The color palette for your wedding

Organizing a wedding - exciting and difficult jobfor the newlyweds and their parents. To triumph went beautifully, and effectively left in the memory of the young only pleasant and vivid memories, it is necessary to consider all the details. wedding design - one of the main aspects in the organization of the event. How to choose a color palette for a celebration? What are the appropriate colors on a winter wedding, and which in the summer?

In what color to make the wedding?

If you stick to a holiday decorationpre-selected colors, the celebration will receive an original, elegant, refined. For example, imagine how harmoniously will look the same tone in the bride and groom's tie. Or shades of wedding bouquet and boutonnieres are cute young overlap. But how to determine which colors will suit for your wedding?

Palette holiday newlyweds can choose aits color of eyes, skin and hair. If the selected range is perfect for the image of the bride, then the groom's clothes for spectacular combinations can decorate only items made in basic colors. Some couples choose certain colors because they attach particular importance. It is also the basis for a holiday palette often the favorite colors of the young.

Tone for the wedding feast

Basic rules for choosing a wedding palette

To make the celebration the couple maychoose different color schemes. The tones are selected on a simple principle. First the main color, and to him already selected additional 2-3. The basis of the palette usually becomes neutral, pastel shade. These properties are the main colors you can use it for decoration of almost all the wedding details. But the dark and bright shades are perfect for spectacular accents. For example, if the base color is white, the burgundy suit perfectly as an auxiliary.

Then flowers, ribbons on the dress or the hair,vest or tie girlfriends outfits, flowers for decoration of the banquet, cushion chairs and tablecloths on the tables would look spectacular in burgundy tone. For a harmonious combination of the main and auxiliary color is important to keep a sense of proportion and taste, so as not to overdo it and not to make a holiday clowning. It is convenient when selecting celebrations palette to use the "color wheel". His love to use designers, decorators.

color Wheel

Apply the "wheel" is simple. A common variant of the selection panel for the holiday - to the main tone of the selected derivatives. It is a monochrome scheme. Also in the palette can be 2-3 adjacent hue on the color wheel that abut each other. For example, green, turquoise, blue. One of these will be the primary, and others - secondary. Especially celebration looks spectacular, decorated in opposite colors. They are located on the "wheel" against each other. For example, blue and orange.

wedding color depending on the time of year

If you determine the palette of the forthcomingcelebrations, the selected colors used for decoration of all attributes. These colors can be in the bride's decoration of the arches, tables, glasses and other accessories. Choosing a palette for celebration depends on the meeting of the season. At the spring festival fresh and bright colors are best suited. For example, sky blue, lilac, pale yellow, light green, pale pink.

Making wedding tables: purple tone

For an autumn wedding feast greatsolution is its design in orange, dark brown, chocolate, emerald, ruby, sapphire color. But summer day wedding can be decorated using rich colors: yellow, red, purple, green. On a winter wedding will look amazing combination of white with bright saturated blue or maroon.

The choice of colors depending on the subject

Now popularly chosen for decorationholiday themed. Selection of a color palette for such a celebration should be combined with the script, emphasizing its special flavor and originality. If the couple decide to spend a holiday in the east, the overlap perfectly with this theme will be red and gold tones. These colors will give a special glamor throughout the celebration. Be sure to specify in the invitation, which will be the main color on holiday, guests were able to pick up a dress for a specific style and color.

Available colors wedding

Depending on the season and wish the newlywedsthe celebration chosen cold or warm colors for the decoration of the wedding. Decorating your holiday different tones, take care that it does not look too tacky, tasteless and intrusive. Consultation with professionals on the design of the celebrations will help to avoid serious errors and absurdities.

Effectively and looks stylish in decor stylegradient, which implies a smooth transition of colors with each other. holiday decoration accessories made in this style (Ombre) emphasize the great taste and originality of the newlyweds. Smooth transitions of tones will be interesting to look at the curtains, tablecloths and accessories. Interesting ideas can occur when you create a bouquet for the bride in style Ombre. Experienced florists will help make it original, combining in a whole different flowers.

cool shades

To make a winter or autumn weddingperfect purple tone. This shade will be fashionable in 2016. Holiday decorated pale blue or aquamarine hues, it is appropriate to organize the snowy winter. This palette is perfect for celebrations with a nautical theme. The blue shade will look great on Greek weddings. Decorate holiday white combined with blue.

White and blue wedding day




Warm colors

Hot tangerine color - bright trend in 2016. Summer wedding with a fiery palette will be held in a relaxed atmosphere and an atmosphere of merriment. A gentle light green tone will help create a romantic atmosphere. To make the wedding in warm shades of yellow suit. It is the perfect accompaniment to gray. This yellow-gray design will make a holiday like a hot summer day.

Yellow-gray newlyweds holiday



Fashionable palette of colors for the wedding 2016: photos

In 2016, designers offer newlywedsmaking registration of weddings of the following trendy colors: Marsala (wine red with hints of brown), berry, purple, neutral (gray, beige, brown), blue, light green, tangerine. Some examples of actual holidays palettes are shown below. Look closely and you will find interesting ideas for decorating your very happy day.

Wedding Fashion 2016