Wedding color Marsala

Marsala color - bright, stylish, attractiveshade, which is suitable for interior design, industrial, fashion, design celebrations. This subtly seductive tone attracts private wrap up warmly. It got its name by the color dessert sweet Sicilian wine. Wedding color marsala - luxurious, royal celebration. This shade creates an indescribable atmosphere of glamor, generosity, elegance at the festival.

The color palette Marsala

As a fortified wine, in whose honor is named color,Marsala embodies the pleasure of a delicious dinner, a red-brown base color exudes exquisite naturalness. in Panton color experts chose his main trend in 2016. This deep rich red-wine shade with brown midtone looks natural, of course, so it can become a symbol of confidence and tranquility.

color palette Marsala

Color marsala fits easily into any palette. It is challenging and daring, passionate and noble, languid and sensual. This shade belongs to a natural palette, it looks like a wine, burgundy, dark red, but differs in that supplemented tones tan weak force. More precisely Marsala is characterized as the color of red wine with terracotta shade.

newlyweds image in color Marsala

The image of the bride can add vibrant weddingaccessories made in the appropriate colors. Especially look beautiful wine patterns on a white dress. The bride can choose a snow-white wedding dress, complementing its accessories Marsala color: nail polish, slippers, gloves, lipstick. If the bride - Special eccentric, daring, not afraid to shock the audience, let them choose the wedding dress, made entirely in the color.

Marsala shade Jewellery and other accessoriesThey look like perfection and able to satisfy the tastes of any young lady. Pay attention to the color of the shoes because they look elegant, especially suede. Combining parts of burgundy and white wedding attire, you will become the bride of fatal and will look stunning. Consider make-up to the wedding: bright lipstick will give a seductive wine.

If the bride has decided to go in a dark red dresscolor, the groom can support the outrageous and future wife to wear a suit of the same color. Since the bridegroom will look rich and elegant. Under such a suit jacket is chosen light colors. If the bride does not want to buy a suit, let him wear pants color marsala, complement their tie, tie or other parts of the same hue.

The image of the newlyweds on the wedding colors Marsala

Dresses for bridesmaids and guests

The bridesmaids will look stunningdresses, short or long, color marsala. The rest of the visitors of the fair sex should bring to his image as a wine shade parts outfits and accessories, such as chiffon blouse colors Marsala, strict pencil skirt, a silk scarf, gloves, hat, shoes, handbag. Friends of the groom can create a classic image with amazing shades of a tie. Because the male half will look beautiful and stylish, supporting the fashionable tone of celebration.

The dress code for the guests at the wedding colors Marsala

Ideas of decoration in the style of the wedding Marsala

During the selection of the venue, for example,restaurant, should pay attention to the overall design of the room, because it will be easier to complement the existing decor suitable decorations and details, rather than creating from scratch the appearance of the banquet hall. Choose a room with a chic color curtains marsala or beautiful furniture. If you are going to decorate your own room, just order design with rich fabrics and colors of Marsala, for example, gold.

Decorative details, wedding textiles,invitation cards, tableware, cards Marsala colors will help you to recreate the appropriate festive decor. You can use a combination of shades, such as wine with gray, white, gold, beige, blue, blue, silver, all shades of burgundy. Be bold and experiment, because the noble Marsala difficult to mess up something.

Complimentary for guests

Color gives Marsala create a spectacular weddinginvitations. If you decide to completely cover the card data of color, interesting course will use the gold embossing and calligraphic font. Excellent look and Chevron Monogram wine shade. Do not forget about the respective envelopes that are elegantly complete the style of invitation cards.

Wedding Invitations color Marsala

Decoration of celebrations venue

Air tape, massive hard tissue,napkins, tablecloths, dishes, floral colors Marsala, draperies help put down the necessary emphasis on the wedding. wine color decor can be both elegant and very creative. Emphasize candlelight, flower arrangements, vases, add a room of unusual accessories and parts. To color played even brighter, use it with a combination of white, coral, bright red, green, burgundy.

During planning, decorating the venuewedding Marsala use color as a main idea of ​​the decor and style of the ceremony or as a bright accent. Thanks to a deep, warm colors, you can create an exquisite delicate scenery or glamor, bright ideas. This color scheme is like to design a wedding ceremony in any season: winter ceremony Marsala notes give warm, autumn and summer adds color, brightness, overall design. The main thing - smart, stylistically use color.

Floristic composition for decorating the hallMarsala shade with well thought-out idea and the right design looks elegant, colorful and original. Florists can create interesting variations decor with all kinds of plants, which will be an excellent banquet decor. Do not forget about textile design backs of chairs, windows, tables and walls of the hall.

Marsala in the decoration of the wedding place

Color in the decor Marsala holiday table

Table decoration decorate color Marsalawedding, making it more sophisticated, and the food, wine and other beverages similar tones support the general thrust. Arrange flower wine shades so that they do not interfere with the guests talk to each other and share meals. This wine gives shade to make a clearance is very original and creative.

Put emphasis on the floral arrangements, candlesMarsala dishes or color. Options for the grand decor does not count: it can be transplanted card wine colors, menus, table cloths, napkins and more. To the shade brighter played, choose contrasting combinations, such as green, white, coral, and others.

Marsala for table decorations at a wedding

The bride's bouquet

Tsvetkov red-brown shade is not so much,but is not precluded from the bride's bouquet to use a similar palette. For example, the desired hue can find among the roses, dahlias, calla lilies, tulips, ranunkulyusov, peonies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, amarantusa, orchids, roses Peony-, astilbes. Use a combination of pink, white flowers with wine berries. Such bouquets look very original, unusual, exquisite. As a fallback, you can tie a bouquet of pure white satin or lace ribbon color marsala.

Bouquet marsala style

A wedding cake

The cake at the wedding can be performed in differentcurrent techniques. For example, to maintain a formal, rigorous style of your wedding opted for a monochromatic baking with minimal decorations. To recreate a playful, romantic wedding mood make artistic painting cake, use the popular patterns on the wedding festivities. In addition, cakes can be covered with white icing, decorated with berries, wine color, which will support the basic style of celebration.

Wedding cake style Marsala

Wedding accessories in color Marsala

The choice for wedding accessories - Creativejob design is similar. This is the final chord of the groom image of the bride, the whole entire celebration. Wedding accessories there are so many - Connect imagination and come to mind dozens of various options. To hold the style of celebration, we offer options such details:

  • Cushion for the rings. The moment the exchange of rings at a wedding - very touching and most important, when all eyes are fixed on the newlyweds. And the pillow should be harmonious completion of the picture.
  • Wedding garter - can be narrow, broad, fully executed in dark red or decorated with sequins, lace wine shade.
  • Wedding jewelry can lead to the image of the bride inexpressible charm, so to her choice should come responsibility. Jewellery, burgundy inlaid stones, looked noble, stylish.
  • Bonbonnière - this elegant box for candy or other gifts to the guests. This nod from the newlyweds guests for their attention and gifts must match the style of your wedding.
  • Accessories groom with proper selection can give a special gloss. Elegant boutonniere with flowers wine color, cuff links, tie working on creating stylish, festive image of a man.
    Marsala Wedding Accessories

The combination of colors with other colors Marsala

What colors successfully looks at Marsalathe wedding? First and foremost, these are neutral tones, like a warm beige, gray, blue and shades of blue, pink, green, brown. Since Marsala complex color, it is changing with the introduction of other colors. Spring and summer is complemented by its light blue, green, cream, pink, and in the autumn - gold, gray, blue, beige, peach, plum. Combining the main tone with bright colors should carefully because the color does not tolerate competition.

The use of green, burgundy, coralshades palette makes the wine richer and deeper. But try to trim correctly bright colors, otherwise they will merge into a spot and score the main cast. Be sure to use during the design wedding quiet, soft colors. To create exquisite combinations suitable white, beige, peach, camel, use silver, pearl, gold for magnificent ceremonies.

The combination of color Marsala with other tones

Wedding photo shoot 2016

As for the photo session on wedding background for hercan serve as a natural landscape, as this wine shade close to nature, he is a true and natural. In addition, this concept fits into the urban space, as with all naturalness that tone shows the brightness, dynamism. You can choose a photo shoot for the old manor house, surrounded by nature to create photo zone with antique furniture, elegant chandeliers, gold, burgundy, bright pink decor items.

Wedding photo shoot style Marsala