of the dark-belt sachets or ribbons at the waist, decorated with rhinestones. Shoes should not be the same color as the dress, but make sure that it looked to the outfit. If you choose a black outfit, focusing on the legs with the help of the Cossacks or red shoes. To the white dress perfect shoes with high heels massive.

Dresses wedding the newlyweds to the black

The groom should wear a black suit for the wedding,that will look harmonious with the snow-white shirt. Pay attention to details: the successful combination of a tie, and shoes with a suit it is extremely important to create a harmonious way. Do not use bright colors, they will look ridiculous with a dark suit.

clothing ideas for witnesses and guests

Attire should contrast with witnessdress the bride, because she would have to spend a lot of time next to the newlyweds. To witness is not merged with the bride, you need to choose the original dress. If the hero of the occasion put on a magnificent long robe, her friend should pay attention to the fitting outfits of medium length. Avoid revealing outfits, adorned with an excessive amount of sequins, sparkles. Such recommendations should respect the other wedding guests.

Clothing for witnesses and dark wedding guests

The witness and the other men at the weddingshould wear suits in dark gray or blue color, which should be combined with red or white shirt. Do not select a tuxedo for the wedding, leave this particular article of clothing for the bride. Patent leather shoes, oxfords or brogues are ideal for general style. Add to the image of a butterfly or a tie, then you'll look presentable at the wedding.

Wedding accessories in black tones Photo

Without stylish accessories will not do nonewedding! If you arrange an event in dark shades, you need to select the appropriate accessories for the decoration of the wedding. Consider what items should choose to keep guests happy holiday.

The bride's bouquet

Bouquet has traditionally been used for manyceremonies, as well as for decorative purposes. For an extravagant wedding in black do not choose the colors bright colors, because they do not fit into the overall range of celebrations. But white anemones with white petals and dark middle, perfectly suited to a wedding bouquet. Tie the resulting flower composition dark ribbon embroidered with golden threads.

Accessories for wedding black

Invitations and cards for guests

Invite this person to your wedding, so you shouldmake sure that it is executed properly. To remove the dark events dense white cards on which to write the guest's name, place of celebration. Corners cards advisable to trim lace cloth. Once you decorate a card, tie it with a dark ribbon tied in a bow.

A wedding cake

As a rule, it creates multi-layered weddingcake. If the cake is small, goodies may not be enough at all. Wedding cake is allowed to make a completely black, and to combine this color with white. It is made with cream, and sweet roses respective colors. Not a bad idea for the decoration of the cake is considered delicate finish of dark chocolate. Experiment, fantasize, then guests will be amazed by your fabrication!

Decorating wedding hall in black style

Decoration wedding hall must complythe main idea to create a wedding extravagant style. Tables and chairs of the hall is necessary to issue black and white shades. On the table, place the white cloth over which should lay a narrow black track, or toppers. Chairs decorate with white covers, tie wide black ribbons.

Watch this video, from which you will gather a lot of advice about the design of the room in black and white dresses and the newlyweds and guests:

Crockery be ordinary white color. Complete the table anemones in vases, decorated with black and white patterns. It is desirable that napkins on the tables were laced. Everywhere hang balloons and black contrasting colors. Pompons with white tulle and dark feathers perfectly decorate the walls of the hall.

Ideas for the design of the hall to the dark wedding

Making a wedding convoy

As a vehicle for the bride andBride select luxury black car. Brilliant hood of the car is allowed to decorate with white and red flowers. Preferably they have small sizes. Put on the hood of a few lines of colors. Do not forget to dilute the composition of large leaves. It is also advisable to install the hood ornament traditional wedding procession two wedding rings.

The combination of black with other colors

Palette to create a black wedding is not limited to black and white colors. Consider what other shades of harmonious look with black color:

Red and deep dark signify passion, temperament. What is needed for the wedding of two loving hearts!

The combination of red and black wedding

Yellow dilutes the mystery of dark colors, bringing notes of cheerfulness. Black and yellow in equal proportions cheer up all the guests of the holiday!

Ideas for the yellow and black wedding

Pink allowed to combine both in clothes, and in the design of the room. Delicate pink with a strong black color will create a great tandem.

Making pink and black wedding

Green for creating catchy, bright style on a black wedding. But if you want to design the room was quiet, use olive and light marsh.

The combination of green and black wedding

Wedding ceremony in black will be an unforgettable event for the couple and guests. Take photos and videos to keep the memories of this extravagant event!